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Bonsai Frutal – Do you have a fruit bonsai? Then you should know that the care is a little different from the one you give to other plants that are just ornamental. Especially if you want to taste its fruits.

And this is what you should not forget. Even if it is in bonsai pots or trays. What you have is a tree that has been pruned and is still small. But if it is planted in the ground, it grows because of its nature, i.e. bonsai is created, not ‘born’.

Bonsai Frutal

Bonsai Frutal

This seems like a million dollar question. Where should you put bonsai? And what if it’s a fruit? The answer is not as complicated as it seems: as we said at the beginning of the article. Bonsai are plants that have been bred to look healthy and beautiful in small pots or trays. But they are trees. And, of course, those that grow outside.

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In fact, there are no indoor plants at all. Are there plants that need to be kept indoors or in a greenhouse because of their low cold resistance if we want them to survive? This is why the kumquat or fig is considered an indoor bonsai in places where frosts are very severe. But not in the Mediterranean.

So the climate – and especially in autumn and winter – and the rusticity of our bonsai, which determines whether it stays indoors or outdoors. Although it cannot be outside all year round. But it is recommended to take it outside during the warmer months of the year to allow it to grow better.

When we think of fruit trees we often imagine a very tall poplar tree catching the sun’s rays. But when working as a bonsai It should not always be placed in a sunny place or where there is direct sunlight. Hit it all day. Yes, it needs a lot of clarity both for growth and for flowering and fruiting. But depending on the situation, it is better to put it in the shade or in the shade.

In a bonsai store, either online or physically There are several types of substrates and ingredients for this type of plant: akadama, kiryuzuna, kanuma, coconut fiber, etc.. If we have a fruit bonsai. We want to plant a bonsai that is light and also drains very well. So the root system of our little tree can develop normally.

Top 10: Bonsáis De árboles Frutales

It is recommended to be rich in organic matter. But it’s not really mandatory as members will ensure that they are not deprived of any important nutrients.

So a good mixture is: 60% black peat + 40% perlite. There are others who want to mix mineral substrates like akadama and kiryuzuna in a ratio of 7:3, but even in these there is a risk of root rot is more low But there is a high probability that the bonsai will dry out because of them. it loses moisture quite quickly

Watering for fruit bonsai should be moderate. in summer and even more so if it’s outside. it should be watered often, even every day or every two days if the weather is very hot and the substrate dries quickly. But to avoid problems Always check the moisture content of the soil. Because if we water too much or vice versa, if there is too little acid, we will lose the bonsai.

Bonsai Frutal

Therefore, to determine the humidity we will recommend sticks. When it settles, we’ll see if it’s wet or dry.

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Even if there is fertilizer (commonly known as chemical fertilizers), but they must be distributed with products of organic origin, fertilizers. and within this group we will find guano, humus or organic manure. Of course, if possible, we will buy liquid fertilizer to give the roots the opportunity to absorb it faster.

If we buy granular fertilizers or powdered fertilizers, we will add only one spoon. (of sweet manure) every two weeks

Of course, another option is to use a bonsai specific fertilizer like this one. as long as it is used properly Read the instructions on the package. Our fruit bonsai will look very nice.

The best time for fertilization is from spring to late summer. Because during that time is when the plants are growing. Therefore, the more energy is required.

Chậu Cây Bonsai Giả để Bàn Trang Trí Nhà Cửa Sân Vườn

Bonsai fruit pruning is done in spring. This should consist of removing dry or broken branches, as well as pruning grown branches, taking into account the design given to the plant.

To do this Proper pruning tools such as anvil shears must be cleaned and disinfected beforehand. and kura brown If we cut branches with a thickness of about 0.5 cm or more.

I believe the tips we offer here will be helpful to you in caring for your fruit bonsai.

Bonsai Frutal

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Los Bonsáis se mantiten en miniatura applying techniques such as pruning, el alambrado y el transplante. Con el paso de los años, poco a poco las hojas reducirán su tamaño; las frutas permainan bastante grandes Por ejemplo, algunas especies como el manzano o el limonero tienen unas frutas muy grandes que lucen muy dramáticas, pero también un poco artificiales. su estado nature

Los Bonsáis más populares de árboles frutales son el Manzano Silvestre, the rich variety of citrus, los Olivos y el Granado.

In this article numbered in 10 Bonsáis de árboles frutales más hermosos. También mostramos Bonsáis de árboles in the flowers and otro post 10 mejores.

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“Una gran manzana en un Bonsái diminuto”. Puede parecer que se le ha hecho Photoshop is a real image, but a real reality is a real Bonsái.

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