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Bonsai Waru India – Identifying the waru tree usually begins by first recognizing its Latin name. Because in science, every plant or flora has a Latin name for classification. The tree we usually call the waru tree has the Latin name Hibiscus tiliaceus.

However, this name is linked to only one type of hibiscus tree, there are different types of hibiscus tree with different Latin names. These include Hibiscus mutabilis for hedgehog hibiscus, Thespesia populnea for sea hibiscus, Hibiscus macrophyllus for male hibiscus and Hibiscus similis for gombong waru.

Bonsai Waru India

Bonsai Waru India

It is not enough to identify the hibiscus tree just by understanding its Latin name. To get to know the hibiscus tree better, there are several other things you need to know.

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1. Classification There are more explanations about the scientific name of waru mentioned above, which is the classification of this plant. Since hibiscus is a plant, it belongs to the kingdom or kingdom Plantae. Waru belongs to the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Malvales, family Malvaceae and genus Hibiscus.

To increase your understanding, this waru is in the same clan or almost similar to the hibiscus plant. Yes, plants with red flowers and slightly exotic shapes.

2. Characteristics of hibiscus If you want to know the hibiscus tree, it is necessary to understand its characteristics. In this world there are many trees that act as shade, shade or conditioning. However, hibiscus is very different from other trees that provide this function.

Waru is a tree that grows up to 15 meters tall. The crown of this tree is not very dense, but it still acts as a shade for people. Of course there is a reason. Compared to other trees, the roots of the waru tree are not very deep.

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Because of this, whoever takes care of the hibiscus so that it grows tall and large in the yard of a building or building does not have to worry about the building being damaged by its roots. Hibiscus roots also do not damage the road as they grow.

3. There are different descriptions Waru is not only found in Indonesia, its distribution is very wide in this world. Because of this, the waru has various nicknames. In Indonesia, waru has many names, especially abroad.

Foreigners know waru trees by many names, including beach cotton, sea hibiscus, tevalpin, purau, hau and others. Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself, waru is called haru, halu, faru or fanu in the Moluccas, baru is called dowongi in Ternate and Tidore, and is called baru in Sumba, Belitung and Gayo.

Bonsai Waru India

4. Distribution of hibiscus tree You cannot know the name of the waru tree if you do not know where to find this tree. In addition to Indonesia, waru is also found in southern Africa and grows wild in Hawaii, southwestern, northern and eastern Australia, Oceania and countries in Southeast Asia.

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5. Uses In addition to the information above, in the discussion that hibiscus trees are more popular these days, you will also understand what the uses of waru are. Waru is not just a tree that can only be used for shade or cooling.

Some parts of the hibiscus tree can be used. Among them are leather used rope and netting. While wood is used to make boats, tool handles, firewood, building materials, wagon wheels and carvings. The leaves and flowers contain compounds used in the medical world.

However, the leaves are often used as animal feed. Not only animals, the leaves can also be used for vegetables by humans. In fact, hibiscus leaves are considered perfect for wrapping fish.

After getting to know the hibiscus tree better, do you plan to grow it? If so, the information about hibiscus trees above will fortunately increase your understanding. But, if you are not interested in growing it, you already know that hibiscus trees can live anywhere, have any properties, provide any use, etc. Hopefully useful, yes.

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