Bonsai Serut Jumbo

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Bonsai Serut Jumbo – It is a ridiculously thick plant with very small leaves and fruit. Because of its slow growth, it is often shaved as a bonsai and an ornamental plant for some people.

According to the book Bonsai Culture by Iswarta Bima, the word bonsai actually comes from Japan, bon meaning “pot” and sai meaning “plant”. Therefore, bonsai can be interpreted as a plant that is eaten and grows in a pot.

Bonsai Serut Jumbo

Bonsai Serut Jumbo

But not all plants in nature can be used as bonsai. Plants that can be made into bonsai must meet at least several requirements, namely in two pieces (they say), long life, beautiful natural shape, resistance to pain, and resistance to treatment.

Jual Bahan Bonsai Serut Termurah Harga Promo

One of the plants needed for this was scraped off. In the market, the shaved bonsai has become a prima donna for many people. This plant is known to have quite a high value.

For those who are curious and want to put decorative plants at home, see the list of the most expensive pruning bonsai and their prices in the following review.

Compiled from the book Local History and Oral Traditions in the Chronicle of Tempurejo by Miftaqurrohman and Nailiya Sa’idah, abrasa bonsai is in high demand because it has very exotic stem and leaf shapes. These are some of the most expensive types of shaved bonsai in Indonesia.

Bonsai is a red beard plant that has beautiful red leaves with white stems. The red leaves of the shaved bonsai also look larger and oval compared to other bonsai shaped plants in general.

Jual Bonsai Serut Atau Tanaman Streblus Asper 04

If you want to save costs, this plant can be shaved into your bonsai. You can buy seeds starting from IDR 10,000. But for those of you who want to buy in finished condition, this type of bonsai is sold from IDR 3.5 million to IDR 6 million.

As the name suggests, this type of bonsai is made from shaved plants that are commonly found in the wild. This plant has the Latin name Streblus Asper. The main characteristics of wild bonsai are shaved color and very pale and hard stems.

The shaved trees that became bonsai were sold at average prices of IDR 1 million to IDR 3.5 million. Some are also sold at affordable prices, the seeds of these plants can be bought for IDR 15,000 to IDR 40,000 thousand.

Bonsai Serut Jumbo

Lanang clipped is a plant widely known as bonsai because it has a unique body shape. In order to survive, the corduroy will use its spiny legs as a defense against enemies.

Bahan Bonsai Serut Ukuran Jumbo

The appearance of laang rasi bonsai often resembles a citrus tree or a galiage. Compared to other bonsai breeds, the price of this plant is relatively cheap, around IDR 400 thousand to IDR 1 million.

This cut bonsai is quite unique because it comes from rock. However, the way to shave rock bonsai is a bit difficult. No wonder this plant is worth a high price.

The price of a beautifully arranged rock bonsai pot reaches IDR 3 million. If you want a cheaper option, you can buy ready-made seeds.

Jumbo string is a type of bonsai plant that has a large stem with small leaves. This type of bonsai is more suitable to create a dark atmosphere in the area.

Pameran Bonsai Meriahkan Hut Pringsewu

The price of one pot of jumbo shaved bonsai plants is estimated at IDR 1.2 million. It is not much different from other types of bonsai, this plant can also be made by yourself by buying seeds for the first time, it is a type of plant that has been popular for a long time in bonsai material . It is not uncommon to make bonsai from this plant, because this cut plant is very suitable for making bonsai. Streblus asper in Latin shaved, is often found on the plains of the island of Java, northern Sumatra. Basically, the cutting already has small leaves. However, when the bonsai experiences a period of treatment, the shaved leaves will become even smaller. The bark is white in contrast to the color of the leaves. This is one of the joys of this plant. Apart from the unique leaves and white bark, this plant can grow well when planted in pots.

When planted in a pot, this plant can still form branches and twigs. The stems are also easy to grow as shoots, so it’s easy to choose branches to add. This plant has green fruits and white flowers. Flowers and fruits do not stand out enough, because they are too small in size.

But during the drought of this plant it is normal to throw the leaves. But in about a week new shoots will appear. If you have this plant either in bonsai form or not, if the leaves fall off suddenly, you don’t need to worry. This is one of the typical behaviors that cut themselves off. The rasa grass can be said to have a very long life and can grow for hundreds of years. And like a bonsai plant, it does not need strange care and attention.

Bonsai Serut Jumbo

Most of the current shaved bonsai are still dug up by nature. Although this plant is easily propagated, that is, by roots, shoots and cuttings. As the latter method is more difficult, it requires special care and attention.

Jual Tanaman Hiasan Sudut Ruangan Dengan Pot Jumbo Tinggi 120cm // Semanggi Akar Tinggi 120cm

The duct plant should be moved into the pot carefully. This plant is very sensitive to cutting roots. If the necessary excavation is done in stages. The roots are first cut, then backfilled with soil. About two months later, the second stage of deductions which are full deductions can be achieved. After going through this method, the shaved plants can first be moved into large pots, which are temporary pots.

In the training period, in order to improve, it is better to use mountain soil mixed with manure or soil, in a ratio of 1: 1. In this medium plant, branches and branches will flourish and grow quick; so they quickly reach equilibrium with the stem. If the balance is felt to be sufficient, the plant can be moved to a permanent pot. The plant medium should be a mixture of mountain soil, soil and sand with a ratio of 1:1:1.

Bonsai loves full sun, so it should be placed in an open area exposed to the sun all day. There, it will be healthy, and the leaves will be smaller, and able to resist disease. If it is placed less in the sun, its growth will be disturbed, the roots will not produce, the leaves will be large, the branches or branches will be long. Beard bonsai should be watered at least once a day. If the watering system of the pot is good, it is possible to water twice a day, especially in drought.

The enemy of shaved bonsai is the mealybug, which emits sweet honeydew. The spread of this flea is aided by ants, who like honeydew. In addition, this honeydew is a good growing medium for sooty fungi that cover the leaves so that they are black in color. To overcome this, the shaved bonsai must be regularly sprayed with insecticides or fungicides. If necessary, the attacked part should be rejected for cleaning. (you)

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