Bonsai Guava Plant

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Bonsai Guava Plant – A bonsai tree needs daily care to maintain its shape. But if you are looking for a bonsai tree that doesn’t require much care or maintenance. Then bonsai guava is an excellent bonsai choice.

With the following information about a bonsai guava tree, you can grow a guava tree in a container.

Bonsai Guava Plant

Bonsai Guava Plant

Let’s find out how to take care of this vitamin C-rich fruit and reap its benefits

Guava Bonsai Tree

Guava is a tropical plant, so it prefers a sunny location. If you live in a temperate zone, you can keep the pot inside during the winter. Don’t move your potted guava too quickly or it will lose some of its leaves.

Use a high quality soil mix for bonsai guava plants. A mixture should consist of academa, pumice, humus and demolin clay in a quarter. Use good quality commercial containers rich in organic matter for growing guava in containers. Potting with natural compost or retarder-free fertilizer is recommended for faster growth of bonsai guava plants.

Also, mulch the plant with organic matter to retain moisture. It also helps insulate tree roots during winter. Guavas grow well in expansive soil, but use well-drained, fertile soil for potted guavas. Soil pH should be around 4.5 to 7. To increase drainage and fertility, mix compost and perlite or vermiculite into the soil.

Plants need moderate water. But the soil should not dry out, because it will destroy the root. Water regularly during plant growth and reduce watering in winter. In the fall, watch the plant carefully and water only when the soil is dry or the leaves are dry.

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Keep the soil moist when the plant is young or in bloom. Evenly moist soil develops juicy and sweet fruit.

One of the most interesting facts about bonsai guava trees is that they are drought tolerant and can survive rain if well established. Still, it’s best to keep the soil slightly moist.

The ideal temperature for guava germination is 68-82 F. In winter, temperatures should not drop below 27 F for young pear trees. A mature guava tree that is at least three years old can tolerate temperatures below 20 F.

Bonsai Guava Plant

Guava is not frost tolerant, so if you live in a climate where the temperature is below the recommended range, it is best to keep the plant indoors until the temperature is suitable.

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A bonsai guava tree grows many branches and twigs, which is why the tree needs to be regularly pinched or pruned to maintain its shape. Also, remove suckers immediately if noticed.

Bonsai guava crowns are naturally growing and well-branched and do not require regular pruning. But dry, dead, damaged or diseased branches should be pruned immediately.

Cut off very long, unbranched shoots for optimal plant pruning. After harvest or during the growing season, branches are pruned to prevent sunlight penetration.

Another method of shaping wood is wire. A mature guava tree has strong branches that break easily. Therefore, when the plant is young, it is recommended to wire with copper wire. Ideal time for wiring is during winter and after leaf fall.

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Bonsai guava needs food during the growing season from spring to autumn. Use balanced liquid fertilizers. Avoid fertilizing in winter or when plants are not growing or have recently been transplanted.

Guava roots are shallow and absorb water and nutrients quickly. Every three months, fertilize with an organic, granular fertilizer.

Bonsai guavas respond well to monthly fertilization. Fertilizing guava in the ratio of 6:6:6:2 [N P K Mg] at a young age accelerates plant growth.

Bonsai Guava Plant

When guavas begin to bear fruit, change the composition to 8:3:9:2 [N P K Mg]. Iron deficiency is also suspected for the plant. Symptoms include yellowing of leaves among green leaves. This can be prevented with chelated iron.

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Regular repotting is necessary to prevent the tree from dying. Pear trees should be transplanted once every two years in the spring. When repotting, trim the roots of the plant so that the plant fits into the container. Cut up to a quarter of the original mass. It stimulates root growth.

Plant the plant one size larger than before, but plant the plant directly into a larger pot.

Guava is a tropical plant and should be brought inside during cold weather. The temperature should be 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, leaves begin to drop. In winter, the plant should be kept in the brightest place and protected from cold drafts.

The best way to protect trees from pests and diseases is through careful maintenance and regular inspections. Guava is a hardy plant but is attacked by common pests. Mealybugs, guava, whiteflies, whiteflies and thrips attack the plant. You can use organic pesticides to control pests.

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In the disease state, guava trees develop rust, which occurs in very hot weather and high humidity. Also, anthracnose and leaf spot infect plants in wet humid weather and are spread by splashing water. This can be avoided by proper irrigation.

Planting a bonsai guava tree is easier than you might think, and if done right can produce fruits as rich in vitamin C as oranges. In addition to being protected from cold, the plant is self-sufficient once established.

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Bonsai Guava Plant

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Bonsai Guava Plant

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I am very excited to see my favorite fruit growing as bonsai in my house. I used to climb on the branch of the pear tree in our backyard to read. I spent a lot of quiet and cold time alone there. Its fruit was as sweet as honey. So many years ago… far from here!

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