Bonsai Ampelas Hitam

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Bonsai Ampelas Hitam – – How to take care of Emery or Rampelas bonsai tree – Emery or Rampelas bonsai is a plant of the Moracea family that grows up to 20 meters high. gemang or 50 cm in diameter, grows in all regions of Indonesia and can be distributed at altitudes lower than 1300 m above sea level. Often in Sundanese and Malay it means Hampelas, in Javanese Rampelas, Rempelas, sandpaper.

The stems of the Hampelas tree are upright, circular, and have sympodial branches. A leaf, alternate, ovate, margin toothed. Sandpaper leaves have a rough texture when dry, so the leaves can be used as sandpaper to smooth the surface of wood.

Bonsai Ampelas Hitam

Bonsai Ampelas Hitam

Some bonsai tree lovers make sandpaper bonsai or rempasa bonsai. If you are interested in the Rampelas bonsai tree, the flowers are 5-7mm long, brownish green, and have funnel-shaped petals.

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Rampelas or Rampelas bonsai seeds are round and white in color. There are hemp plants that are cultivated for the benefits of the leaves, and also grow on their own.

The liquid obtained from this plant can be drunk, it is useful in treating people who have difficulty urinating, and it is useful in treating diarrhea. Hampelas have water content, yellowish brown color and spicy taste. The liquid can be obtained by cutting the root, and the water is contained in a small container.

Emery Grouping Ficus sandpaper Burm. f. are as follows: Regnum : Plantae Divisio : Spermatophyta Subdivisio : Angiospermae Class : Dicotyledoneae Subclass : Monochlamydeae/Apetalae Order : Urticales Kinabata : Moraceae Genus : Ficus Genus : Ficus ampelas

Like other trees, emery bonsai trees need adequate sunlight to carry out the process of photosynthesis. The cleanliness of the environment around the room of the sandpaper bonsai tree not only has a good effect on the health of the sandpaper bonsai tree, but also prevents pests and plant diseases, and also makes the sandpaper bonsai tree feel clean , beautiful and charming.

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Place the sandpaper bonsai tree stand on a column or bonsai stand until the sandpaper bonsai tree is no longer on the floor. This status makes it easier to maintain and enjoy bonsai trees with sandpaper.

For this reason, a bonsai field requires a mature idea that takes into account the essential needs of trees. For example, intense sun, easy to spray water, air ducts, slightly colored art and work areas (rooms for special care such as diseased trees, propagation, composting, storage of medical equipment. ).

Water is the source of life for all living things, including bonsai trees. Plant water is a component of all plant tissues and acts as a solvent and carrier to distribute nutrient elements (food) to all parts of the emery bonsai tree. Usually, sandpaper bonsai trees are watered twice a day, for example in the morning and in the evening.

Bonsai Ampelas Hitam

Whenever you water a sandalwood bonsai tree that is still raw, the amount of water is usually different, because it needs the most processing, so the amount of watering is greater than the finished sandalwood bonsai tree.

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Potted plants, such as sandalwood bonsai trees, have a higher fertilizer value than wild plants. There are fertilizers that are needed to supplement the nutrients that plants need, and these are widely available at agricultural stores near our homes.

Considering the raw materials, fertilizers are divided into organic fertilizers (of plant and animal origin) and inorganic fertilizers (which contain chemicals).

Organic fertilizers are usually in liquid form, while inorganic fertilizers are in crystalline granules. At the same time, depending on the nutrient elements contained, fertilizers are divided into two types: complex fertilizers containing macro and micronutrients, and single fertilizers, that is, containing only one nutrient element, micro and macro .

There are two types of propagation methods for sandpaper bonsai trees, which are root fertilization of sandpaper bonsai trees and leaf fertilization of sandpaper bonsai trees.

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Fertilize the roots of sandpaper bonsai trees, that is, by sprinkling fertilizer in the media around the bumps of the sandpaper bonsai trees. Root fertilizers are absorbed by root fibers after being dissolved in the media due to irrigation.

Some details to consider when, how, how often and how much to fertilize? The label on the fertilizer package usually tells you how to use it, but this guide is for use in the field, when the crop is changing, or when it’s about to be harvested.

Even with potted plants or bonsai, it’s still confusing, and beginners are often told that fertilizers can make emery bonsai sick (usually an overdose) or kill your beloved sandalwood bonsai.

Bonsai Ampelas Hitam

The best time to fertilize bonsai trees with sandpaper is to sprinkle it on the side of the pot before watering in the morning. The root that absorbs food is the fibrous root at the very end of the root. For bonsai, for example, on the side of the container, so that when watering, the fertilizer is quickly absorbed by the fibrous roots.

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We can predict the amount of fertilizer by looking at the size of the burn of the bonsai tree that has been sanded for fertilization. Apply 1 tablespoon of fertilizer to pots with a diameter of up to 30 cm, 1.5 tablespoons to pots with a diameter of 40-60 cm, 1 tablespoon to 60 cm to 80 cm diameter, and 1 tablespoon of fertilizer. can be used as a reference for detailed predictions of tank size and volume.

This amount of fertilizer is the amount of fertilizer type NPK and other types of fertilizer applied. The reaction of the fertilizer is very fast and can be repeated after a month, while for the slow release fertilizer, the fertilizer usually reacts. Up to 4 months.

Most foliar fertilizers available are complex foliar fertilizers, which often contain macro and additional micronutrients.

All types of foliar fertilizers are foliar sprayed. Similar to root fertilization, fertilizer application information is implemented in cropping and agricultural areas.

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A good foliar fertilizer can be applied between 7-9am in the morning after watering and 4-5pm after watering.

For larger amounts of solution concentration, follow the instructions on the package of liquid or powdered foliar fertilizer, spray with a spray nozzle, and set with a soft spray. It should not appear in the form of fog, it is the uniform distribution of the concentration of the solution.

There are some special things to watch out for, for example, foliar fertilizer should be sprayed on the underside of the leaves, as the lower part of the mouth (stoma) of most leaves is on the underside of the leaf. Then, to sprinkle the fertilizer, evenly spread all the leaves on the crown of the bonsai, stopping after all the leaves are wet.

Bonsai Ampelas Hitam

This means that the fertilizer is done, and if the fertilizer is in the sprayer, it can be sprayed on other bonsai. If all the bonsai are fertilized and the spray is still on, do not spray the fertilized bonsai again, only spray the planted area. For future fertilization, we can predict how much fertilizer solution will be needed for a fertilization of sand bonsai trees.

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This is how to care for sandalwood or rampelas bonsai trees. There are many beautiful and attractive bonsai trees that can be used as decorative plants for gardens and home grounds.

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