Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

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Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla – Among the fans of plants, we can find those who like today’s protagonist, Albizia julibrissin, better known as Acacia of Constantinople. It really has nothing to do with Acacia, but its resemblance to them makes them known by that name.

This is a beautiful tree that is ideal for all types of gardens. In the small ones it will look great as an isolated specimen, and in the larger gardens you can plant them in rows, place a specimen on either side of a path, or wherever you like best.

Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

The acacia of Constantinople It is a tree originating in the continent of Asia. It can grow up to 12 meters, although it is rare for it to exceed 6-7 meters in tillage. It does not have very fast or very slow growth, rather its growth rate is moderate.

Cultivo Y Cuidados De La Acacia De Constantinopla

In windy areas it needs to be taught for at least a year or two, as the trunk can easily break, especially if the specimen is young. You can use a wooden log that you can bury near the young specimen Or use a metal pole vine that is not very thick. With a little rope it will be fine.

Albizia likes to be located in full sun, although this can be adjusted if you have sun in the morning and some shade in the afternoon and is an ideal tree to provide some shade in the summer. In the winter, however, it will lose its leaves, but in the spring it will sprout again as it is a deciduous tree.

The good news is that the glass is not pointed, but open. Which gives the tree a lot of width and gives enough ground where there will be shade.

In addition, its ease of handling and maintenance allows trees to be obtained from seeds or purchased from nurseries. The difficulty of planting this tree is very low and it does not require that much maintenance to make it grow

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When starting with the bark of this wonderful tree, it should be noted that its color is a dark gray color, but the vast majority turn green at some point during the maturity stage. The older the plant, the more vertical stripes appear on its trunk.

It is interesting that this plant has very small leaves and is still able to provide excellent shade and cover an entire space and does not let the sun’s rays through. For this reason, there is a tendency to believe that the leaves are large and / or wide, but this is not true.

From the main trunk, increasingly thin branches arise. Some thick enough to be branches of good size and thickness, while others very thin and small leading to the leaves.

Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

And from here the leaves take their place, as these are small clusters where there are smaller clusters containing the leaves separately. One cluster of these can have up to 20 or more leaves, and from the main branch there can be more.

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This plant blooms around spring and blooms can last until summer. They can even be seen until autumn. Flowering changes as it grows, just as they can bloom in June, over time their flowering can occur in September. Up to three months from September.

The smell given by the flower of the Albizia julibrissin is simply unique and pleasant, so whoever is under this plant during its flowering period will have a pleasant smell for a while.

The fruits (legumes) will ripen in the fall and turn brown. That’s when we can collect the fruits to get new plants. Once at home, we open the pods and remove the seeds inside.

Unfortunately, this is a medium-growing plant, but the good thing is that it produces a lot of seeds that can be used for cultivation and reproduction, although it can be easily propagated by cuttings.

Albizia Julibrissin O Acacia De Constantinopla

When the plant is in full bloom, you can get the seeds which are in a sense legumes. These are usually green in color but in autumn it changes color to brown. This color is a sign that the seed is ripe.

Remember that if you plan to take its seeds to plant in your home, garden or elsewhere, you must know that you must open the pods. From there, it proceeds to remove the cover that has waterproof properties, and then you have to wait long enough.

In order to achieve a higher germination percentage, you need to withstand a heat shock, in other words, you need to put them in a glass of boiling water for 1 second and then for 24 hours in another glass of water at room temperature.

Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

Now they are placed in a seed bed in full sun, preferably 1-2 seeds per pot / socket. The Constantinople Acacia is a very beautiful tree that will help give the tropical feel you like so much in your gardens.

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If you want to choose cuttings or pieces of the stem of Albizia julibrissin, you have to do another method. For this purpose, you must cut a section of about 1.5 cm of stem. This small area should be planted especially when spring starts.

It is recommended to take into account the consistency and amount of irrigation. Of all the risks, the first is the most important, as this will stabilize the soil that has been removed to plant the cut stem.

On the other hand, it does not need to be given special care, give it constant water but not so much as to avoid irrigation. It can only be fed with water and it must be Make sure that the soil is not too wet for a long time.

Obviously, this is a plant that makes it perfect to have in the middle of a garden or to create natural paths. But the truth is that these are not the only uses that can be given to it.

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Surprisingly, the plant has healing properties that many people do not know about. Although it is not completely certain, it is said that this order can be perfect for cases where people are suffering or going through anxiety or depression.

Similarly, its flowers are very useful for preparing infusions. These infusions can benefit you in terms of:

Moreover, the flower is not the only thing that can be used for being a plant, but also its stem. This is how the benefits or uses that can be put to the stem are attributed to:

Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

The resistance of this plant to problems caused by typical diseases is quite high, since it is very rare that it gets sick. The only problem there is that it is a plant that has too many benefits for people’s health, a subject of considerable interest.

Ficha De La Albizia Julibrissin O Acacia De Constantinopla

But as such, this plant has no diseases, the less it is vulnerable to common pests. If you need to use an insecticide, it may only be because of the powdery mildew, but any insecticide is effective and in no time the plant will be fine.

Basically, this is the most amazing and important thing about this beautiful and useful plant. If you have the opportunity to have it in your garden or personal land, do not hesitate to choose one of the ways we have provided for its cultivation. In the future, you’ll be thankful you didn’t miss this opportunity.

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It is a precious tree ideal for all types of gardens. Finally, it is clear that it is a model in a new look and in the big world, put on pictures and contains pictures of the pictures, and the best examples and goals and pictures.

The Acacia of Constantinople is a tree originating from the Asian continent. Puede llegar a medir unos 12 meters, aunque es raro que en cultivo supere los 6-7 meters. Tiene un crecimiento ni muy rápido ni muy lento, and more be su ritmo de crecimiento es medio.

En zonas ventosas necesita estar sujeto un tutor at least one or two years, pues el tronco se puede romper con facilidad sobre todo

Bonsai Acacia De Constantinopla

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