Bonsai Mother Plant

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Have you ever had a stressor that you wanted to hold but couldn’t find enough space to be around?

Bonsai Mother Plant

Bonsai Mother Plant

I ran into this problem with my triple cheese because I knew I wouldn’t grow it for long (I want to try new things).

Maintaining A Mother Plant

I decided to throw in a simple cup of coconut and water every few days. When it grows to the point where you need to water more frequently, reduce the plant to almost zero. It will grow back

I am doing this because my mother’s tent is too small. My only concern is connecting the roots.

“I hate harvesting. I like planting things, watering them, caring for them, talking to them. I don’t like harvesting.”

Yes, I have kept several mother plants over the years. It takes time to attach roots to the small pot in the coco.. after a while you can always start a new one and cut it off 🙂

How To Grow A Bonsai Tree

Multi Strain Grow under Harvest 200 Pro LED lights Orange Chiesel, Runtz, Sour banana Chiesel, Gorilla Glue, Critical – The Battle of the Strains Forbidden Dream by Humboldt and Blueberry Cookies by Dinafem by CDM Lights – White Widow by Seed Lights – CDM Lights by CDM is complete

No desire to play small and live a life less than you deserve.

Ohlordyeah_420 wrote: I’m doing this because my mom’s tent is too small. My only concern is connecting the roots. What does anyone recommend? Root cutting? Cannazi? But yes, it’s a good way to keep some genetics without using too much space, I’ve always heard of cutting the roots and adding fresh coconuts, but when the health starts to decline, I often hide, clones and imports. Let the flowers bloom

Bonsai Mother Plant

Very cool. They are only a few months old now, so you don’t have to worry just yet.

How To Grow And Care For Desert Rose Bonsai

Finally I came up with the idea of ​​a mother plant. I’ve never resisted the need, it just works because there’s no space!

How to start then? Take a cut before flowering or can you renew a flowering plant?

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Ohlordyeah_420 wrote: ↑ Thu Oct 01, 2020 08:17 My only concern is connecting the roots. AirPots or Fabric pots don’t solve the problem of root attachment?

Mother And Daughter Hawthorn

Minty wrote: ↑ Thu 01 Oct 2020 20:45 ohlordyeah_420 wrote: ↑ Thu 01 Oct 2020 08:17 My only concern is the root connection. AirPots or Fabric pots don’t solve the problem of root attachment? Mine are in large seedling pots. May be smaller than US solo coupe size. A small air or fabric container would work, I guess.

I have been doing this since 1984 on + off and restarted because my mothers used half a liter of mud. Although the original article was published in 2000, this bonsai training method has recently resurfaced and has become popular among amateur cannabis growers before finding more space. With more people growing at home these days, this technique is more useful than ever.

Free clones forever! (How do I clone?) These 8 month old cannabis bonsai mother plants are based on this tutorial. In addition to the sunny window, they shine next to a bright bulb for 14+ hours a day to keep them on the vegetative stage. An easy and fun way to catch genetics! ~Nebula Haze

Bonsai Mother Plant

This tutorial will teach you how to turn a cannabis plant into a bonsai mother (and gives you access to unlimited free clones!)

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But what is the main plant? A “mother” is a plant that you keep alive, so you can clone whenever you want (clones are “children” which is where the term “mother” comes from). Learn how to clone cannabis plants in a glass of water (easiest but slowest), seedling plugs (almost easier but faster) or an aerocloner (fastest). A common reason breeders keep mums is to save money by producing new cannabis plants for free (or at least primarily free). The other is to hold on to good genes. If you have a plant that grows well and produces high-quality buds, you may want to preserve the genetics so that you can replant that plant in the future. A clone grows like the parent plant.

Instead of paying for each seed purchased from a seed bank, an unlimited number of new clones can be created using a mother plant. Besides costing nothing, new clones are more predictable than seeds from random crosses. The seeds mix the traits of both parent plants; Some of these may be recessive traits, with each clone continuing to grow like the same mother.

Buying a clone can save you tons of money compared to buying seeds because each new plant is cut from the mother and grows into a full plant.

Cloning can save you more money than buying individual seeds, but frugality isn’t the only reason to keep mother plants. Sometimes it’s a great genetic saver. Some cannabis plants are so special that they beg to be cloned so more people can benefit from them. If you see a particularly wonderful plant, you can actually take clones of it and turn them into parent plants. If you can’t let go of a particular plant, you can get clones even in bloom.

Cannabis Bonsai Tree Love It!!!

Clones are made by cutting off the ends of the branches and planting them to root. These “cuttings” grow into whole plants, genetic clones of the mother. When you grow and harvest them, the characteristics are basically the same as the parent plant.

Unlike a commercial grower, most home growers do not have a large growing space to devote to housing just for mother plants. Keeping each mother as small as a bonsai tree allows you to maintain a large selection of genetics in a small growing space without a lot of electricity.

Bonsai parent technology has become a staple for home growers looking to preserve a variety of genetics in a small cannabis garden. This version of the tutorial removes the extra discussion and places the instructions with pictures. This way you can go directly to bonsai. But if you have spare time for a fun and interesting discussion, I highly recommend reading Oldtimer1’s original article in its entirety.

Bonsai Mother Plant

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create and care for many small mother plants in a small growing area. Each parent plant can produce hundreds of new clones over time, so you basically have the power to produce unlimited new plants for free!

It Was Trim Day For My Bonsai Mother! She Looks Good With A Hair Cut.

This bonsai mother can produce 10 to 30 good cuttings every 14 days under an HID grow light or every 20 days under a fluorescent grow light if well fed. This means that a 4 x 2 foot shop light with 18 mother plants can produce over 9500 cuttings per year.

This is not intensive production, but allows the specialist to select a good variety in a relatively small area.

Let’s start by turning a rooted branch into a mother plant. It’s simple. Of all the clone pieces, there are always a few that stand out as they are usually stronger and look better overall. Choose one or two of these to grow your mother. Remember that this parent plant will give you 4 to 18 cuts per year for the next 3 to 15 years, so only the best will do.

Note: As you will see later, I find it easier to deal with square pots when pruning roots.

New Bonsai Starter Kit

The small branches you left earlier will become the main frame of your mother plant. The goal is to try to form an open container shape as they grow. If you don’t take steps to synchronize everything, the first 2 branches usually grow the fastest. The following sequence will help you create a more symmetrical plant.

After completing the last step, you should have 6 to 8 leading branches. Once they reach 4 to 6 inches in length, they can be taken as your first batch of clones.

After the cuttings are removed, the mother will be slightly larger than when she was last cut, but the main branches will begin to thicken.

Bonsai Mother Plant

Once you’ve got your first cuttings, it’s time to move on to the next pot size. A 3-inch square pan is ideal.

Lollipopping Cannabis: How To Do It Right!

You should now have 12 to 16 leading buds as well as others from the lower nodes. Maybe 30 total

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