Bonsai Group Planting

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Bonsai Group Planting – In Japanese: Yose-ue – Although bonsai are often planted, trees are often found in the wild. Creating a bonsai forest (or planting a group) requires odd trees (that is, when several trees are used to create a composition), usually belonging to the same botanical family.

First, you need to choose bonsai plants; A group planting should consist of trees of different sizes, with a few tall ones in the middle and a few smaller ones planted on the sides. Use trees that are mostly single-growing trees, as using different types of trees can make the structure look natural. How many trees should be used in total, most groups have 7-15 trees.

Bonsai Group Planting

Bonsai Group Planting

Choosing the right bonsai pot is very important; Choose a large and fairly shallow bowl and follow the normal rules for deciding on the color. A pot with a very small hole in the bottom will be useful when planting the tree.

Alberta Spruce Forest In Its New Pot.

Use a standard bonsai soil of akadama, pumice, and lava rock in a ratio of ½ to ¼ (read our bonsai soil mix article for more information on soil mixes for different trees, climates, and more).

Once you’ve chosen your trees and pots, follow the step-by-step plan for group planting. We also made a video on how to make a mini forest out of maple trees, watch above or read about this mini forest.

It is called Bonsai Goshin, a reconstruction of eleven Fomina juniper trees. Take a look at our bonsai forests for more inspiration.

Spring is the best time of year to plant a group, and the best time is when the trees you’ve added to your planting are showing signs of new growth.

Rope ’em In With Jade Plant — Midori Bonsai

Place the newly planted bonsai group in the shade for at least a month and wait until next spring to decorate the trees.

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A shallow pot is used for planting trees. We add mesh over drainage layers and some wire to anchor the tree to the pot.

Bonsai Group Planting

Add a solid layer of soil first, then a layer of standard bonsai soil.

Bonsai: The Miniature Forest

Add more trees around it, but don’t line them up. Asymmetry often works best to achieve a natural design.

The most difficult part of planting a forest is choosing and finding the right trees. Try to find trees of the same species, but different in shape, size and trunk thickness. Size of this preview: 750 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 300 × 240 pixels 600 × 480 pixels 960 × 768 pixels 1,280 × 1,024 pixels 2,560 × 2,048 pixels 3,043 × 2434 pixels.

English: Black Hills Spruce (Picea glauca var. densata) Bonsai Plant, a small representative shrub, at the Greater Hartford Bonsai Society 2008 exhibit.

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Bonsai Forest Planting

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If you look at the forest above, you will see how the outer trees lean as they seek the sunlight that you would expect in a natural setting. You can also see how Kimura has enhanced the sense of age by removing or demonizing half of the limbs (compared to the mid-range shot below). Trees lose their limbs as they grow old. This is especially true of trees in the forest, where there is competition for light. With more growth at the top and edges, the branches become weaker and even less in shaded areas. All three photos in this post are from Bonsai Today 26*

Bonsai Group Planting

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Bonsai Forest Planting Workshop Part 1

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Well, here it is: So I thought I’d make it like a little forest. I will make a large table with a glass top to grow trees. Here is a rough outline of my idea. I hope this gives you a chance to see:

It will be about three feet wide and three feet long. It will be made of wood, glass, plexiglass.

As you know, to save the bonsai, it should stay in a limited size pot, so I had to put all the plants in separate pots and fill the gaps with soil. The bottom where the pot sits has lots of holes for airflow and I wonder if that will be enough airflow? I don’t want to disturb the plants or anything to make them uncomfortable. As you can see in the photo I provided, the hexagonal holes should expose the wire mesh for additional air flow.

Bonsai Tree By Ryan Neil’s Bonsai Mirai In Oregon

I also thought of putting a small fan in case it gets too humid. Would that be wise or not?

It will be made of wood, I decided to put plexiglass, with holes on top of the wood. So the planted plants and soil will sit on top of the Plexiglas.

I was also thinking of putting moss around the “forest”, would that be wise? Can moss be wet?

Bonsai Group Planting

I also planned to install a small waterfall. I hope the plants won’t get waterlogged, or the materials I use won’t be damaged by the water. I thought it would bring moisture and beauty.

Up A Creek Without A Paddle. I Do Have A Raft Though….

You may be wondering what plants I grow. So this brings me to another question: Is it safe to mix plant species in the same area?

I was thinking of planting juniper, ginseng ficus, bush tree, black gold arborvitae, Italian cypress, as well as more juniper, Venus flytrap, ferns, moon cactus and other cacti. I also started cutting down some trees in my neighborhood and planned to plant them in the forest.

Are you sure it will be good? I want to avoid rooting or other problems with it in the future. I know that some plants may need more sun than others, so I thought potted plants would go out and back easily.

I live in Las Vegas, NV and if you don’t live here, you can only imagine the heat waves we get during the summer.

Informal Upright Beech Bonsai Forest Planting In Development On Display In An Enthusiasts Garden In Bangor Northern Ireland Stock Photo

From what you’ve read, how to prevent soil erosion? Or prevent the burning of various roots?

For starters, I can’t see the picture. It looks like you tried to download it directly from your computer because it’s not even a URL. It doesn’t work. Here are tips on how to post photos on the new Helpful Gardener? Below are helpful tips and suggestions for new members. Welcome to the forum!

You have a very creative idea, but it is difficult to implement. I’m not a bonsai grower, so I’m not sure about these techniques, watering, etc. I can’t say anything about, but as an experienced general gardener, I can say that we usually combine things that have similar needs, such as sun, water, etc.

Bonsai Group Planting

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