Bonsai Mentaos Juara

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Bonsai Mentaos Juara – Indonesia Bonsai Competition and Exhibition in Bogo City. Indonesia is among the top three countries with the largest and best bonsai communities.

The Indonesian Bonsai Fan Association was held from July 11 to 23 at Bogor City Square. This nationwide Bonsai competition and exhibition is an event to promote the recognized Bonsai category. Indonesia ranks among the top three countries with the largest and best bonsai communities, along with Japan and China. Indonesian Bonsai is unique and very popular in European countries. Therefore, the export potential of bonsai plants in Indonesia is very large, and according to the needs of trading countries, an average of 6,000 to 8,000 plants are exported per year.

Bonsai Mentaos Juara

Bonsai Mentaos Juara

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