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Bonsai Ampelas – – Emery Bonsai or Rumpelas Tree Care – Emery Bonsai or Rumpelas is a plant of the marigold family that can reach up to 20 meters in height. gemanhilla or 50 cm in diameter, can grow in all regions of Indonesia and spreads less than 1300 meters above sea level. It usually means Hampela in Sundanese and Malay and Rampela or Rempela or sandpaper in Javanese.

The stem of the hemp tree is erect, round and has sympodial branches. Single leaf, alternate, ovate, with a toothed edge. Sandpaper leaves are rough when dry, so they can be used as sandpaper, which is useful for softening wooden surfaces.

Bonsai Ampelas

Bonsai Ampelas

Some bonsai tree enthusiasts turn sandpaper plants into sandpaper bonsai plants or rempasa bonsai plants. If you are interested in the bonsai rampela tree, the flowers are 5-7 mm long, brown-green in color and have funnel-shaped petals.

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Rampelas or Rampelas bonsai tree seeds are round in shape and white in color. There are hemps that are cultivated because of the leaves, and there are those that grow by themselves.

The liquid from this plant can be drunk, it is useful in the treatment of people with urinary problems and as a remedy for diarrhea. Hampelas is watery, yellowish-brown in color and has a pungent taste. The liquid is obtained by cutting the roots and draining the water into a small container.

Emery Grouping Ficus Sandpaper Burm. f. following: Regnum : Plantae Divisio : Spermatophyta Subdivisio : Angiospermae Classis : Dicotyledoneae Subclass : Monochlamydeae/Apetalae Order : Urticales Kinabata : Moraceae Genus : Ficus Species : Ficus ampelas

Like any other tree, sandalwood bonsai needs enough sunlight to carry out the process of photosynthesis. The clean environment of the sandpaper bonsai tree room provides a good health effect for the sandpaper bonsai tree, in addition to suppressing pests and plant diseases, which gives the impression of a clean, beautiful and attractive beauty of the sandpaper bonsai tree.

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The sandpaper bonsai tree space should be placed on a bonsai pole or shelf until the sandpaper bonsai tree is on the floor. This space makes it easy to care for and enjoy your sandpaper bonsai trees.

Because of this, the field of bonsai requires a mature idea that takes into account the important needs of the tree. For example, intense sun, water that sprays easily, air ducts, creative and work space that is relatively shady (the room also works for special care, for example, for sick trees, planting and storage space for fertilizers, medical supplies, etc. further. ).

Water is the source of life for all living things, including the sandpaper bonsai tree. Water for plants plays the role of a component, solvent and carrier of all plant tissues in the distribution of nutrients (nutrition) to all parts of the bonsai plant. As a rule, watering bonsai from sandpaper is processed 2 times a day, namely in the morning and in the evening.

Bonsai Ampelas

Watering is usually different from the amount of water whenever you water a sandpaper bonsai tree that is still raw, because it needs maximum development, so the amount of watering is more than for a finished sandpaper bonsai tree.

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The importance of fertilizer for potted plants, such as sandpaper bonsai trees, is greater than for plants in the wild. There are fertilizers that are needed to increase the nutrients that plants need, they are widely available in the agricultural stores near our homes.

According to the starting material, fertilizers are divided into two types: organic fertilizers (containing substances of plant or animal origin) and inorganic fertilizers (containing chemical substances).

Organic fertilizers are usually liquid, while inorganic fertilizers are usually in the form of crystalline granules. At the same time, according to the composition of nutrients, fertilizers are divided into two types: complex, containing macro- and microelements, and single fertilizers, that is, fertilizers containing only one nutrient, micro- or macroelements.

There are two methods of fertilizing a sandpaper bonsai tree, namely fertilizing through the roots of a sandpaper bonsai tree and fertilizing through the leaves of a sandpaper bonsai tree.

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Fertilizing through the roots of a sandpaper bonsai tree, namely applying fertilizer by spraying fertilizer around the nodule of a sandpaper bonsai tree. Root fertilizer is absorbed by root fibers after dissolving in the substrate as a result of watering.

Some specific things to consider when it comes to fertilization are when, how and how often and to what extent? The stamp on the fertilizer package usually explains its use, but the guide is intended for use during the shift or when harvest is approaching in planting and agricultural areas.

There are still difficulties with potted plants or bonsai, and beginners are still often told that applying fertilizer can make the sandpaper bonsai sick (usually an overdose) or even kill their beloved sandpaper bonsai tree.

Bonsai Ampelas

The best time to fertilize a sandpaper bonsai tree is in the morning before watering by sprinkling the fertilizer around the edge of the pot. A root that absorbs food is a fibrous root located at the end of the root. For bonsai, namely on the edge of the pot, so that the fertilizer is absorbed faster by the fibrous roots when watering.

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We can predict the amount of fertilizer by looking at the size of the pot used to fertilize the sandpaper bonsai tree. For pots of the same size with a diameter of up to 30 cm, give 1 teaspoon, for pots with a diameter of 40 cm – 60 cm, give 1.5 teaspoons of fertilizer, for pots with a diameter of 60 cm – 80 cm, 1 tablespoon of fertilizer and the size of the pots, a detailed forecast of the amount can be used as a reference.

The amount of this fertilizer is the amount used for NPK type fertilizers, etc. The reaction of the fertilizer is very fast and can be repeated after a month, while with some fertilizers as slow release fertilizers, the fertilizer usually reacts. for 4 months.

Most applied foliar fertilizers are complex foliar fertilizers, which mainly contain macronutrients and additional micronutrients.

All types of foliar fertilizers are sprayed on the leaves. As with root fertilizers, information about the use of fertilizers on the package is implemented in planting and agricultural areas.

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Spraying with good foliar fertilizers can be done in the morning after watering at 7-9 hours and in the afternoon after watering at 4-5 hours.

From a large amount, the amount needed to concentrate the solution, continue to follow the recommendations on the package label, liquid or powder foliar fertilizers, spray with a spray nozzle, adjust with a soft syringe, but do not let it flow out in the form of a mist, as this should produce an even distribution of the concentrated solution.

There are a few things to look out for, namely that the foliar spray should be directed towards the underside of the leaf, as the underside of the largest leaf mouth (stoma) is on the underside of the leaf. Then, for spraying, the fertilizer should be evenly applied to all the leaves in the bonsai crown, and stopped after all the leaves are wet.

Bonsai Ampelas

This means that fertilizing is complete, if the fertilizer is still in the sprayer, it can be sprayed on other bonsai. If all the bonsai have been fertilized and the sprayer is still in place, do not spray it again on the fertilized bonsai, just spray it on the planting site. This allows us to predict for future fertilization how much fertilizer solution is needed for one top dressing of our sandpaper bonsai tree.

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It tells you how to care for sandpaper bonsai trees or rumpelas. There are many more beautiful and attractive bonsai trees that we can make decorative plants for the home garden and yard.

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