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Bonsai Adenium Juara – , GIANYAR – The Regent of Gianyar, I Made Mahayastra opened the National Bonsai Exhibition organized by the Gianyar branch of the Indonesian Bonsai Enthusiasts Association (PPBI) on Wednesday (10/5/2022) at Gianyar Town Square. In his remarks, the Mahayastra regent revealed that the bonsai exhibition in Gianyar continues to grow year by year.

“It’s good for bonsai exhibitions and competitions, there have been many improvements, especially now that Gianyar City Square has been established as an exhibition venue, which makes bonsai exhibitions in Gianyar even more interesting to visit,” he said.

Bonsai Adenium Juara

Bonsai Adenium Juara

The Mahayastra Regent said that now bonsai are loved by various groups, not only the upper middle class but also many lower classes who love nonsai and participate in the Pamnas organized by PPBI Gianyar.

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“In the past, the hobby of bonsai was only for millionaires, but now it has spread to all walks of life. This is the true art of bonsai, which can be enjoyed by all groups,” he said.

In addition, the existence of the bonsai exhibition will increase the economic turnover of Gianyar Regency. Not only for buying and selling bonsai and their equipment, many participants come from outside Bali and have to stay or shop in Gianyar.

The Mahayastra Regent thanked the exhibitors. “I would like to thank the visitors who also contributed to the success of this exhibition, who prepared the trees to appear here,” he said.

Balinese councilor Adenium Dewata (Baladewa), Nyoman Giri Prasta, who is also the regent of Badung, also attended and enjoyed the bonsai exhibition in Gianyar. “See management and the place in general is very good,” he said.

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Giri Prasta is also known to have placed many of his bonsai collections in the middle, top and star classes. He also admitted that he is interested in several trees and is still coordinating with the committee or the owners.

“There are a few that I’m interested in, we just have to coordinate with the committee and the owner. If the price is right, we’ll take it,” he said.

Although he did not beat Muri’s record for the most trees in the Bonsai 1111 competition at the Sanur Festival, Gianyar PPBI Pamnas I committee chief Wayan Artana said bringing in more than a thousand bonsai was extraordinary.

Bonsai Adenium Juara

“Exceeding a thousand trees is extraordinary, although it has not yet broken Muri’s record. There are now a total of 1,059 trees participating in the exhibition. We hope to break Muri’s record next year,” he hoped enthusiastically.

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In bonsai pamnas Gianyar, this year the Sentigi Manohara Nyoman Jonson tree won the “Best in Show” title.

The predicate ‘Best in Class’ or ‘Best in class’ is also an interesting topic of discussion in this year’s National Pamnas, where in the best in class the star class is the Kimeng Sutha Dwija tree, in the main class it is the Sentigi Tree belonging to Perbekel Punggul and in the primary class it is won by Sancang from Putra Eror.(bpn)Articles Home Regional News Cultural Heritage Economic Events Flora & Fauna Lifestyle Defense & Security / Military Law / International Law Campus Science & Education Welfare & Health Environment Music / Entertainment Nationalism Public Tourism Facilities Food Exhibitions and Entertainment Arts and Entertainment Trinkets Politics Recreation Religion Natural Resources and Energy Cultural Traditions News Video Tourism National History

“… – JAKARTA, there is no rattan root, so you probably know this saying, right? This proverb can be included when comparing Adenium.

Wow, how did…? because the value of the beauty of this plant is not only in the flowers, which have bright colors.

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It was the creative hands of Adenium lovers who managed to make the humps of this seemingly ordinary plant attractive. Different shapes of animals, people, fruits and so on. In the past, many adenium stems were molded into unique shapes such as twisted, swollen, bonsai, or bent.

Now a new trend has appeared, namely to carve adenium humps, the original shape of which already resembles the shape of some animals. For example, just like Yanto from Kindergarten and Zenki from Saung Emas Kindergarten. Various forms of animals such as chickens, fish, monkeys, ducks seem to adorn these adenia tubers. “…Adenium in competition quality should not have such chemical dye added…” Photo: Red

The Adenium tuber knurling trend, explained to editors by Mr. Yanto of Deli Nurseries, has only recently developed.

Bonsai Adenium Juara

“Initially because I was already saturated with the same Adenium… This is a way to add value. From a hump that is not abysmal, we shape it into the form of animals like this,” he said.

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The amount of added value obtained is determined on the basis of similarity. “The size of the tree doesn’t affect it,” he said. Of the entire collection, one of the most expensive humpback trees is the monkey-shaped golden adenium.

The high price of this adenuim, he says, is because the ear has undergone a mutation so that it has a golden color. In normal weevils, the color is greenish-grey. The hump color issue is a peculiar one, because in competition, a carved adenium hump cannot be colored. You must use the original hump color instead.

Although there are stubble in the nurseries that are colorful, according to Zengki, it’s just for decoration, but you can’t enter the competition. “You have to be natural,” she said. Another thing that adds to its uniqueness is the shape of the hump, which already resembles a monkey, so it doesn’t take much carving to show the resemblance.

All types of adenia are good for carving. Adenium obesum is one of eight adenium species suitable for carving.

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There are also those who choose Adenium arabicum. Unfortunately, this type secretes a lot of sap, which makes drying difficult. You can also choose the type of Adenium Oleifolium, but the small spike makes the models that can be shaped quite limited.

Even ears that are too young are not suitable for carving, as they tend to rot. Choose weevils older than one year. When it comes to shaping a creature, it all depends on the creator’s creation, Zenki said. “Let’s look at the adenium hump, what does it look like? Maybe it looks like a cat, a fish, a chicken, then we’ll shape it.”

Caring for this plant is also quite easy. Since this plant comes from desert areas, it does not need frequent watering. Once a day is enough. Even if you want a lot of flowering, watering can be done less often, only 3-5 days. Sunlight is also needed during the day, but if that’s not possible, 4-5 hours a day is enough, Yanto explained.

Bonsai Adenium Juara

Since it doesn’t need a lot of water, this plant is suitable to plant for those who live in urban areas who definitely cannot take care of their plants intensively. In addition to beautifying the home page, it is easy to maintain…

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“…Our nationalism IS: A NATIONALISM THAT MAKES US INSTRUMENTS OF GOD AND THE SPIRIT LIVES US..” [BUNG KARNO 1928] shoots are substitutes or successors of severed branches or twigs.

It doesn’t fly higher, but the fans never die. Because this ornamental plant has its own charm. It seems less important unless this ornamental plant from Yemen is made into a bonsai. How can we forget the qualities it should have.

An attractive adenium bonsai must have a large hump, many branches, simultaneous and dense flowering and most importantly – generally healthy. Treatment is definitely not neglected to achieve a perfect result. It has to be more than just watering, of course. The humpback, branches and flowers require special attention to make their appearance stunning.

Frans Sujono, a bonsai farmer who has a bonsai farm in Jalan Graha Raya, South Tangerang, will tell his farmer friends a special trick to make adenium bonsai easily.

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“There are basically no rules against what shape you want, you can be as creative as you want, but I usually suggest freestyle techniques for beginners.”

The beauty of this plant also lies in its branches. Usually, Adeniums with many well arranged branches will look better than Adeniums that have only a few branches.

“Pruning aims to increase the number of branches. However, the branches that grow later are still arbitrary, disordered. It also uses wiring techniques to make the growing branches conform to the desired shape. The wiring is done with the position of the thread behind the face of the side of the shaft. Insert one end of the thread into of the growing medium to hold the thread thread, and then follow the direction of the thread thread when folding, do not drive against the thread winding direction, “

Bonsai Adenium Juara

Next is the cutting technique, this technique aims to create the figure of a lush tree and its proportions are as desired, but do not forget the flowers.

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“In the cutting method, we must pay attention to the position of the bud that is behind the cut position, because each bud is a replacement or successor of the branch or twig that was cut. Make sure that the position of the bud is in the desired direction of growth.”

Frans also reminds us to make sure the cut marks always point upwards to facilitate growth. Subsequently, the tree we created will grow in about three months.

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