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Bonsai Tree Book – “This is the most comprehensive, elegant … illustrated book any bonsai enthusiast could wish for, written with clarity and inspiration by one of Europe’s most experienced authorities.” ― Option “The author’s passion for his subject is conveyed on every page.” ― Elle Decor “The pictures alone are worth the purchase price.” — The Sacramento Bee

Presenting a unique blend of information and ideas, The Complete Book of Bonsai is a comprehensive, practical guide to the traditions and artistic principles of growing and maintaining bonsai trees. More than 300 bonsai trees and shrubs are described, more than 100 of them in an excellent catalog of full-color photographs.

Bonsai Tree Book

Bonsai Tree Book

VOLUME STYLES EXPLAINED The origins and development of bonsai are traced and the basic principles of this fascinating art are clearly explained. Classic styles are listed and illustrated, with detailed explanations of how they originated from models around the world. The best examples of planting trees in all different styles are shown. The types of containers are described in detail, and the importance of their use for different trees or styles is explained. Advice is given on the placement and display of the finished bonsai.

Bonsai Tree Care: A Beginners Guide To Looking After A New Plant

CLEAR STEP BY STEP Sequence There is a lot of information on how to create a bonsai from a nursery plant, cutting or garden. Clear the step-by-step sequence takes you from the initial raw material to the finished bonsai, showing the best results that can be achieved. All bonsai tools and techniques are shown and explained, and their use is explained in detail. The maintenance and propagation sections tell you everything you need to know to keep your bonsai beautiful and healthy, or to create your own trees.

INFORMATION ON OVER 100 SPECIES A photo catalog of bonsai trees and shrubs is at the heart of the book, providing information on growing and grooming more than 100 different species. Each entry is accompanied by a full-color original photo of at least one unique specimen. This section is supplemented by a further collection of trees and shrubs that can be grown as bonsai, giving a total of over 300 to choose from. The Complete Book of Bonsai reveals every aspect of the art, with inspiring ideas and practical advice at every turn. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grow just one or two trees, or a seasoned enthusiast looking to build an entire collection, it’s an essential reference work.

Harry Tomlinson is one of Europe’s leading bonsai artists and instructors. He has studied and practiced the principles of bonsai for nearly thirty years, and is an internationally recognized authority on the subject. He has exhibited prize-winning bonsai in the UK and Japan, and has judged the bonsai section at the world famous British Chelsea Flower Show.

For the past thirteen years, the author has been a professional bonsai artist with his own studio, and is a leading bonsai nursery. Greenwood Bonsai Studio, which he runs with his wife Christine, is the largest and most comprehensive bonsai nursery in the UK.

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Elvin McDonald served as Director of Special Projects at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York and is Secretary Emeritus of the American Horticultural Society. He is a recipient of the Hutchinson Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the Chicago Botanic Garden. The author of more than 50 garden books, Elvin was the garden editor for House Beautiful, Family Circle, The Traditional House and Better Homes and Gardens.

Introduction I am often asked when and why I got hooked on bonsai in the first place. My first memory goes back to a rainy holiday around 1950 visiting my aunt and uncle. I would like to say that they hired a learned, kind, and elderly Japanese farmer who entrusted me with the ancient oriental secrets of bonsai culture and set me on the path to spiritual enlightenment. However, the truth is more prosaic. Bored, indoors and in rainy weather, and being an avid and compulsive reader of everything from cereal packets to the works of Charles Dickens, I started on the only indoor reading material an encyclopedia set beaten. Luckily it rained for a couple of days, enough time for me to finish a lot of As and Bs (for years I excelled in all subjects from A to B). The only clear impression I retain from this diligent research is bonsai. My imagination was fired, and for weeks my parents had to stick plant pots full of seeds and sprouts to the windows around the house. I searched the local library for more information on bonsai, with no luck. The initial interest, without more fuel, waned. About ten years later I came across “Japanese Art of Trees and Landscapes” by Yuji Yoshimura and Giovanna M. Halford (first published by Charles E. Tuttle in 1957 and still a treasured work, in its thirty-first printing in 1987. was the first major book on bonsai published in English), and the flame of my original interest was rekindled and I soon became addicted. As interest in bonsai grew in the West, more books in English became available, and I bought and studied each one. Slowly but surely, bonsai took over my life to such an extent that in 1979, after nearly twenty years, I resigned from my senior position in the civil service to devote my life to bonsai.

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Bonsai Tree Book

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