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Bonsai Kelor – The African Moringa (Moringa) tree is currently in high demand for a variety of needs, from shade in parks to residential areas. With its lush properties and gigantic size, the African Moringa tree is one of the best choices to freshen the atmosphere around you.

Being one of the tropical climate regions, Indonesia cultivates a variety of very useful plants. Among them is the African moringa plant, which has many adherents. You must also have a general understanding of the moringa plant, and this American moringa is almost similar to the common moringa.

Bonsai Kelor

Bonsai Kelor

The leaves of the African Moringa tree (Moringa) are also used as a favorite vegetable. The nutrients in it are still very good. If we live in a rural area, we may still come across many common Moringa trees, but if we live in an urban area, it will definitely be more difficult to find. We will first explain this Moringa tree in terms of its types, benefits and functions, before discussing in detail where the manufacturers sell it specifically.

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The Indonesian African Moringa plant belongs to the Moringa family. The genus consists of 13 species distributed in several regions of the southern Himalayas, especially Sri Lanka, India, Southwest Africa, Northeast Africa, Madagascar and Arabia.

A well-known and widely used species around us is the moringa pterygosperma Gaerthn (syn. Moringa oleifera Lam). Over time, this plant has spread to almost all tropical countries, including Indonesia.

The African Moringa (Moringa) tree is really common in Indonesia, but the African Moringa plant certainly has its differences. In general, Moringa plants grown in Indonesia have the following characteristics:

Moringa is an annual plant that grows rapidly up to 10 meters in height with slightly gnarled gray or light colored stems. The stem diameter is large enough to reach 20-40 cm. The stem is generally straight, but is sometimes not shaped properly.

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Moringa trees can grow with short, straight stems and a height of 1.5 to 3 meters before branching. Additionally, these branches will grow irregularly, eventually forming a tree-like umbrella pattern. Of course, you also often see a Moringa tree that looks like an umbrella.

The leaves of the African Moringa tree (Moringa) resemble an alternation. It can grow two to three times, mainly at the tips of the branches. The leaves themselves vary in length from 20 to 70 cm. Although the stems are about 8-10 cm long, the leaves are gray when young and then turn green when older.

The fruits of the Moringa plant are pod-shaped, measuring 10 to 60 centimeters on three sides. The fruit contains about 12 to 35 seeds. Despite the pod shape of the fruit, the Moringa tree is not a member of the Fabaceae family.

Bonsai Kelor

The fruit will change color. When young, they are green and gradually turn brown as they mature. When ripe, the fruit comes off easily and becomes three pieces. Moringa seeds are round and have a semi-permeable brown husk.

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Under the skin is a wing-like organ that is white to cream and extends on three sides from bottom to top. Each Moringa seed has a dry weight of approximately 0.5 grams and a seed content to seed coat ratio of 75:25 or 3:2.

The flowers of the African Moringa (Moringa) tree are white or cream, sometimes streaked with red. The flowers develop and grow in markings about 10-25 cm long. The flowers have a diameter of about 2.5 cm and exude a pleasant aroma. The flower consists of 5 petals surrounding 5 stamens.

The Moringa tree has many terms, starting with the tree of life or the tree of heaven. This has to do with its environmental benefits as medicine and food. Another name for this moringa tree is the all-purpose tree.

The reason is that almost all parts of the African Moringa (Moringa) tree are beneficial. It can be eaten from leaves, fruits, stems, bark and roots. The nutritional qualities it contains make this African moringa tree an alternative to solve nutritional problems.

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The benefits of this moringa tree, initially long-lasting, i.e. as a food source, are now almost hard to find. In many areas, the Moringa plant is used only as an alternative medicine. Therefore, many African Moringa trees are planted today to provide shade for the home.

The functionality of the African Moringa (Moringa) tree has improved over time, as other products can also be improved with higher value-added products. An example of a derivative product is moringa oil or moringa oil. This oil is very useful for herbal and cosmetic ingredients.

Numerous studies have shown that Moringa Seed Oil has the potential to be an environmentally friendly fuel alternative. It is these various advantages that make Moringa a versatile and highly economically valuable tree species.

Bonsai Kelor

The benefits of the African moringa tree for disadvantaged groups, especially smallholder farmers, are widely felt. Investment or capital is required to start growing moringa trees, but jobs can be created as development progresses.

Jual Pohon Kelor Afrika (moringa) Di Pangandaran

Furthermore, the African Moringa tree (Moringa) can also be processed without the use of chemicals. Many researchers have reported that African Moringa trees require limited amounts of water and organic fertilizers. Above all, give regularly. Under such conditions, the Moringa tree can grow thicker leaves all year round.

The process of turning moringa leaves into moringa flour or powder also offers benefits for its development. Simply dry the leaves of the Moringa tree in the sun or let it dry naturally. Considered a very economical and effective way to achieve maximum results.

Grinding the leaves of the African Moringa tree (Moringa) also does not require special care. Even the packaging is quite simple, the important thing is that it is airtight and light. The most important processing method is to pay attention to cleanliness and humidity, to ensure that the leaf powder is kept dry before packing.

The leaves of the Moringa tree serve as a source of vitamins, proteins and minerals, which are very cheap for developing countries. Moringa leaves can be preserved and eaten already dried or already transformed into flour. Adding moringa leaves to your daily food is great for nutritional adequacy needs.

Cara Sederhana Membuat Bonsai Asam Jawa Siap Pajang Dimeja Kerja//how To Make A Bonsai Tree

The leaf powder is also used in the food and processing industries. As such, it will reduce reliance on potentially more expensive imports. Moringa leaves are a nutritious and convenient vegetable found in almost all regions of Indonesia. The development or breeding of African Moringa (Moringa) trees must be done by the community.

African moringa trees are quite large and take a long time to grow. However, if you want to grow a Moringa tree from a young age, you can. These steps are simple and probably not too time consuming and expensive.

The African Moringa tree itself (Moringa) is a tropical and subtropical plant that grows well in warmer climates. The leaves and fruits contain many nutrients. Moringa is grown extensively around the world for its rapid growth and medicinal properties. If the moringa is still small, it can be planted directly into the ground in a pot.

Bonsai Kelor

Since Moringa is not a plant sold by the roadside, perhaps the seeds in tool shops and farmers are rarely sold. Thus, you can buy online more easily on the Internet. Buy the desired amount of moringa tree seeds.

Cara Menanam Kelor Dari Biji

African Moringa (Moringa) trees can also be grown from cuttings if you already own or find a mature Moringa tree. You can use cuttings taken from older trees. Cut branches about 90 cm long and about 2.5 cm in diameter. Look for branches that look healthy. Use garden shears and cut diagonally on both ends. Try to cut the branches to a length of about 90cm.

You can fill about 40 liter pots. Adjust the soil composition up to 85%, sand about 10% and 5% compost. Moringa trees need a growing medium that drains well. Otherwise, the seed may stagnate. Mix the soil with compost and sand for a rich, well-drained planting medium.

The African Moringa (Moringa) tree cannot grow in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is best to plant them in flower pots and move them directly to the ground. You can grow moringa directly outdoors in a similar growing medium.

If you are growing from seeds, remove the husks and plant the seeds about 3cm deep and 5cm apart. You can use your fingers to poke holes in the planting medium of this planter. In Deulti

If growing from cuttings, the buds can be placed on top and the root ball placed in approximately 60 liter pots. You can compact the soil by compacting it so the cuttings stand more firmly and the planting medium hardens.

The growing medium for African Moringa (Moringa) trees should be moist but not stagnant. If it ends up getting too watery on top, that means you added too much water and the planting medium isn’t draining properly. Soil moisture can also be checked by inserting a finger into the first knuckle. You can water once a week or, depending on the climate in your area, it’s important to keep the soil moist.

Once Moringa plants from seed have reached a height of 15-20cm, they can be transplanted into different pots. You can use a ruler or tool to carefully open the plant to loosen the soil inside

Bonsai Kelor

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