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Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang – In the world of bonsai, Bonsai on rocks can be divided into 2 types. That is isisiuki or stone planting. This bonsai grows on rocks. The second category is sekijoru or on the rock

How to make a bonsai on a rock is not difficult, there are two ways to make a bonsai on a rock. The first method is done by taking bonsai seeds directly from nature that grow on rocks. This method is easier and faster.

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

The transfer process is done by placing a bag containing bonsai seeds and large stones into the planting hole. After 2-3 months, leaf buds start to grow. Meaning bonsai has changed. When the leaves are green, the bonsai can be moved to the pot, and the selected pot is adjusted according to the shape, size of the stone and the plant.

Bonsai Diatas Batu Juara

In addition, the shape of the stone must be adapted to the shape and size of the plant. Basic nutrition is provided. Made from manure or compost mixed with poor sand. The ratio is 1: 2. The stone cover bag is removed. Plants with stones are then placed in pots, their position is controlled. The roots of hanging plants are embedded in a layer of nutrients.

Training is done when the plant is new again. Including shaving, wiring and scraping or jin. Although it is simple, if it is done without control it can be harmful to the environment.

The seedlings used are usually seeds that are still 10-15 cm tall. Another requirement is that the plant species must be stress resistant and able to thrive in low nutrient environments. The seeds are then removed from the polybag. The Covid-19 pandemic forced a young man in Yogyakarta to be sent home from his workplace. He also started his new business selling stones.

Aleander Heru, 30 years old, arranges the stones he sells, at his home, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. (Photo: /Kurniawan Eka Mulyana)

Trik Bonsai Cantik Diatas Karang

Yogyakarta – Dozens of stone blocks are scattered around a house in Krapyak district, Yogyakarta, not too far east of the Yogyakarta Animal and Plant Market (PASTY).

In the corner of the garage of 30-year-old Alexander Heru’s house, there are several pieces of stone with a poor texture. At the same time, on the left side of the house, several dwarf trees or different types of bonsai are neatly arranged. There are also rock formations in the area.

Alex, Alexander’s nickname, greeted him warmly. A black hat covers his hair, one earring adorns the left ear of this young man who has three children.

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

He showed me pieces of rock and bonsai plants he collected, which are also his products. Alex is a distributor of corals and seeds for bonsai products. He started a business selling coral a year and a half ago, after the office where he worked reduced staff due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tanaman Berbunga Serbin Seribu Bintang On The Rock Matang Bonsai Di Atas Batu Karang

Alex said, at first he didn’t think of opening a coral stone and seed business for bonsai products. But as time passed and opportunities arose in the area, he decided to sell it.

Alexander Heru, 30 years old, arranges the stones he sells, at his home, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. (Photo: /Kurniawan Eka Mulyana)

In addition, coral stone dealers around the city of Yogyakarta are very small and difficult to obtain so the price is very expensive. Alex also searched for information about coral sellers, and he found them in Gunungkidul Regency.

. So I used to buy and sell stones to support my bonsai hobby,” he said when met at his home, Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

Hasilkan Jutaan Rupiah Dari Usaha Bonsai

Sometimes he uploads bonsai plants planted on rocks on social media. It’s not often that fellow bonsai enthusiasts comment on him and ask where he buys corals.

Some of his colleagues also sometimes come to Alex’s house to see his bonsai plants for themselves. They were also intrigued when they saw Alex’s rock character and asked Alex to buy a similar rock.

“Finally I decided to try selling corals to have a profitable activity. Plus, I’m unemployed because the parent company I work for is downsizing. At first only 10 people were reduced, but eventually it reached up to 60 people including me.”

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

Buy) stone to Wonosari district, Gunungkidul Regency. So far, I have been selling coral for about half a year,” said Alex.

Bonsai Mencengram Batu Karang By Bonsai Indonesia

When he first bought coral in Wonosari, Alex bought a car. He had to fold down the middle and back seats of his car so they could use it to haul stones.

Alexander Heru, 30 years old, fixes the condition of his bonsai plants, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. He started selling coral reefs starting from his hobby of growing bonsai. (Photo: /Kurniawan Eka Mulyana)

“The first time I will ride a car. Now pickups are not guaranteed, a Colt pickup sometimes takes a week, sometimes three days,” he said.

Alex admitted that he did not take the stone directly from the sea or the beach. There are at least two reasons why he didn’t. First, it takes a long time to find and collect corals on the beach.

Moulage De Tronc

“Secondly, everything has rules. If I go there to pick the stone myself, where the local people own the land, they will be angry. If, for example, you only take a few pieces, you may still be able to do it. But if you bring a lot, you want to sell it again, right?

Currently, every day customers come to his house to buy coral stones. The furthest buyers come from Purworejo and Magelang Regency, Central Java. At first, buyers from Purworejo came only for a survey, it turned out according to the character of the stone and the price, eventually many bought, because they wanted to sell again.

Alex offered his passion through his social media account. Customers who come to his house usually choose stones. When asked about his intention to sell by stopping on the side of the road, Alex admitted that he was not interested in selling that way.

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

Alexander Heru, 30 years old, corrects the position of one of the bonsai plants he planted on a rock, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. (Photo: /Kurniawan Eka Mulyana)

Tips & Trick Memperlakukan Akar Bonsai Di Atas Karang/batu

“Today, many people already know that they sell coral stones here, after all I sell them at a slightly lower price than the price, the term is just srawung (hanging out), added a friend. I don’t sell with the street stall system, because right now it’s still an epidemic. I was worried it would create a crowd,” Alex said explaining why.

Moreover, when PPKM was implemented some time ago, there was a time constraint. He once tried to sell his goods at a place in Sleman, but before 19.00 he was ordered to disperse.

The price of coral stones that he sells varies, depending on the size and character or shape of the stone. He sells them starting from Rp 10,000 for three small pieces to Rp 50,000 for a large piece.

. Some of his colleagues who are ornamental fish enthusiasts were interested in the stones he was selling, and asked him to set up their aquariums.

Mengenal Sejarah Tanaman Bonsai Dan Filosofinya Halaman All

. Some of his co-workers who like ornamental fish were interested in the rocks he was selling, and asked him to set up their aquarium.

“So there used to be a friend who likes fishing, when he took the rock from me, it went in (by chance). It suits his good rock character. Finally from there there is also a link setting aquascape, from Prambanan, from Kulon Progo, they ask for a choice or just buy stones. “

Alexander Heru, 30 years old, among stones and seeds from his collection of bonsai materials, at his home, Wednesday, February 24, 2021. (Photo: /Kurniawan Eka Mulyana)

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

From his house. He asked the customer the size of the tank, and determined the appropriate stone size. After that he went to the customer’s house carrying the stone he had prepared.

Layout ขอนบอนไซ Size S M L สำหรับตั้งตู้ไม้น้ำ ตกแต่งตู้ ขอนไม้ Bonsai ตู้ไม้น้ำ ตู้ปลา พรรณไม้น้ำ

“I counted it out of stone. For example, I use a stone that costs Rp. 10,000 per piece, if you use four stones the price is Rp. 40,000. Sometimes I round to Rp. 50,000 for gas money. They usually contribute,” he repeated.

The stone buyer also often sees his bonsai seeds and products. If they are interested, they usually buy it too.

“There are kimeng, tamarind, kawista batu, cukur, mulberry. For kavista stone, I sow myself from seed. I plant in Kutoarjo, so I bring it to Jogja to do business. I planted thousands of stems, about 7 thousand stems.”

The price of the plant seeds they sell also varies, depending on the size and type of plant and its character. Kawista stone seeds are sold at a price of Rp 12,000 per stick, but there is a special price for customers in large quantities or for resale.

Batu Karang Bonsai Aquascape /3kg

“For kimeng, I sell seeds ranging from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 300,000. If I sell just the rope, the price is around Rp. 50,000.”

In a separate announcement, Darto, 35, a bonsai enthusiast, admitted he had just learned about the coral seller. He usually buys coral at the plant dealer.

. Sometimes I look for it myself until Gunungkidul, sometimes I buy it from a plant seller. That doesn’t have to be there,” he said.

Bonsai Diatas Batu Karang

Darto said, coral is indeed one of the nutrients needed by bonsai enthusiasts. So with such a rock dealer, it is easier for him to form and design his bonsai collection. []

The Arts Of Beautiful Bonsai Lies In Boh’s Bonsai

A gray sky overshadowed the home of the founding family, Viktor S. Sirait, in Cibinong, on Friday. Spread moist soil, effect of morning rain.

A powerful earthquake in the mountainous region of southeastern Afghanistan has killed more than 1,000 people and injured hundreds more. in a rock cavity with a drilling system or rock / rock compression with a cavity to be filled with soil and planting media.

If the roots are large, they can be inserted into the stone directly and then planted in the ground for three to five months, after which they will be checked again. If any roots come out, then they are put back into the ocean and planted

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