Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

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Live bonsai Dwarf Barbados Cherry, pink orchid-like mini flower in bloom, fruit tree with small edible cherries, outdoor plant

Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

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Barbados cherry live bonsai, pink orchid-like miniature flowers in bloom, fruit trees with edible miniature cherries, outdoor plants. It is a Pre-bonsai in a 4″ plastic pot.

Height approx 4″-7″. You will get a similar tree. We will choose the best for you. Depending on the season, the tree may not have flowers or fruit.

Currently, we do not ship ceramics exclusively to Canada or outside the US. Sorry!

We established our nursery in 2002. Our goal is to educate people about bonsai trees and bring peace to the lives of others. We pride ourselves on our quality wood and ceramic line! Bonsai Boy ‘s Floración Enano Weeping Barbados Cherry Bonsai Árbol

Barbados cherry bonsai trees in 4″ pots will grow and bear fruit quite well with little care. Barbados cherry trees can be grown in all 50 states simply by bringing them indoors before temperatures drop below 40 degrees and providing plenty of light. Barbados cherry tree roots do not likes to be wet and will rot if left to sit in water for long periods of time Indoor Light – A bright, sunny sunroom or window location with more southern exposure is best for growth and fruit production Many customers have reported harvesting fruit from remaining trees in home and patio settings Outdoor Light – Barbados cherry trees prefer bright light and direct sun If possible 12 hours of bright sunlight is best for growth and fruit production When watering Barbados cherry trees be sure to re-wet the soil when the top 2 inches are dry Depending on light conditions, location and foliage, watering n may be required weekly or daily, it is recommended that you fertilize with time s. if izer fertilizer 8-3-9 is released.

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Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

*****During cold weather when nighttime temperatures drop below 40 degrees, a heat pack is recommended for your pack. Heat packs stay warm in your plant package for up to 72 hours. Please select Heat Pack at checkout if your area temperature is below 40 degrees.

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If you have any questions or problems with the plants you received, please contact us and we will respond quickly.

We are happy to customize your order or if you have trouble finding a specific factory, let us know, we will be happy to help.

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Dwarf Barbados Cherry Live Bonsai In 6 Bonsai Pot

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Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

There must be business card size care information in the package! If you open your package from the labeled side, it should be right on top of your order along with your receipt or gift card. Contact us if you have questions about care!

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If you order in bulk, you can request our PDF file for our little care cards to cut out

If you are not sure what to do with our peanuts, we encourage customers to try this website:

Check if your pot has drainage holes! Without drainage holes, the plant must be watered carefully, but still carefully. It is better to water in small batches at the time of watering so as not to flood the plant.

For bonsai, our traditional trees will always have drainage holes. You can run under the hose or faucet for a few minutes. Let the plant soak as if you were submerging the pot completely!

Medium Weeping Barbados Cherry Bonsai Tree

It is always best to feel the moisture in the soil before any watering is done! You can use your fingers, tongs or a moisture meter. Check every day!

Mini Jade can enter the house through a bright window. Jaden is a succulent and likes to dry out between waterings!

Ficus is good, it must be near the window, but not next to the window. We have several species available; Nerifolia, Tiger Skin, Oriental and Ginseng.

Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

Chinese elm is good indoors, but it is semi-deciduous. Keep it moist and keep it near a window.

Live Bonsai Barbados Cherry Tree In A 6 Bonsai Pot

**For grow lights, consider the type of Lux or Lumen required by the species and how far the light is from the tree

Technically, all plants are poisonous to animals, including us to some extent. The level of toxicity depends on how much is ingested and depending on the plant it will only lead to stomach pain.

Please research carefully before buying! Toxicity can largely depend on the size of the animal and the amount consumed.

Plants such as yew, desert rose and peace lily are quite toxic and should be avoided if you have small children or animals that enjoy green snacks.

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It’s always best to catch any problems before it’s too late. There will always be signs of a problem before it becomes irreversible. If more than 50% of the tree has turned, scrape the trunk and branches to see if there is still green under the bark.

Fertilizer with slow release pellets that are high in nitrogen (number one). We recommend the Osmocote brand.

We may have decided it was unnecessary and will refund the $3. If you notice that more than a week has passed since delivery and you have not received a refund; don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are happy to refund the amount!

Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

For the Money Tree, any soil that doesn’t hold water for too long will be perfect. We mix small lava rocks into regular potting soil for drainage.

Carmona (fukien Tea) Bonsai Tree Broom Style

Our smaller plants usually come in pots without drainage holes. Please water carefully and remember this.

If water stagnates on top, you need to pour it out and make sure the soil is not too saturated. If you feel it is very heavy after watering and the soil looks very wet, you have watered too much and may need to take steps to prevent root rot.

After you get your prebonsai, wait about a week before replanting. This will give the tree time to recover from the stress of shipping and get used to its new surroundings!

Please note that our plants can grow in their plastic pots for a while and can dry out quickly if they take root.

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For a bonsai that is ready, repotting only needs to be done when it has taken root. If you can’t get your fingers into the substrate anymore, it’s time to replant!

If you’re local, we provide repotting and potting services at our nursery if you bring your plants in!

Sometimes USPS doesn’t update tracking until the day of delivery. Unfortunately, this means we are in the dark for the entire transit.

Barbados Cherry Bonsai Care

You can contact us and let us know if any problem arises. You can also refer to the FAQ below for questions about plant health.

Bonsai Japanese Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree Malpighia Punicifolia, Dwar

If they arrive and look damaged, send us a photo via message as soon as they are delivered. We can help even further from there!

I ordered a barbados cherry tree from this seller. Even though I don’t have the best knowledge about bonsai, they were able to give me tips on what is needed for the pot and the size as well. They are very knowledgeable and the tree is producing berries and blossoms now. I highly recommend them. Pictures

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