Bonsai Kumquat Tree

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Bonsai Kumquat Tree – Do you have fruit Therefore, if you want to taste a particular fruit, you should know that it needs a little different care than you would show someone who is an ornamental tree.

And you should not forget that, even in a bonsai pot or tray, what you have is a plant that has been cut off; But if you plant it in the ground, it will grow because it is natural. So bonsai is created and not “born”.

Bonsai Kumquat Tree

Bonsai Kumquat Tree

This seems like a million dollar question. Where should you put bonsai? What if it is fruit? Actually, the answer is not as complicated as it seems: as we said at the beginning of the article, bonsais are trees treated to be healthy and beautiful in a small pot or tray. But they are trees. And of course these are plants that grow outside.

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In fact, there are no indoor plants, of course not. Due to their low resistance to cold, there are plants that must be kept indoors or in greenhouses if we want them to survive. So, for example, kumquat or fig tree bonsai is considered indoors, not in the Mediterranean, where there is more frost.

Therefore, it will be the weather – and especially the spring and winter – and its durability that will determine whether our bonsai should be indoors or outdoors. But even though it cannot be outdoors all year round, it is recommended to take it outside during the warmer months of the year for better growth.

When we think of fruit trees, we usually think of very tall plants that need sunlight, but when working as bonsai it is not a good idea to put them in a sunny or sunny place. hits for the whole day. Yes, a lot of clarity is needed for both growth and flowering and fruiting, but it is better to put it in penumbra or shade depending on the situation.

Bonsai stores, whether online or physical, have many types of substrates and mixes for this type of plant: akadama, kiryuzuna, kanuma, coconut fiber, etc. It also has very good drainage. So that the root system of our little tree develops normally.

What Is A Bonsai Tree?

It is also recommended that it is rich in organic matter, but this is not absolutely mandatory because together with the subscriber we will ensure that important nutrients will not be lacking.

Therefore, a good mixture is for example: 60% black peat + 40% perlite. There are also those who like to mix minerals such as Akadama and Kiryuzuna in a ratio of 7:3, although these have a lower risk of root rot, but bonsai tend to dry out because they lose moisture quickly.

Watering fruit bonsai should be moderate. It should be watered in summer, or even outdoors often, often, or even daily, or every other day if it is very hot and the surface dries quickly. However, we should always control the humidity of the soil to avoid problems, because if we water too much or on the contrary if we water too little, we will lose the bonsai.

Bonsai Kumquat Tree

So we will recommend wood to control humidity. When we take it out, we will know whether it is wet or, on the contrary, dry.

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Although there are biological fertilizers (commonly known as chemical fertilizers), it is preferred to pay with products of organic origin, namely fertilizers. And within this group we find guano, humus or dirt. Of course we will add liquid fertilizer whenever possible so that the roots can absorb it faster.

In case we buy seeds or powder, we will add only a small spoon (sweet) every two weeks.

Of course, another option is to use special fertilizer for bonsai and that’s it. As long as they are used correctly, our fruits will look very beautiful after reading the instructions that we will find on the packaging.

The best time to fertilize is from spring to the end of summer, because this is the period when it grows, so it needs an additional energy contribution.

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Cutting out the fruit bonsai will be done in the spring. This should include removing dead or broken weeds and cutting back any overgrown branches as per the design given to the tree.

Appropriate cutting tools such as pre-washed and disinfected pruning shears and browning agents should be used if cutting branches 0.5 cm or thicker.

I believe that the advice we offer here will be useful for you in Take care of your fruit bonsai.

Bonsai Kumquat Tree

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Bonsai Kumquat Tree

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