Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale

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Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale – All ceramics are our own, and one of a kind, formed by hand. All articles on the front page are available on a first come, first served basis. As vases are purchased, we remove the sale inventory from our site within a day and move that product to the vase sale gallery.

New American Bonsai Pottery – American Bonsai pots are hand thrown and created by bonsai bonsai right here in the USA. This ceramic is made from qualified ceramic clay and fired at 2,200 to 2,400 degrees. Each vessel is durable, frost-proof, and non-porous (vitrified). Current view inventory

Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale

Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale

Vintage American Bonsai Pottery – Some of the greatest American potters of the past 50 years are shown here. Please see the ceramic description on each mug for more information. Dishes and crockery included with all terracotta. Current View Inventory International Vintage Bonsai Pottery – Our international pottery selection includes quality pots from around the world. There is no cheap import here. Please see the ceramic description on each mug for more information. Current view inventory

Bonsai Pot, Unglazed, Cracked Finish, 3 7/8

Ceramics for Sale – All of our ceramics are one of a kind, check out our sale round to see our past inventory.

Contact us if you want to start with your bonsai collection. Are you a bulk clay pot? Purchase $1000 or more of any pottery and use code 1000POTS10 to get 10% off your pottery order. During my stay in Singapore, I had the privilege of viewing a private collection of vintage and antique bonsai. It was probably the most interesting experience of the whole trip. specialized collection of purple sand from Yixing ware, Shiwan ware Foshan and porcelain. The oldest vases in the collection date from the Ming Dynasty, while the most recent vases date from the Cultural Revolution. An example of purple sand is shown in the image below. This trade is usually fired at 1100°C with slightly perforated clay.

Purple sand is a general term that is divided into three types of clay according to color. They are: purple yellow, yellow yellow and yellow yellow. Examples of jugs made of purple and yellow-orange are shown in the image above, and the image below shows vases made of yellow clay or decorated vases.

The seals are kept in Yixing. Information brings power. The two seals in the image below are from the Cultural Revolution period. The other one from the left says the pot was made in Yixing, China and the name of the artist. The one on the right is in Chinese and English. Apparently, bonsai growers working in Yixing were not allowed to sign their pots between 1965 and 1975.

Japanese Vintage Small Bonsai Pot / 12×10×5cm Jp

The next part of the collection was Shiwan ware. Typically, these pot models were made with the application of a lighter clay with a translucent green glaze. The fire at the temperature of the ceramic (1300 ° C) and the clay is all vitrified. See an example of Shiwan bonsai pots in the pictures below.

The collection is also elaborated on Shiwan storage barrels and large plants, which can be seen in the image below. They make an exquisite bonsai show.

There were also several exquisitely decorated murrine vases. I wasn’t sure how old they were, but some of the bonsai were made from very old clay pots. In fact, we find mention of these cups in the recent “Book of Tea” by Kakuzo Okakura published in 1906. He writes: “With the growth of ceramics in the T’ang and Sung dynasties, we hear of wonderful receptacles for keeping and plants. not ships, but jeweled palaces. At this point I can’t think of anything other than pottery. of the jeweled palaces are shown below.

Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale

A bonsai, however, is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ceramics and many other things. The images below show an imperial bowl, a fountain calligraphy, a marble pillow, vases and urns. I was also introduced to the wonderful and strange world of vintage porcupine bird feeders (I’m quite a collector).

Identifying Slipcast Bonsai Pots

Ships became a special part of this collection, and there were a multitude of them. Despite their small size, they can fetch great prices. They were very collected, and some of them will be shown below.

Finally, I want to bring something used for bonsai display, but rarely in Australia – Chinese ceramics are used for flower cups. You can see two of them below. The one on the left is refined and rustic and can be used to display Japanese bonsai, the other on the right is more ornate and more suitable for Chinese penjing.

I spoke with the owner of this wonderful collection of many things that day. He told me that 20 years ago, when he started climbing in mainland China, he was perceived as a “rich” Singaporean. With the help of a local scout, he was able to obtain antiques and vintage at priceless prices. Now times have changed and he almost returns to his part with the spy in China. His contacts in China want to buy a lot of pots for good money, because now they will fetch substantial prices in China itself. These days, he said, the Chinese buy a lot of rich antique Chinese cups from Japan. I also asked the decumane how many friends he had with whom he could have a conversation about the important ceramics in his collection. The answer is, “Not many, probably four.” Well, he is much better than me in this matter. This is the oldest (120+ years) Chinese era Nakawatari rectangular bonsai. Nakawatari shops are among the most expensive places to see bonsai. This pot has a characteristic yellow color and has an excellent patina. This pot is in great condition for its age and use. The pot has about 1/16″ rock (a small rock (small and recessed), but it is still perfectly usable. It is also repaired by the top lip. It is about 1/2″ x 1/4″. the pot has also a 1/4″ chip. The surface is about 1/4″ from the repaired chip. Please see pictures.

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High Quality Specimen Bonsai Trees

All returns* must be received within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. Except for returns for broken/damaged items, all returned items must be in new, unused condition, with all original packaging and tags attached.

By buying wood from us, you will know how to properly care for wood. Bonsai and other plants are living and will perish unless properly cared for. We have no control over how the trees are cared for once they are on your property. Therefore, for the purchase of this tree, we the seller do not recognize any express or implied warranties after delivery. This tree is sold “AS IS” and this sale is considered final. No refunds or exchanges will be made after the tree has been purchased. We are the only trees in the ship. We require a seal on most trees over $100USD. If the box arrives damaged, take photos and make notes before signing up with the shipping company. If there is a sign on the package, the sale is final.

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Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale

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Purple Sand Flower Pot Ceramic Handmade Bonsai Pot Household Desktop Decorative Pot Retro Japanese Solid Color Flower Pot Lc647

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Big Size Purple Sand Flower Pot Round Chinese Traditional Multifunctional Desktop Succulent Flowerpot Bonsai Pot With Hole Lc311

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Antique Bonsai Pots For Sale

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