Animal Crossing New Leaf On 3ds

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Animal Crossing New Leaf On 3ds – This may come as a surprise to some, but Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf (released for Nintendo 3DS next spring in North America) launches tomorrow in Japan, just in time for the Winter Fishing Tournament and New Year’s Eve celebrations. and Starry-Eyed Jingle gives toys to good boy and girl avatars.

To celebrate, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu sat down with its core staff to ask them a few questions about what is arguably the biggest time-waster Nintendo has ever created. Some highlights:

Animal Crossing New Leaf On 3ds

Animal Crossing New Leaf On 3ds

According to sound director Kazumi Totaka, New Leaf is more about having fun than developing a full video game. “I think we’re just aiming to have fun with this project,” he said. We had a lot of hardships along the way, of course, but we overcame them because we truly felt it was worth it. The team really gets along; every morning we have these project meetings, but sometimes it turns into a barbecue or a chance for people to bring candy and models like that after the game. It feels like all play comes naturally when we’re all together.”

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Is First Aaa 3ds Nintendo Game Of The Summer

A “new page” created by the 3DS game was to put the player in charge of the mayor of a village, not just another resident (although other players are free to move into your town). “We wanted to expand the free player customization, one of the game’s unique features, to cover the entire village,” said director Aya Kyogoku. “When you’re talking about this sort of thing, mayor seems like an obvious title. We think the title naturally describes what you can do in the game.”

Design lead Koji Takahashi said that there are around a hundred potential new villagers in New Leaf, along with twenty or more who have resurfaced from previous games. How do they keep coming up with new characters? “In terms of occupants, for example, we add hamsters and deer,” he said. “Hamsters because they’re generally good-looking and approachable animals and deer because they’re easy to construct new characterizations based on whether or not they have horns.”

Doesn’t the fact that you can decorate your place with hamster cages in the game make interacting with hamsters in the game a bit strange? “Fine, we also have a dog house and a bird cage among the furniture available, so that’s fine,” Takahashi replied. “Octavian the octopus sometimes asks you to go fishing for him too, so I suggest you don’t think too deeply about it.”

Totaka led the New Leaf sound team who came up with so many new original music for the game that he had a hard time picking a favorite. Music isn’t his only focus. “We’re trying to program a sound machine like the sound of extended rivers and insects,” he says. “After all, game sound is so much more than music; sound effects and the code that animates everything play an equally important role. Everyone involved continues to stack features to their own ability, and we’ve created this world together.”

The Effortless Social Charm Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Isao Moro, another director of the game, hinted at a concern that has always been present in Animal Crossing titles: making money. “Besides a wide variety of fruit that brings in big bucks,” he said, “if you come and visit an offshore island you’ll be able to catch bugs and rare summer fish any time of year.” , so if you work properly you can get rich this way.Also, once you meet the conditions necessary to make your village “rich”, you will earn more money for everything you sell.Unfortunately, prices will generally go up for everything, so you might want to shop other people’s villages.

Any advice on how to build a village? “I think we’d see more unique results if everyone built what they like,” Moro replied, “but if I could give one piece of advice, it would be try to keep an eye on the future when placing things like trees and public objects. If you place them too much next to each other, you’ll have a hard time walking around the place afterwards.”

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