Bonsai Gum Tree

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Bonsai Gum Tree – Top Jack Rare Plants Open Sunday 4/12/22 09:00-12:00 We open Sunday 4/12/22 9:00-12:00 We have a large range of ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, rare And unusual plants included. Bonsai starters, herbs and perennials, Asian spices, bulbs, orchids and aquatic plants we only accept cash or paypal card facilities our address is 52-58 andrew rd greenbank we are also open weekdays by appointment for more updates please like our facebook page jack Orchids. , Rare and Unusual Plants Perennial/Climber Ampelopsis brevipedunculata $15 per $12, 345 For Sale Greenbank, QLD 10/29/2022

Bonsai and pre-bonsai bonsai starting at $50 to advanced bonsai. A lot of pre-bonsai stock is also available. Monthly workshops for beginners, and available by appointment only at Murumba Downs. Follow me Benny K Bonsai on FB and Instagram. Cheers 🖐$123.45 For Sale Murumba Downs, QLD 6 hours ago Bonsai Pots We have high quality pots for sale, sizes 10cm to 150cm. Also Japanese wiring and tools, clay…etc…call or text for sale Elderley, QLD 6 hours ago Lucky Bamboo Swirling Bonsai Glow Beads / Shells / Lovers Mini Description -This is a one of a kind collection type – Great idea as a Gift for your love – Indoor (indirect sunlight) – Very low maintenance – Slow growing bonsai plants – Good for indoor air filtration – Great for indoor feng shui decoration ideas like living room, office, kitchen or bathroom or bedroom even dining table. – Now accepting afterpay online and in store call $35 Forest Lake, QLD 27/11/2022 Private Collection Bonsai Sale High quality bonsai for sale. We have a large collection of bonsai, pre-bonsai and stock trees. There are hundreds to choose from. Species available include: very large Japanese black pines, XXX-large junipers, pyracanthas, wisteria, Chinese elm, Buxus harlandi, Fukien-tea, Port Jackson, willow leaf, and tiger bark figs. There are quality bonsai pots from small to XXX. Large, tools, wiring.. ect.. available for sale. Also a bonsai work shop. For sale Alderley, QLD 25/11/2022 if interested

Bonsai Gum Tree

Bonsai Gum Tree

Bonsai bougainvillea large bonsai bougainvillea for sale $580 carindale, cld 11/23/2022 bonsai plant with moss and 2 x mini ground cover christmas gift ideas available if read ad? Balmoral 4171 $30 Bulimba, QLD 22/11/2022 Buy bonsai for sale. Won the handball tournament but I don’t have the ability to keep it alive. Best offer available until 3pm. Local pickup only, bring a jute and load $69 Eagle Farm, QLD 18/11/2022 Bonsai with pots for sale with pots $180.00 each purchase only $180 for sale Doolandella, QLD 18/11/2022 Pair of Buddha’s Belkasbon 2 “Bellybudha” (Ficus microcarpa retusa) bonsai in 14 cm pots, approx. 35 cm high. 50C piece for size reference. $50 each or take both $90$50 Carina, KLD 11/17/2022 Bonsai Tree Thornside $120 Thornlands, KLD 11/11/2022 Bonsai Tree KLD Flash Tree KLD Flash Tree Beginning Bonsai Tree Healthy Bonsai tree for sale in suburbs. and easy to care for and Sun Hardy Pickup 4118 Regent’s Park $50 Regent’s Park, QLD Installed 11/11/2022

Faux Bonsai Tree

Live moss and ferns for terrarium, aquarium and bonsai plants. Reasonably Hardy Fern Like Sun Grown From The Bottom Of Bonsai Collection Regents Park 4118 A Little Extra Delivery Possible $19 Regents Park, QLD 11/11/2022 Advanced Organic Bougainvillea Plant Healthy plant growth free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. About 240 cm thick stems and large pots for $ 900. It blooms almost year-round but is low maintenance. You can have a huge bonsai tree in your garden. Small plants are also available. Pick up or someone can deliver at extra cost. $900 Hemant, QLD 10/11/2022 Bonsai Jade Jade Tree Bonsai grown on wood very nice trees $15 Northgate, QLD 07/11/2022 Pomegranate plants More… Three plants in one. .. pomegranate plant; including the parent plant Viola betonicifolia, (arrowhead violet); And some Soleirolia soleiroli, (baby’s tears, or “mind your own business” if you watch the British TV show “Rosemary and Time”). The pomegranate needs to be turned and its roots are pulled in the process. You can bonsai it, but not sure if it is suitable. $5 Lawnton, QLD 03/11/2022 SOLD PENDING Leopard Tree Caesalpinia ferrea Bonsai Stock Tree I bought this tree in 2016 as pipe stock and trained it to a typical vase size. Do what you see on the streets of Brisbane. It happily travels through many difficult chops, producing lots of re-budding and new growth in the spring. Leopard trees are semi-deciduous, meaning they can lose their leaves seasonally, which this tree has this winter. It is now ready for secondary branch work and refinement. Leopard trees have compound leaves but the leaf blades are small so they need prop $40 Manly West, QLD 01/11/2022 Chinese Elm Trees Chinese Elm trees are good for bonsai training, they are layered root trimmed and ready for training or A delivery negotiable $20 Northgate, QLD 31/10/2022 Bonsai Jade Bonsai Jade Tree several years old $30 negotiable Northgate, QLD 31/10/2022 Bonsai Moreton Bay Fig Baby Bonsai Moreton Bay Figs. Well established. Create what you love. About 20cm tall $10 Clayfield, QLD 30/10/2022 Bonsai Moreton Bay Fig Bonsai Moreton Bay Fig Well – Established Ceramic Bowl $20 Clayfield, QLD 30/10/2022

Bonsai Moreton Bay Fig Bonsai Moreton Bay Fig Ficus Macrophylla. Established in ceramic bowl, restored Moreten Bay Fig $30 Clayfield, QLD 30/10/2022 JAC Rare Plant — Rare Taiwan Maple — Bright Autumn Color Name: Taiwan Maple Botanical Name: Acer serrulatetum/ Acer olivarianum spp formosanium Height: 20 Can be pruned to hold 4m/dwarf Width: Approx 3-4m Leaves: Five to seven lobed leaves 7-10cm Autumn colour: Red to red orange Climate: Subtropical to temperate Cold hardy to -10C Water: Moderate to full sun/drought Tolerant: Full sun to part shade Soil: No soil except heavy clay Use: Bonsai, $25 Greenbank, QLD 29/10/2022 Jack Rare Plants Open this Sunday 4./12/22 9:00-12 We this Sunday 4/ 12/22 Open 9-12 AM We have a large range of rare and unusual plants including ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, bonsai starters, herbs and perennials, Asian spices, bulbs, orchids and aquatic plants. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH OR PAYPAL CARD FACILITIES ONLY OUR ADDRESS IS 52-58 ANDREW RD GREENBANK. , QLD 29/10/2022 Acer serrulatum – Best site for Brillbans Acer serrulatum or Taiwan maple is a rare subtropical species with leaves similar to Japanese maple. It turns bright red in autumn and lasts for several weeks. It colors very well in Brisbane and can also do well in North Queen. Photo taken at my farm in Greenbank A small tree up to 3-4m and can be made into a bonsai. Offer 2 year old plants in 125ml pots @ 25 each or 5 plants 100 pickup by appointment @ Greenbank Postage available $25 Greenbank, QLD 27/10/2022

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