Bonsai La Rapita

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Bonsai La Rapita – The mini bonsai set is perfect as a gift for those who love plants and love gardening. Even without a garden, it is now possible to grow these trees all year round. The package contains everything you need to grow them easily. The box includes potting soil, seeds, layering bags, labels, scissors and biodegradable pots. In addition, a handy guide will guide you step by step. Zen Bonsai sets are packaged in France by people with disabilities. The brand wants to give everyone a chance and thus strives for both professional inclusion and equal opportunity.

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Bonsai La Rapita

Bonsai La Rapita

The seeds are good and growing, but very sensitive, they must be prepared exactly as in the instructions in the book, not as in that translated sheet, because it gives you too little detail. Unfortunately I currently only have one tree that loves water and the rest don’t, so they didn’t grow until I put them in the fridge. Now I’m waiting for the rest.

Foto De Restaurante Pizzeria Bonsai, Sant Carles De La Ràpita: Fins De Semana En Familia

And these trees grew first … And I have 5 of them … And I don’t know what to do, because they simply have nowhere to grow

The kit has everything you need, but I do not know how long the seeds lay in these bags, because none of them germinated. I’ll put it in the fridge and change the review if a miracle happens.

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