Bonsai Serut Raft

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Bonsai Serut Raft – 7 Best Pruned Bonsai – Pruned bonsai is scientifically known as Streblus Asper among bonsai enthusiasts. This pruning bonsai has been widely planted in gardens due to its unique stem and leaf shape.

Pruned trees also grow abundantly in the wild, especially in mountainous areas or in rice fields and river banks.

Bonsai Serut Raft

Bonsai Serut Raft

But now it is also a little less because many people take from the wild to make bonsai.

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In the wild, this deciduous tree can live for hundreds of years, especially if it grows in a humid environment.

As the name suggests, this bonsai tree is made from shaved lang trees, which have great properties compared to other types.

The model of the bonsai tree style of the competition is taken from a form that uses the floating technique, this style also shows an old trunk that has fallen to the ground as if it has been affected by the elements of nature.

As the name suggests, the red cypress has red flowers, white stems and slightly oval leaves that distinguish it from other wild cypresses.

Bonsai Haven: Bonsai Style: Raft

Since organic fertilizers are more fertile and not mixed with chemicals, they are better for the fertility and health of your favorite bonsai plants.

If you choose the wrong type or model of pot, it will not match the look of your best string bonsai style.

Depending on the taste and style of your bonsai, there are several models and sizes of bonsai pots, it is just to adjust the material.

Bonsai Serut Raft

Models are flat, high, wide, long, it’s just to add your taste to your bonsai friends to make them look neater and more pleasing to the eye.

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I hope the article I wrote earlier discussing the 7 best pruned bonsai will give some insight to friends, especially bonsai mania fans who are still newbies. – How to grow trimmed bonsai. Bonsai is an ornamental plant with good business potential. Of the many options, the pruned plant is one of the best plants to make bonsai. Why?

First, shaved bonsai has a high selling price. Secondly, growing trimmed bonsai is very easy and anyone can do it.

For those who don’t know, the shaving plant (Streblus asper) has fresh green leaves and a slightly white or pale stem or crown.

Pruned bonsai seeds can be obtained from nurseries using grafts or stem cuttings. However, most of the things that are marketed today come from the guys in nature.

Kumpulan Bonsai Serut Raft Terbaik || Streblus Asper Ikadabuki

Although it is generally very easy to grow trimmed bonsai, you still need to pay attention to good and proper bonsai techniques to produce ornamental plants with high sales prices.

The first step is to prepare an excellent and good bonsai. Brains can be obtained directly from nature or purchased from bonsai seed shops.

The next step in growing trimmed bonsai is to prepare a good planting medium using a 1:1 mixture of soil and manure. Place the planting medium in a large pot.

Bonsai Serut Raft

When everything is ready, the next step is to plant the trimmed bonsai in a pot filled with planting medium. Then cover the planted bonsai tightly using plastic to reduce evaporation.

Jual Bonsai Pohon Serut Raft Conecting Root Siap Pajang

How to grow pruned bonsai at this stage is to cut off branches or branches that are not growing well. Second, wrap the satin steel wire around the branch. Finally, you can style it as you wish.

Trimmed bonsai requires maintenance, including watering the plants at least once a day, to grow and develop properly.

Then fertilize to make the plants grow quickly. The trimmed bonsai is placed in a shady place. Don’t forget to trim branches or branches to keep them looking attractive.

This is how you can grow a trimmed bonsai from a very simple check. By paying attention to the above actions, you can immediately try to cultivate this popular and expensive ornamental plant.

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Moreover, the market price of trimmed bonsai goes into millions of rupees, you know. Wow…very positive, isn’t it? Learn how to grow this pruned bonsai. (run)

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