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Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree – Animal Crossing: New Horizons has one of the most creative communities in the gaming world, and fans often channel their creativity into the title, both in-game and in real life. Nintendo’s life simulation title has many different things for players to enjoy depending on the season and time of year. With the beginning of April, players are preparing to welcome the spring season into the game.

While most players are excited about spring in New Horizons, an Animal Crossing Redditor channeled her creativity by creating an impressive crocheted cherry bonsai tree that left the community in awe of her skills.

Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

April is one of the most exciting times for all New Horizons players, as spring begins in the northern hemisphere. While the spring season brings many different creatures, events and many other changes to the game, it also brings a complete change to the island’s appearance.

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Winter is finally over and players can see beautiful cherry blossom trees sprouting over their island, giving it a pastel and visually pleasing look.

April even brings the Cherry Blossom Season event, where players can access many different DIY recipes and seasonal items related to the cherry blossoms in the game. One such seasonal item that players can access in April is the Cherry Blossom Bonsai.

Animal Crossing Redditor u/packs as of Thursday shared their excitement about the start of cherry blossom season in New Horizons by sharing an image of their crocheted cherry blossom bonsai. The crochet item is completely reminiscent of the game item, which clearly indicates that the creator spent a lot of time on the details.

They even commented on their original post that this was not their first attempt at crocheting a cherry blossom bonsai. However, they made some changes to the original design and came up with the true original version that they posted.

Hi Guys! I’ve Never Posted Before But Have Been Following Since New Horizons Came Out! I Just Got This Recipe And Was Wondering If Anyone Had Either The Cherry Blossom Bonsai Or

The community greatly appreciated this item, and several crochet enthusiasts asked the user if they could share the cherry blossom bonsai crochet pattern.

The Animal Crossing community is known to be as supportive as it is creative, inspiring other players to come up with more creative real-life adaptations of in-game items. Vox Media may earn a commission if you buy something from the link. See our ethical statement.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, cherry blossom trees bloom once a year, bringing with them unique seasonal crafts.

Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

Players from the Northern Hemisphere will have cherry blossom trees from April 1st to April 10th. Based on the patterns we’ve noticed in fish and insects, this means Southern Hemisphere players are likely to have cherry blossoms between October 1st and 10th.

Bonsai Tree Pixel Plant In A Pot Artificial Plant Potted Plant

You can find recipes for cherry blossoms – only during these periods – by shooting the balloons with your Slingshot. These recipes can also be obtained from messages you find in bottles on the beach. If you don’t use all the recipes by the time the cherry blossoms have finished blooming, you’ll be out of luck until next year (unless you time travel) and you’ll have to ask some friends to make them. recipes for you.

To get the cherry blossom petals needed in these recipes, they must be caught with a net just like bugs. All hardwood trees will turn into cherry blossom trees during this period.

Update (November 15, 2021): We have updated this guide with the recipe added in the 2.0 update. Below you can see a list of the items you can get and the recipes you need to make them.

We got this recipe from the balloon, but other posts indicate that Isabelle can give you the recipe in the morning announcements during cherry blossom season.

Tea Tree Bonsai Plant Modern Cross Stitch Pattern / Instant

Nintendo Switch consoles are often sold out, but you can still just pick up the handheld Switch Lite, which is great for portable gaming.

Vox Media is an affiliate partnership. They do not influence editorial content, although Vox Media may earn a commission on products purchased through affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy. At Switch, you’ll be able to find acorns and pine cones in the fall, as well as seasonal items to craft with them.

Players in the Northern Hemisphere will most likely get these items between September and November, and players in the Southern Hemisphere will see them between March and May. We are still waiting to fully confirm these dates, but given the interactions of fish and insects with different hemispheres, this model seems the most likely.

Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

During this period, you can find seasonal recipes that use acorns and pine cones by shooting balloons with a Slingshot or find recipes washed up in bottles on the beach. If you don’t pick up all the recipes by the end of the season, you’re out of luck until next year (unless you time travel). You will have to ask some friends to make some of these recipes for you.

Crystal Bonsai Tree

You will have to shake cedar trees to get pine cones. You will also need to shake hardwood trees to get acorns. They will fall from trees just like branches.

Update (November 15, 2021): We have updated this guide with the recipe added in the 2.0 update. Below you can see a list of recipes and what you need to make the following items.

Izabella will give you this recipe in the morning announcements, but you can still download the recipe from no longer supports older versions of your web browser to ensure user data security. Please update to the latest version.

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This artificial bonsai tree makes a beautiful anniversary, birthday, wedding, housewarming gift or the perfect accessory for your home and office.

Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

Each pot is very carefully cast from the concrete, left to dry for several days, sanded and sealed. Each one is unique and completely different. Small irregularities such as holes, uneven surfaces and shapes are a natural and unique feature of each pot.

Animal Crossing Redditor Welcomes Spring In New Horizons Style, Leaves The Community In Awe

Everything is very carefully taped and packed in a box so you don’t have to do anything when you receive your plant. All you have to do is enjoy 🙂

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Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

I love this item, but despite the careful packaging, it is still slightly bent. The pot is also slightly different from the picture. However, it looks nice everywhere.

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My favorite decoration in my house so far!! When you put it on the windowsill, the light shines on it in the most subtle way! This is perfect, thank you very much.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (switch) Cherry Blossom Recipe List

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Animal Crossing Bonsai Tree

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