Amur Maple Bonsai

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Although only in the last 50 years popularity in bonsai circles began to gain. Amur Maple is quickly becoming a favorite, especially here in Canada. Amur maple is a very hardy variety that is hardy, light, drought tolerant, and can be severely pruned. Shoot back is almost guaranteed with Amur Maple under the right conditions.

Amur Maple Bonsai

Amur Maple Bonsai

We are happy to finally sell our first batch of nursery grown Amur Maples. So whether you are looking for starter bonsai material or want to add a super strong deciduous variety to your collection, the Amur Maple is for you.

Bonsai Amur Maple 2013

Watering: moderate watering, ensuring that the soil does not dry out completely in summer. In winter, while dormant, very little water is needed.

Training: Like all maples, when wiring, be careful not to injure the bark. New branches and shoots are very good to wire. The size of the leaves can be reduced to less than one inch if they are cut every other year.

Pruning: known to sprout very well on old wood, the Amur maple is easy to prune. Even very aggressive pruning will produce new buds.

Repotting: it is recommended to repot your trees every other year. Do not repeat the years when the tree was contaminated; instead, repotting and dilating every other year.

Bonsaï & Penjing

These are not seeds – But a Real Living Bonsai Tree. See our bonsai selection page  to see the age and dimensions for the different stages of our bonsai (Baby, Young and Mature).

Bonsai soils are usually a mixture of organic potting compost (pine bark or forest soil), akadama, pumice, lava rock in varying amounts.

It is important that the soil retains water well and also drains well, along with very good ventilation. The quality of the soil directly affects the health, size and growth of your tree. One of the worst things you can do to your tree is to plant it in regular garden soil. Garden soil hardens when it dries out and can often lead to a disadvantage when growing bonsai.

Amur Maple Bonsai

Soil mixes can be purchased here, but given their weight and shipping costs, you can easily make your own.

My Newest Tree: A Collected Amur Maple With Deadwood

If you can’t control your bonsai’s humidity every day, add more Akadama to the mix.

One of the best and easiest ways to fertilize your bonsai is to add a liquid fertilizer mix when you water your bonsai once a month in spring/summer. If your bonsai loses leaves in winter, it does not need to be fertilized at that time. If you have a coniferous tree, it should be enough to fertilize the tree once in early winter and once in mid-winter.

These little trees and the way they were transported made such an impression. I ordered quite a few items with my shipment, all of which were due to their amazing packaging, all 100% recyclable and 90% compostable. The little trees were very impressed and we are looking forward to watching them grow into big strong bonsai

The tree is in good condition. Seems healthy enough. It will take time to see its potential. But very satisfied

Bonsai Society Of Portland

Love how well wrapped trees are for shipping, get a happy little baby, love working on it.

I would like to mount my bonsai. It arrived in good condition and the company is wonderful 🤍

I bought a small snow rose for a Christmas present… I’m all for it because I take care of it before I give it away. You might have to buy one for myself! It was packed with such loving care and after many days arrived very healthy! Thanks I picked up this Amur Maple from a bonsai nursery. This was the fattest they had.

Amur Maple Bonsai

I have never had such material. In the future this piece will obviously have to be carved…but what should I do now?

How Hardy Are Maple Trees Are And Which Zones Are They Right For?

Should I let the shoots grow wild? Should I cut them back? Should I start adding wire to get movement in the branches?

May. I could select tea sessions that I’m sure I don’t need and get rid of them. Maybe even wire some lower branches to add movement. These branches eventually have to grow out, so you leave them. Also maybe shorten some middle and upper branches (except leader).

Let it grow for the rest of the year – it will look like it was only recently lifted from the ground.

Shouldn’t there be some kind of branch selection, it looks like it has too many branches and if you select some they have more energy in the rest?

Bonsai Maple Tree Stock Photos

Cypress187 said: Shouldn’t there be some kind of branch selection, it looks like it has too many branches and if you select some they have more energy in the rest? Click to enlarge…

If it was recently harvested, all you have to worry about in the first year is replacing the roots. The more top growth, the better.

BrianBay9 said: If it’s recently harvested all you have to do in the first year is replace the roots. The more top growth, the better. Click to expand… Oh, oh I cut back my collected tree a little (but not much).

Amur Maple Bonsai

Hey, cool! Another shopper at the flower market. I hope you get a chance to chat with Kurt sometime. I have mine a bit longer than you, you can see it here:

Learning To Read Bonsai

I plan to cut, carry and make a branch pick next spring. This year I will let the tree get health and energy.

I have had an Amur maple for 20 years now. Back chops will bring trouble for a year or two afterward, so don’t make design plans now. The bigger it is, the bigger the problems can be.

Leave this alone for at least two years. Amur are prone to extensive wilting under large logs. Because this one is huge, you can lose significant portions of it as it stabilizes. At this point, you want all that extension growth to grow rampant and strong to keep the trunk fully alive.

Do not remove anything until ONLY spring. Also watch out for wilting on these shoots as they get older. Fungal infections are also not uncommon with large chops.

Red Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Changing Colors In The Garden Stock Photo

Cypress187 said: Oh, oh I trimmed my harvested tree a bit (but not much). Click to expand… Resist the urge… get more trees.

Jeremy_norbury said: Resist the urge… get more trees. Click to expand… I like that design, I need a bigger shovel.

Jester217300 said: Hey, cool! Another shopper at the flower market. I hope you get a chance to chat with Kurt sometime. I have mine a bit longer than you, you can see it here: http:///index.php?threads/fat-amur-maple.18787/ I plan on cutting, wiring and next branch selection make spring. This year I will let the tree get health and energy. Click to enlarge…

Amur Maple Bonsai

Amazing! It’s quite a hike for me…I’m like 100 miles away, but it’s always worth the drive. I didn’t talk to Kurt, he was tied up in an event they had, but I did talk to their bonsai guy a bit.

Trident Maple Bonsai Care

Cypress187 said: I like that design, I need a bigger shovel. Click to expand… I’m over a bigger shovel, I need a bigger garden…

Jason, this seems like the best time to raise. In accordance with the planned design. Ask yourself if you need the tallest and thickest trunk or if you want to start with an even branch size… depending on the design.

You can wire it if you want. The best time, when there are no leaves, then look at the wire of the bite, it can be very fast in the growing season… In case you need, you can rewire in the season.

As with cuts, the best time when you have the best access to the log – late winter to early spring – the natural healing process will be helpful.

Amur Maple (acer Tataricum Var. Ginnala) Flame Progression

You know, I’m not a maple guru but I’ve noticed that when people collect these Amurs, they get the same opinions and questions that you have. And the stumped trees are pretty absorbent because they keep the flood post, which is stiff and ugly and poorly placed. My instinct would be to go ahead and let it grow by letting it grow wild and establish good roots, bear heavily—and then cut it all off with the stem next spring and carefully select and train the sprouts that come in. with wire, cutting from time to time very similar to what was developed to develop maple branches from boons (summer wire training of new leading branch buds and periodic cutting). These are just my thoughts and I plan to give it a try – as soon as I get a decent Amur/Ginnala

Said crust: the stumped trees are very absorbent because they keep the surge post stumping / collect growth that is rigid and ugly and badly placed. Click to enlarge…

Yes. This is the reason why I want to start connecting the branches that I plan

Amur Maple Bonsai

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