Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant

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Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant – In this article, I will discuss how to grow a long-lived cannabonsai plant while providing clones or a genetic tab for your own collection of cannabis plants. In cannabis cultivation, this is called the “mother plant”

The simple definition of a mother plant is a photoperiod plant kept in a vegetative state to produce clones. Sometimes mother plants are kept for a long time without cloning, simply because the farmer wants to keep the genetics for the future. If you have the space, mother plants are a great way to do this. If not, cannabonsai plants are even better!

Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant

Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant

This brings us to my OG Venom from episode 9 of Zen Cannabonsai. For those just watching, here’s a Venom OG clone I caught in episode 4 at the local mall. He was about a month old when I got him and I did the artwork about 4 months ago so this lady had plenty of time to heal.

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Although this plant is at the end of the complex due to the rocks here, the principles of keeping mother cannabonsai are the same.

The first thing to pay attention to is the size of the pot. This is a pot of 8 rounds and deep in it. The volume is about 1.50 liters and a large rock takes up half of that. For comparison, a 10-inch round pot like the one I usually use (point) holds about three gallons of soil.

While I like this formation, it is a small vessel and it will be a challenge to keep it up for long as the rocks make it difficult to cut the roots. My plan is to keep feeding the mycelium and build a strong root that will attach itself to ropes and rocks. Finally, it can be taken out of the pot, cut off from the bottom of the root and repotted in this or a larger pot with a new shape.

Since I grow my cannabonsai in organic soil, my form of feeding this plant is the same as all my plants: teas and the occasional dry manure. Since the mother plants are kept in the growth phase, the feed should contain high amounts of N and P and low amounts of K.

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My current favorite dry fertilizer is Recipe 420’s Miracle Natural Blend. It contains mico, trace elements, and lots of other good ingredients. Unfortunately, this is a nursery-only product, but I’d like to link with something like NPK Industries and suggest asking your local preschool to consider wearing it if they don’t already.

The reason I use tea and fertilizer is because the small herd of bacteria and fungus in the tea acts as a wonderful mediator for the plant. I’ll delve into tea in the next episode, but for now, I have a video on composting at home, which is the first step to amazing tea.

Watch out for overfeeding, as with any cannabonsai, and consider using a drip watering method if you plan to add moss on top, as I do on some of my plants. For now I would rate this plant 7/10 health wise as you can see the leaves are light green and the stem very purple. As with any cannabonsai tree, the stress of heavy pruning, small pots, and learning to pick nutrients makes it more challenging than traditional cultivation, but if you’ve been following my quick OGKZ project (dot), you know. that good plants can come from struggling cannabonsai and that you have to constantly listen to the plant and grow forward.

Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant

Depending on the size of the cannabonsai mum, you may want to consider a dimmed light source such as natural lighting or a 5600k 42W cool bulb. I’ve found my love for cannabonsai in bloom is driven by my 1000w but sometimes it’s too small for cut mums or new plants. Vegetating plants also like that cool green light, not anything lower on the red end of the spectrum.

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How you prune your cannabonsai mum plant depends on your goals. For example, if you are trying to pump clones, heavy fertilization will produce an infinite number of clones, even in a small plant. If your goals are more focused on cannabonsai, the style may look like manipulating the trunk, threading branches and cutting out growth that doesn’t fit the picture.

In this example, I grew it broomstick style and wired up a few branches. I went through waves of letting it go wild and then trimmed it down to put a strap on the stem. Remember that the width of the stem is ultimately determined by the area of ​​u200bu200bthe branches. The quickest way to get a strong stem is to let the plant grow as much space as possible.

I tried to strike a balance between form and function as I don’t have any cloning needs, but it’s also nice to have a mum with multiple clones on hand if a friend needs a bombshell OG clone.

If you’re new to photoperiod cannabonsai, it may be tempting to add additives such as moss, rocks, driftwood, and the like, but keep in mind that these things will make root repair more difficult in the future. I’ve already thrown out my thoughts on how I’d handle it in this case, but my East Coast Sour Diesel roots on the rock are in the same place and they’re not happy in their struggling pot. It’s going to be a really tough job due to the size of the rock, the size of the plant and the awkward edge of the pot, but it will have to be done.

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Another improved technique is grafting. The basic connection is to take a branch from one plant and attach it to another. Almost all oranges are grown this way, with Meyers lemon as the host plant. For example, grapes are taken as cuttings and then grafted onto a lemon tree.

Believe it or not, it can also be done with marijuana! Royal Queen Seeds has a full article here, but this is a basic visual overview. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope soon.

Okay, so we’ve covered pot size, nutrients, light, care, and advanced techniques that should get you started caring for your photoperiod cannabonsai mother plant. If you have additional questions or want to know what gear I use, check out the links in the description below (point down) so you can pick them up locally or online if needed.

Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant

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Have you ever had a problem you wanted to stop but didn’t have enough space to store it?

I got into this problem with my triple cheese knowing I wouldn’t be farming it for long (I want to try new things)

I decided to toss it in one cup of cocoa and water every few days. When the growth increases to the point where you need to water more often, simply trim the plant so that it is almost bare. He will grow up and come back

I do this because my mum’s tent is small. The only thing that worries me is that the roots are getting stuck.

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“I hate the harvest. I like to plant things, water them, look at them, talk to them. I don’t like to play harvest.”

Of course, I have also saved some of my mother’s plants over the years. In a small pot in a coconut, it takes some time to set roots … and after some time, you can always put a new one and trim the old one 🙂

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Bonsai Cannabis Mother Plant

There is no love that plays little and is content to live less than you can live

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Ohlordyeah_420 wrote: I did this because my mum’s tent is too small. The only thing that worries me is that the roots are getting stuck. What does the person recommend? Root cutting? Cannazy? But yeah, it’s a good way to keep a few genes without taking up a lot of space. I always hear about trimming the roots and adding a new coco, but if life starts to decline I would just plant in a pot, take clones again. He took out a flower for her

That’s good. They are only a few months old so nothing to worry about

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