Bonsai Pots Minecraft

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Bonsai Pots Minecraft – Do you want to create a beautiful garden, but the vanilla trees are too big and wild? Install Davenonymous Bonsai Trees Mod and create a beautiful garden!

Bonsai Trees Mod adds a block called Bonsai Pot that grows small trees in two block spaces. A bonsai pot can be used for many seedlings, and the tree growing in the pot can be harvested or chopped. Bonsai pots can also be upgraded to Hopping Bonsai pots, which can automatically drop items into a nearby inventory. Bonsai Pot also supports many modified trees, including Forestry, Harvestcraft and Industrial Craft 2 trees!

Bonsai Pots Minecraft

Bonsai Pots Minecraft

The mod helps automate the harvesting of wood and wood-related goods, and is pretty cool too. We strongly recommend installing the mod.

Bonsai Trees Mod (1.19.3

Place the hopper in one of the upgrade slots to have the Bonsai Pot automatically export all harvested items to the bottom inventory. This is not necessary to extract items in other ways, e.g. you can also put a hopper or some kind of piping under the pot.

Insert any ax into the upgrade slot to have the Bonsai Bot automatically chop down the tree when it has fully grown. Note, however, that elements that do not fit in the output buffer will be discarded. You can enchant the ax with efficiency, luck and/or touch of silk for additional upgrade benefits!

Some wood products require a Silk Touch upgrade. You can put an enchanted ax or an enchanted book into one of the upgrade slots. This does not prevent you from placing additional Fortune Upgrades into the Fortune Pot.

Increases the number of rolls and the probability of each possible fall. The higher the level, the more items you get and the more chance you have of unusual drops.

Sky Bonsais Mod (1.19.3

Reduces the time required for bonsai to fully grow. The higher the upgrade, the faster the growth.

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