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Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro – Bonsai is one of the prima donna plants. Why not, its unique shape is perfect for decorating the corner of the garden at home. Bintang micro thousand bonsai sales offers a variety of unique bonsai for plant lovers.

Bonsai is a type of ornamental plant with high artistic value. This is because the composition is in the form of a small large plant that exists in nature and contains various types of plants. Usually, the owner will place the bonsai in a shallow container to emphasize the shape of its body.

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro

Bonsai plants look great when placed on a table or in a corner of the house to decorate a room. but over time, bonsai containers have become more diverse, from soil to waterscape plants.

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The thousand star plant commonly called snow rose has the scientific name Serissa japonica. In English, this plant is known as Snow Rose and Japanese Boxthorn which often grows wild in gardens.

The art of bonsai has been around since 618-907, originating from ancient Chinese culture during the reign of the Tang Dynasty. Evidence of the existence of the art of bonsai at that time can be seen in a painting in the tomb of Emperor Wu Zetian’s son that shows a maid with a pot in her hand.

In China, bonsai plants are known as Penjing or Penzai. Penjing literally means disk view, and penzai means disk plant. Both are the ancient Chinese art of planting trees to keep them standing.

The word bonsai is the Japanese pronunciation of penzai. The meaning of the word bon is shallow and sai means planting. Bonsai itself is the traditional Japanese art of growing plants in shallow pots to appreciate their beauty.

Bonsai Serissa Micro Murah Bangeett

Bonsai is a unique plant because of its characteristic shape. Having a simple, beautiful and unique appearance, this plant is perfect for decorating the owner’s garden. However, there are a few ways to maintain bonsai that need attention.

There are several types of bonsai plants. It would be good if the prospective bonsai owner chooses a type of bonsai that matches the natural conditions later on. Some types of bonsai can’t tolerate cold weather and other types are just different.

Therefore, the future owner should make sure that the bonsai they want can live in a new place, such as a home or garden. If buyers are confused, they can easily ask the seller.

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro

Planting environment has a great influence on the growth and development of bonsai plants. Before deciding to buy a bonsai, it is best if the prospective buyer at the Jakarta Aquascape bonsai shop has decided where the bonsai planting will be indoors or outdoors.

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Generally indoor bonsai plants will be drier and receive less sunlight than outdoor bonsai. However, some types of bonsai have the versatility to be outdoors and indoors.

Bonsai trees transplanted into pots will have a difficult time adjusting. Therefore, the owner must always do maintenance. For the first two weeks, the bonsai should be in a place protected from wind and direct sunlight.

If the plants start to adapt and grow, then the owner can add other small plants to the pot. In addition, the use of fertilizers should also comply with existing regulations, not too little because it will inhibit the growth of bonsai, not too much.

The thousand star bonsai belongs to the Rubiaceae family of Southeast Asia. Previously, this plant was called Serissa foetida and the word foetida refers to the bad smell that the bonsai emits when its body is damaged.

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The thousand star tree is a bonsai tree that is widely used in America and Europe. Caring for it is not difficult, but it seems very easy to wither and die. Therefore, novice bonsai owners often take the wrong steps when they want to build a bonsai body.

One of the unique features of this plant is that it can respond to human treatment. Serissa japonica will drop its leaves when it receives too much water, too little water or uneven temperature. Not only that, this type of bonsai will wither when moved to a new location.

The thousand star bonsai grows to an average height of 60cm in the wild and forms thickets. The shape of the leaves of this plant is usually oval, blue in color, slightly hard and gives off a bad smell when injured.

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro

The thousand star tree is characterized by small leaves with common, small and variegated varieties. The flowers of this bonsai are also abundant in the form of white trumpets with 4 to 5 petals. The flowers from the thousand star bonsai will grow throughout the year.

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Commonly called Snow rose, it turns out that these two species are different species, you know. There is only one way to tell the difference between a snow rose and a thousand star plant, and that is to measure the difference in the shape and size of the flowers.

The advantage of this thousand star bonsai is its ease of maintenance. Not only that, the unique shape of bonsai roots and stems is a distinct advantage for the owner. The bark structure is one of the attractions because it looks old.

In just a few days, thousands of star bonsai can be seen growing new shoots from the trunk. In addition, the endurance of this plant is very high, which is proven by its ability to grow and develop in various soil conditions.

These various benefits make bonsai enthusiasts not hesitate to go to places that sell thousands of micro star bonsai and find the plants of their dreams. Choosing a Serissa japonica plant as a home or garden decoration is the right choice to enhance your appearance.

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In addition to its various advantages that can attract the interest of many people, the thousand star bonsai also has a few problems. The disadvantage of this bonsai is its weak point in the form of large leaves and it is very easy to grow.

Although the planting media is as small as possible, small leaves are still difficult to produce. This slightly detracts from the image of bonsai as a miniature plant. But bonsai lovers don’t have to worry, apart from the big leaves, other parts of this plant can still be proud, you know.

Like strong roots and beautiful flowers. Therefore, plant lovers often decide to take care of this type of bonsai and place it on the table, in the aquarium or in various corners of the room.

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro

These are some definitions of the type of bonsai plant. For those who love bonsai, they can have this plant by visiting the thousand star bonsai store and sell the princess earrings nearby. Welcome to buy bonsai and enjoy its beauty. Free shipping when you spend more than $500 on all items shipped from Indonesia factory. Estimated arrival time 14/11 and 20/11

Bonsai Seribu Bintang

The shipping process will take 3-10 days and the shipping process will take 3 – 7 business days.

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1. Clear photo and video are required to prove the damage. Please also prepare a phytosanitary photo.

3. Other Partial refunds, up to 70% of the original price, depending on the damage.

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro

4. Return and refund will be made only if the plants are completely damaged by roots, stems and leaves. Yellow or wilted plants will not be accepted because this is normal and dangerous for importing plants.

Bonsai Seribu Bintang Micro (bonsai Sudah Jadi)

5. If the customer wants a refund, then the customer needs to send the damaged plants back if they are intact to our US address.

6. Do not insult, harass or commit acts of violence on social media. If this happens, the refund process will take a long time and it is possible that the refund process will not be completed.

7. All issues presented must be resolved in a legal manner and without coercion. Reporting to paypal is not the best way.

Before calling the damaged plants, if you see your plants shriveled or yellow, give the plants a rest by adding them to vitamin B1, do not put them in a pot if the plants are not strong enough, let them refresh and rehydrate before planting. with soil.

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