Bonsai Mame Serut

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Bonsai Mame Serut – A bonsai enthusiast should be familiar with bonsai pruning tools. This bonsai is very popular for bonsai lovers, in addition to the true nature of the root, the leaves can also be small, up to the size of a fingernail or the size of a grain of rice. . Shearing can also be done in different styles such as cascade, bunjin, formal, tiered or bonsai style on the rock.

As we know that the bonsai tree is subject to the rule that the height of the bonsai must be below or equal to 15cm. So, friends, prepare the maximum height of 15 cm.

Bonsai Mame Serut

Bonsai Mame Serut

Although there are different styles of bonsai, for the size of the bonsai tree, hobbyists often use a formal or oblique style. Apart from the beauty, these 2 styles are very attractive to look at even the smallest bonsai.

Pesona Tanaman Bonsai Khas Indonesia

Although it is easy to get the rope from the cultivation or jackfruit, choosing the wrong one is also a problem for the hobbyist. Especially when we operate ropes from the farm. Wow….. it will be long brother. In this case the author usually uses a natural string. Now it’s just calculating the number of branches and branches. Save my time bro.

In order to spend more time, friends, you should find a very large pole at the base, the higher it reaches, the smaller it is. Bonsai friends can also see prospects at the root level. If it can be reversed, just bleed it back. It is usually the root that can be used as a bonsai tree.

The author’s bonsai tree above is one example, my friend. Bonsai is produced from the root. That’s when the author realized that the roots are better for making bonsai mummies.

Pulling material is a bonus that it is easy to grow and very resistant to disease. Prepare a good garden, then plant and place in a shady place, but still get sunlight. Don’t forget to water once a day. Leave it until the branch is suitable and then trim it to make branches.

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