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Bonsai Mangga – Bonsai – Sesame Tree and Little Leaf Mountain – Sesame Tree at E3 Audio Southern Brand: OEM | See more Bonsai OEM brands

Brief description of bonsai-Sesame Deer Tree – Small Leaf Mountain – Sesame Deer Tree at E3 Audio Southern Bonsai-Sesame Deer Tree – Small Leaf Mountain – Sesame Deer Tree. Size: tree is 35 – 45 cm high, root girth 20 – 35 cm, trunk diameter 2. Fine-leaf sesame strain. Bonsai – Sesame Deer Tree – Mountain of Small Leaves – Sesame Deer Tree. Made in Vietnam. Address: Long Tuyen Ward, Binh Thuy, City. Profit

Bonsai Mangga

Bonsai Mangga

Size: tree height 35-45 cm, root circumference 20-35 cm, trunk diameter 2.5-3 cm

Bibit Buah Mangga Miyazaki Paling Disukai Batang Super

In Feng Shui, sesame has a very good meaning, “sesame” means “a lot”, planted in the yard can bring a lot of luck to the owner.

Chat with the store to choose the shape of the tree, or the store will deliver it randomly

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The price of the product on Tika includes tax in accordance with the applicable legislation. In addition, depending on the product type, shape and delivery address, there may be additional costs such as shipping costs, piece goods surcharges, import taxes (for orders delivered from abroad with a value of more than VND 1 million).

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Bonsai-Sesame Deer Tree – Small Leaf Mountain – Sesame Deer price chart from 02-08-2023 – 03-10-2023

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