Bonsai Tree Losing Leaves

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Bonsai Tree Losing Leaves

Bonsai Tree Losing Leaves

I recently got this beautiful bonsai and I water it until the soil is moist almost every day. But recently it has started shedding leaves and these little white dots are appearing. Why is this happening and what can I do? I was given this for my birthday (August 25th) but it has only just started. Any help is appreciated! thank you very much

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This is a bonsai elm and as pointed out in an answer I posted to another question, now is the time of year when elm trees drop all their leaves because they are leafy. So this is normal for this time of year and expect your plant to be leafless until late Fall/Autumn.

Another problem here might be if you keep the plant indoors all the time and overwater it. I’m not sure if the white is the fungus or the blue, but either way, if you keep the plant indoors and there is too much moisture you will have problems.

If you keep it in, it’s out. If you have a severe winter freeze you can keep it inside a box with a glass lid to overwinter the plant. If you are already keeping it outside, I suggest you consider my next question about the watering method. Do not forget that your plant needs to be watered sometimes even when it is bad.

If you find mold, mildew or insects, I suggest you clean the leaves around the base of the tree, which provides a place for one of the above to hide. Especially at this time of year when your leaves are falling.

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Personally, I would winterize the plant regardless of the problem because you will lose all the leaves anyway. Make sure your plant is outside in a place where it won’t get stuck in heavy snow and that you remove all leaves and other objects from the base. It is important to keep the plant clean so that it does not get worse when the new growth comes in the spring.

Also, quarantine the plant. Do not leave it next to other plants that give it off and when you clean the leaves throw them in the trash instead of washing them in a place where it can spread to other plants.

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Bonsai Tree Losing Leaves

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Successful bonsai growth is the result of proper care and shaping. It is an art form that requires both great attention and patience. The goal of bonsai is to achieve “keisho-sodai”, which means “small…& Landscaping Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for gardeners and designers. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Bonsai Tree Losing Leaves

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I am a bonsai beginner; I bought a 15 year old tea tree 2 weeks ago. From then on he started losing a few leaves every day. I keep it in front of the window and moisten the soil. Today I turned it 180 degrees and noticed that the side opposite the window looks much healthier. Small white flowers bloom in the last 5 days.

Any explanation why the leaves are shedding and is this natural or does the tree seem less healthy?

My father taught me that bonsai need three things to thrive: sunlight, water and wind. The problem with keeping bonsai indoors is that it suffers when it comes to these three things.

People’s perception of bonsai is wrong because of the media they see in movies or pictures of bonsai. Bonsai can be displayed indoors, but this is usually done for a short time. For example, when you have guests and you want to display your plant, but then it has to be taken out again.

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As for hardiness, my father’s opinion was that if it can’t handle the heat or survive in the snow, the plant won’t be hardy enough to last a lifetime. You may need to be more careful in looking after your plants, I know some people plant their plants over the winter, but the trick is to put in a winter box or outdoor greenhouse. Not bringing them in for the winter.

Secondly in terms of environmental issues, I would be concerned about root rot, which can happen when bonsai are kept indoors because evaporation happens very slowly indoors and the soil can stay wet for long periods of time. Although, after two weeks I guess that’s not the case here.

The plant appears to have some flowers. This suggests to me that the plant was very healthy until recently. Usually if the plant is in shock or dying, it will not try to produce flowers at the same time as the leaves fall.

Bonsai Tree Losing Leaves

My suggestion is to move it to places where it gets a good amount of sunlight and follows good drainage. I recommend putting it in a place that is slightly shaded because you can burn it from the inside to direct light.

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Hopefully he’ll stop throwing pages and settle into his new role. I don’t expect it to start growing leaves again until early fall. There are usually two growth spurts in Spring and Fall and if a plant is stunted it will not regrow a large number of leaves until either of these times.

If an otherwise healthy tree is shedding leaves, and not from a normal seasonal trend, it could be a pest problem. The second is more likely a temperature issue.

Your bonsai is tropical, and should be ‘evergreen’ (I know the type, but can’t remember the name). There will be no ‘fall’. In the house ‘spider mice’ can disturb you. These are microscopic aphid-like creatures, and they live indoors, with us in our homes. They die outside in wetter, cooler weather. They go on to any sugar store and multiply with gusto. When enough is given, this is clearly visible as a small white ‘dust’ on the leaf and sometimes a type of burn.

Another possibility is the temperature. This species tends to ‘go into shock’ due to temperature differences in England. This also breaks its leaves. It should be kept warm, and at the same time more humid than a normal house.

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Our out doors are wetter, but cooler. Therefore, tropical Asian species are at risk of frost and cold damage.

To be more helpful, I would suggest an outside

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