Bonsai Berbuah

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Bonsai Berbuah – Mukhtaro Asrorieh, a resident of the small town of Kulon Progo, started on his own initiative and managed to recycle coconut waste into the highly economic ivory coconut bonsai plant. A single dwarf plant sells for anywhere from Rs 100,000 to Rs 1 million.

Mukhtarom started a coconut bonsai business 10 years ago. Mukhtarom Wits was resting behind his house in Kulon Progo, Ngestiharjo District when the idea came to him.

Bonsai Berbuah

Bonsai Berbuah

He saw many coconut trees blooming there. Old coconuts fall like litter scattered around. Unfortunately, when the fruit is sold, the price is very low. Moreover, ivory coconuts are almost impossible to sell because the fruit is small.

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“So I thought, if I turn it into a bonsai, it looks good and if I sell it, the price will be very good,” Mukhtarom said at a meeting at his home on September 4, 2021. ).

Mukhtarom realized this idea when he started picking coconuts in a special place around his garden. After that, the destroyed fruits are planted with plastic

So that the protruding shoots will correspond to their shape. Then the finished plant is transferred to a pot to make it more attractive.

“Actually, the medium doesn’t have to be soil, you can use water to get more roots. You can fill it with decorative fish to make it more beautiful,” he said.

Pohon Kelapa Bonsai Yang Imut Namun Tak Bisa Berbuah

“For maintenance, it is enough to sprinkle water and give fertilizer in the form of spices. In the meantime, coconut husks should be painted or covered to avoid direct sunlight,” he explained.

This small step turned out to be delicious. Currently working as a consultant for Yogyakarta Coconut Bonsai Corvil Kulon Progo, Mukhtarom now has about 1,000 coconut bonsai that he started and propagated decades ago. The lowest prices are set from IDR 100,000 to millions of IDR.

However, Mukhtarom did not think much about the money he sold coconut bonsai, because for him, bonsai is an art that is difficult to value in terms of money. His current wish is how can this bonsai plant produce fruit.

Bonsai Berbuah

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