Bonsai Di Bouganville

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Bonsai Di Bouganville – Bougainvillea, commonly known as bougainvillea or bougainvillea, is a South American plant that belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family. This plant was discovered in Brazil in the second half of the 18th century by the botanist Commerson. Bougainvillea is named after the discoverer Antoine de Bougainville, to whom the botanist dedicated his discovery. It seems that Bougainville, delighted with the beauty of the plant, wanted to bring it to Europe, where it spread quickly, especially in the Mediterranean.

Bougainvillea remains one of the most popular ornamental plants to this day, used to beautify gardens and homes, especially in coastal areas.

Bonsai Di Bouganville

Bonsai Di Bouganville

It is a plant that offers spectacular flowers, characterized by bright colors such as pink, fuchsia, purple and red.

Bonsai Di Bougainvillea Sanderiana (91)

In fact, these colorful petals are not flowers, but bracts or modified leaves that grow around the real flower, which is much smaller and yellow in color. The main function of these “petals” is to protect the flower, and thanks to their bright color, they attract insects, favoring pollination.

Although we are used to seeing bougainvillea mainly as climbing hedges and pergolas, today the cultivation of bougainvillea bonsai is also becoming more widespread in Italy.

In fact, growing bonsai bougainvillea can be a really rewarding activity, as even a small plant produces a fascinating flower and is characterized not only by its abundant growth, but also by its strong resistance to parasites.

Then the country has to prepare. For optimal effect, it is good to prepare a culture composed of soil, perlite, peat moss and pine bark, all in equal proportions.

Fiori Di Bouganville Come Un Bonsai In Una Pentola Contro Lo Sfondo Di Bambรน Foto Stock

After putting half of this mixture in the vase, place the bougainvillea in the center of the container, add the rest of the crop and press everything down well. The vase should be filled to 2.5 cm from the rim.

The Bougainvillea bonsai is safe to keep outdoors, although in regions with more severe climates, it would be a good idea to keep it indoors or shelter it on a covered terrace for the winter as it does not tolerate frost.

As a South American plant, it should be kept in a warm and sunny place. Originating from a subtropical climate, the plant tolerates heat very well. Unlike other types of bonsai, bougainvillea bonsai can be exposed to the sun even in the middle of summer, the only care being to cover the pot to prevent the roots from overheating.

Bonsai Di Bouganville

The last aspect that must be absolutely taken into account is that this type of plant does not like constant travel, which can cause bonsai suffering and cause sudden drop of leaves and flowers.:

Bonsai Albero Del Pepe Cinese Zanthoxylum Beecheyanum

Although it is very drought tolerant, poor watering can damage the plant, and excessive soil moisture can cause bonsai to rot.

The bonsai should be watered regularly and abundantly when the soil is too dry, repeating the operation several times so that the soil absorbs the water it needs.

Don’t forget to prune your bonsai at least once a year. The best time for pruning is March.

Excess branches must be cut off with a concave knife. When cutting, it is recommended to cover the wounds with a healing paste.

Olmo Bonsai, Bonsai Di Zelkova Altezza 28 Cm, Pianta Vera, Per Interno Ed Esterno

In late spring, however, stapling can be done. With long pruning, without overdoing it, you can clean the leaves by removing dry branches.

To avoid drying out the capillary roots, this treatment should be performed as soon as possible, preferably in a cool place. Also for this reason, another condition that must be assessed when transplanting is the complete absence of wind.

After bonsai transfer, it is recommended to use a water solution with vitamin B once a week.

Bonsai Di Bouganville

If you decide to fertilize bonsai, the ideal time is the growing season, which is from April to October.

Great Bougainvillea Mixed Hybrids Color

When it comes to choosing a fertilizer, the slow-release one that needs to be applied continuously is certainly the most appropriate.

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