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Bonsai Sianci Juara – The event, initiated by the Sragen Regency Indonesian Bonsai Enthusiasts Association (PPBI), presented Bonsai Sankang from Sidoarjo in East Java as the overall winner.

For more than 40 years, Sankang has managed to win 4 winners and 2 awards from the Regent of Sregon in the amazing Bonsai Sukowati event held from 10 to 19 May 2022.

Bonsai Sianci Juara

Bonsai Sianci Juara

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Ppbi Cabang Tegal Persiapkan Pameran Bonsai Tingkat Nasional

Therefore, in addition to producing the best champions, there were many bonsai that won the title of “Best” and the flag from the national council. Some of them even got the title of Best 10 or Best of Ten Bonsai at the event.

In fact, in discussions between the owners and the committee as well as bonsai enthusiasts present, the quality of the prize-winning bonsai was so good that it was estimated that the winner would be worth millions of dollars. hundreds to over a billion. .

The following is a lens record covering the 20 best bonsai exhibited at the Wonderful Sukowati Shregen Bonsai Exhibition 2022:

Bonsai Sankang is a property entrepreneur from Sidoarjo, East Java, who won 4 awards at the Sukowati Wonderful Bonsai Competition and won 2 awards from the Regent of Sragen. Photo/Wardoyo

Penawaran Diskon Dan Promosi Dari Janitra Bonsai

A well-known bonsai expert from Sragen City, Handoyo, stands next to his fine leaf bonsai worth more than 600 million rupiah. Photo/Wardoyo

Below are the top 30 bonsai (Part 2) that won the best flag in the 2022 Sragen Regent’s Cup Bonsai Competition!

When he just appeared for the first time, Bonsai Sankang, who owns a merchant in East Java, directly bought 4 titles of the champion of the Sragen Regent’s Cup Bonsai Contest.

Bonsai Sianci Juara

In Sragen, Sandiaga Uno is worried about bonsai. “Exports are supported by foreigners, citizens buy from abroad!”

Kolektor Tanaman Hias Dari Jawa Dan Luar Negeri Buru Bonsai Anting Putri Khas Sumatera

Combining 2 types of trees, this beautiful bonsai of the residents of Sragen City is the size of a Grace Fortuner car. What is special?

Hundreds of bonsai have graced the exhibition and competition at the Amazing Bonsai Sukowati 2022. Rs. Don’t look at anything worth less than 1 million! Ticketed for illegal racing and brongh fatigue, these are the requirements to take care of the traffic police in Palembang sad news of the death of the former coach of the Indonesian national team Benny Dolo AMSI won the Covid Cooperation Award -19 to the Minister of Health to remove. governor’s post, this result viewers often problems , managers are thinking about disbanding the FC.

Palembang, – In the middle of the covid-19 epidemic affecting people all over the world. Who would have thought that this moment would be an opportunity for collectors or hobbyists of ornamental bonsai plants, Suyanto (40) is one of them.

Palembang residents living in the Sekojo area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIlir Timur Palembang used this opportunity to plant Sumatran ornamental bonsai plants, which are being hunted by collectors in Java and abroad.

Jual Bonsai Bidara Terlengkap & Harga Terbaru Februari 2023

“Wow, now there are many bonsai collectors in Java who are looking for a typical Sumatra bonsai. In fact, they dare to pay hundreds of millions of rupiah for the ‘Ending Putri’ bonsai variety, ” said Suyanto when he met his house. Sunday (10/1/2020).

At that time, according to him, he was still in junior high school and living in Java. However, who would have thought that through his hobby, Suyanto could help other businesses get letters from the Minister of Transport.

“Besides my hobby with bonsai, I also work in the world of shipping agents. At that time I did not have the money to get a letter from the Minister of Transport. Because that requires money. Thank God, there are people who buy my bonsai for around Rs 3 crore and that has helped me,” he said.

Bonsai Sianci Juara

Not only that, this hobby was also passed on to his two children. One of them is Dimas Adi, who has been involved in the cultivation of Putri Jhumka since the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Koleksi Bonsai Sianci Atau Cherry Barbados Hasil Berburu

“From the middle of 2020, right after this epidemic. I am often invited by my father to take care of this bonsai. Such as changing the media of the soil, cutting leaves and others,” said Dimas et al.

Among the many varieties of bonsai that his father had, Dimas Adi’s favorites are Kanka Jhumka Putri and Assam Jawa Bonsai.

In the future, it is planned that Dimas Adi will continue to inherit his father’s hobby, which is planting and caring for bonsai. (**)Liwa (): Bonsai Festival Bumi Sekala Bakhak 2021 which is a bonsai exhibition and competition with five categories from potential, regional, medium, large to constellation , entered the evaluation process.

The event is organized by the West Lampung Indonesian Bonsai Enthusiasts Association (PPBI), which is located at the West Lampung Liwa Botanical Garden, June 19-27, and will be officially opened on Wednesday (23/6) and the public or tourists can enjoy it. straight beauty..

Tips Penyesuaian Cabang Pada Bonsai Sianci Asem Semi Cascade

“Alhamdulillah, 791 bonsai from the fifth grade have entered the inspection stage, as it will be officially opened tomorrow, the general public or tourists are welcome to see the art of carving trees,” said AF Manurung, head of the committee of arrangement. , Tuesday (22/6).

Manurung said that different types of bonsai such as Kimeng, Picus petusa, Hokientia, Sakura, Bird of Paradise, Sankang, Xiansi, Save, Red Ashok, Lohansung, Banyan Dollar, Compacta, Bougainvillea, Kinkit, Loa, Mirten, Kemuning. , in Filipino Banyan, Taiwan Waru, Koopalandak, Kaliaz, Putrid Jhumka, Kibesi, Sea Pine, Mustam, Arabica/Kelampis, Serbin, Kombo, Tamarind and Kaliz.

“Most of the types of trees that are used as bonsai and participating in exhibitions and competitions come from Indonesia, in fact some of them cost millions. For this reason, we hope that visitors, in addition to following lifestyles It’s beautiful. Touching bonsai is not even allowed. “, he said

Bonsai Sianci Juara

Manurung said bonsai artists and collectors from all the districts/cities of Lampung, as well as national level collectors, as well as bonsai experts from different provinces of Sumatra, Banten and West Java, also participated.

Komunitas Bonsai Balida Di Pameran Dan Kontes Bonsai Nasional (cirebon 2021)

“This exhibition is the biggest so far on the island of Sumatra, because in addition to the five bonsai groups attended by bonsai experts and bonsai collectors, many people also participate, as Dakpakil Director General of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Mr. Judan Arif, governors and governors of different provinces,” he explained.

When asked if the bonsai will be the best show, Manurung said the committee does not know as the nine judges directly appointed by the central PPBI have full powers.

“We will know the results of the evaluation after the decision is marked according to the results of the evaluation, because it is the full authority of the council selected by the central PPBI, and to organize the 2021 Gebiar Bonsai Bumi Sekala. Thank you for the cooperation of all parties, he said. (Evan/Len)

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