Bonsai Pohon Loa

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Bonsai Pohon Loa – Indonesia rich in biodiversity. As soon as I opened the wood chapter, there were many listed. Some of them we have seen ourselves.

This experience, especially when I observed what kind of trees grow around our house? Otherwise, the location is under a hill on the edge of a forest.

Bonsai Pohon Loa

Bonsai Pohon Loa

Recently, when I was looking for someone’s home address behind my husband’s. It turned out that the desired area was a country road that was not yet densely populated. There are grass bushes and garden trees. Road condition is also very muddy.

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On my way home, I saw a tree that caught my attention. Because he was busy paying attention to the numbers of each house.

When I saw this tree, I was reminded of a similar tree that the Compassionate City Nazarotene told about the Capel fruit, which can be read here.

I brought that curiosity home. Waiting for an “opportunity” to look up encyclopedic data. And take another look at Mbak Nazar’s article.

In Indonesia, loa trees are often found in tropical forest areas, including swamps and riverbanks. Due to this, the loa tree can store a lot of water.

Di Depok Ada Kampung Bonsai Terluas Di Jabodetabek

Loa fruit-bearing trees (Dokpree) 2. Loa trees growing in nature have a trunk diameter of up to 5 m and a trunk height of up to 17 m.

Loa trees are not very demanding on specific planting media, they can be planted in all soil conditions. With notes, do not flood the roots causing root rot.

A loa tree has many branches and twigs full of leaves. This is why the loa tree is very shady. In fact, it should be pruned frequently if it is used as a shade tree in the yard.

Bonsai Pohon Loa

The nature of the loa tree, which can grow quickly with very proportional roots, can be used as a load-bearing soil that is less stable. In other words, the loa tree is useful as an avalanche barrier.

Catatan Bonsaist Amatiran: Berburu Bakalan Dan Tips Menggali Pohon Loa

Loa Bonsai Fruiting (Image Source: Loa Bonsai is very popular among Indonesian bonsai lovers. If you have good bonsai loa criteria then the price can reach lakhs or even lakhs of rupees.

Like potted bonsai, loa needs well-drained soil that is always moist. 3 days of drought can slowly kill loa bonsai.

In Vietnam, loa fruit is made into pickles (image source: In Indonesia, loa fruit is eaten as a vegetable after removing the seeds. That means fry the curry too.

In India, loa fruit is generally a favorite food of monkeys. Additionally, the tree is a forage plant for birds, bats and the double-breasted butterfly crow.

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Make a paste by rubbing the bark of the loa tree on a stone with enough water. It is then rubbed on sores or mosquito bites.

Loa Fruit Close-up (Close-up) Readers, this is an insight into the identity of a tree I found on a country road, as the name came out.

Although I have no intention of cooking the fruit, or using the peel medicinally, at least I already know this information.

Bonsai Pohon Loa

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