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Bonsai Gulgum – A small bonsai is a compact bonsai. Shapes and packages to decorate your home or office. As the art of bonsai goes. Mini bonsai has become a trend that many people love and care about. Small bonsai pots can be placed on desks, bookshelves, TV stands, shoe cabinets, or small spaces around the house. Small bonsai trees bring a clean, beautiful and peaceful feeling to the living space. Let’s explore the small, beautiful and unique world of miniature bonsai with 24h Beautiful Bonsai!

Today, growing small bonsai trees is loved and sought after by many people because of the value it brings. They vary in size from tall trees to low trees. From trees with many branches to trees with only simple trunks.

Bonsai Gulgum

Bonsai Gulgum

Each small bonsai tree is a unique work of art. In addition to decoration, each type of bonsai tree also has its own feng shui meaning. It helps bring luck, happiness and prosperity to its owner. Check out the beautiful and unique mini bonsai examples below: Maret 2017

Tamarind is a type of tree known in Vietnam for its many trees. And a dark brown tree and a yellow tree. A small bonsai tree has fan-shaped leaves. Each branch has 10-40 small leaves.

Thick body, dark brown color, easy to bend and fast growth. This is why the tamdir tree has been chosen as a bonsai tree by many artists. In addition, the leaves are also used medicinally to reduce fever. An important ingredient in traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Fujian tea is one of the most commonly used small plants for indoor or outdoor bonsai. The trunk of this tree is strong, with many branches, it shows a strong life. Therefore, the tree is considered an easy plant to care for.

Fujian mini bonsai tea loves light. But not in direct sunlight. Therefore, if you plant plants on the balcony, it must have a roof. This plant grows well in the tropical climate of Vietnam and does not tolerate cold. In feng shui, Phuc Kien tea is considered a plant that brings prosperity and peace to its owner.

Hunting Bahan Bonsai Lantana By Aan Ando

Paper flower is a popular ornamental plant in Vietnam. Along with purple confetti, confetti comes in many colors including white, pink, yellow, red, orange, and green. Paper flowers can be planted in pots or in the ground. However, to create a bonsai, you need to cut the tree and cut the soft branches to create a beautiful shape. In the sense of loyalty, mini bonsai purple bougainvillea is often used for anniversaries, weddings and Lunar New Year celebrations.

Wisteria is also known as Wisteria. It is a climbing vine grown in many countries in the world, including Vietnam. The tree is a popular choice for creating mini bonsai due to its bending strength.

Wisteria has purple, red, white or blue flowers. It usually blooms from March to November. In general, wisteria flowers symbolize a combination of faithful love, good luck and happiness. This plant is used as a medicine in traditional medicine.

Bonsai Gulgum

Hoa Dao Tien Vua, also known as Hoa Dao, is one of the most popular types of bonsai in northern Vietnam. Apart from Christmas, this tree is also used to decorate other celebrations.

Bonsai Fig Tree Banque De Photographies Et D’images à Haute Résolution

The height of the tree is about 50-60 cm and especially the trunk creates a unique butterfly shape. Hoa Dao Tien King is not only loved for her stunning beauty. But happiness means wealth and fortune. In addition, this plant can also help improve indoor air quality. Especially on cold days.

The star fruit tree is one of the most popular plants to grow as a miniature bonsai. With large roots, tree trunks, thin branches and green leaves. The star fruit tree creates a unique and elegant beauty for the decorative area.

Star fruit fruits can ripen in summer and have a sweet, sour and spicy taste. Apart from being grown as an ornamental plant, star fruit is also used in traditional Vietnamese dishes and drinks. Star fruit is considered a symbol of stability, peace and happiness in the traditional culture of the country.

The black pine is the most popular bonsai tree. It is considered a symbol of endurance and patience. Black pine has a thick trunk, thick branches and green leaves. Create an elegant and unique beauty for your bonsai trees. In addition, Black Pine is able to adapt to various types of soil and climate, making it easy to grow and maintain.

Harga Raft Bonsai Terbaru Maret 2023 |biggo Indonesia

The honey tree is native to Central America and is considered a lucky tree. Therefore, it is often used to decorate offices and homes. The tree has a small woody trunk, young green leaves and brings comfort and balance to the space. In addition, the plant helps clean the air and reduce problems and fatigue.

Hibiscus is a bonsai flower that is often used to decorate gardens, parks or indoors. The characteristic feature of this plant is its multi-colored flowers. Red, red, white to purple, yellow.

The tree has a thick trunk, an upright shape and is easy to bend as you like. Caring for hibiscus is also very easy. Keep the plant in a sunny place and water regularly. In addition, hibiscus is also used medicinally. Because it has the effect of reducing pain, reducing swelling and improving health.

Bonsai Gulgum

Mini bonsai cherry blossom tree is one of the most popular ornamental plants used in bonsai art. Usually the trees are shaped like hills. Create a rustic and elegant beauty. With its compact size and thin wood shape. This tree is suitable for many decorative pots and is easy to arrange in small spaces.

Nghệ Thuật Bonsai

Also, Cherry Blossom has different flowers in different colors. From pink to white to red, there are many ornamental plants to choose from. It is one of the plants that is often used during holidays or special events. Create a warm and happy atmosphere.

It is a small bonsai tree with red and white peonies and about 25 cm. Create an elegant and modern beauty for the decoration area. Additionally, the tree has an A-shaped base. Bonsai is considered one of the most valuable trees in the world.

However, it takes time and patience to turn this plant into a finished product. This is because white cotton grows very slowly. Although the price of this plant is very high. But with proper care, it will produce many beautiful flowers and green leaves throughout the year.

In growing bonsai, small rhododendron bonsai is considered the ultimate work of art. Because it is not only beautiful, but also beautiful in flowers, petals and the whole plant. The rhododendron tree represents wealth, prosperity and happiness for its owner. It is widely cultivated in many parts of the world.

Detail Bonsai Gulgum Juara Koleksi Nomer 5

Rhododendrons come in many beautiful colors, from red, white, yellow, purple, pink, and orange. The height of the plant is from 50 cm to 200 cm. And the flowers bloom almost all year round, and are fragrant for a long time. In addition to decoration, rhododendron bonsai

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