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Our team delivers plants at least once a week in a climate-controlled Sprinter. The longest time to wait for the plant is 7-10 days. Please contact us if you need your plant delivered sooner. If your zip code begins with the letter M (Toronto addresses) we offer flat rate shipping of $20. We offer distance based pricing for people outside of Toronto.

Buy Ficus Tree Near Me

Buy Ficus Tree Near Me

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Ficus Benjamina Wintergreen

2. Only available seasonally, so we try to help as many customers as possible get the plant they are looking for when it is available.

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Like many of its relatives in the wider ficus family, the Ficus ali tree can grow quite tall indoors. With its long narrow leaves (hence the common name “banana leaf” fig), Ficus ali distinguishes itself from the typical willow leaves. The braided variation of Ficus Ali is particularly elegant, with a twisting stem that adds an elegant twist to the traditional tree.

Ficus 101: How To Care For Ficuses

Plant care can vary depending on placement, lighting, and exact environment. You can always ask for help with plant care here.

Allow the soil to dry 50-70% between waterings. You can stick a stick or finger in to make sure the top 2 inches of soil is dry, or lift the pot to see if it’s a little lighter. Water thoroughly and pot in well-draining soil with drainage holes. Depending on the season and light, the plant will need to be watered every 1-2 weeks.

This plant needs at least a few hours of direct sunlight every day. Perfect for a south-facing window or the space between your east- and west-facing windows. Anything less, and you should consider getting a grow light. It can be placed outside in the summer, where it gets at least a few hours of direct sunlight a day.

Buy Ficus Tree Near Me

This plant needs moderate humidity. Most homes should be fine. About 20-40% humidity will work. It will be much happier.

How To Braid A Weeping Fig Tree (ficus Benjamina)

Ficus is a genus of about 850 woody trees, shrubs, vines, epiphytes, and hemiepiphytes. They are commonly known as fig trees or figs that live in tropical regions. Ficus plants make excellent houseplants. The size, color and shape of large leaves mean they can often be used in many different parts of your interior. Our most popular ficus, Ficus lyrata or The Fiddle Leaf Fig can be found in a special collection. Explore our collection of Ficus for unique and generally easy-to-care-for members of the species, including rubber trees, banana leaves, and more.

Promise Supply is a Toronto-based plant store serving customers online and in-store since 2020. We take pride in taking care of our plants and our customers. That’s why we at Google appreciate all the love we get from our customer reviews. You can easily make your home cozy and warm with live plants. And did you know they can improve your well-being by reducing stress and increasing creativity? Natural care grows green!

This plant is hardy and easy to care for, so you can create a green home without being a gardening expert.

Elham H. I bought this as a gift and will have to keep it for a while, I feel like I need at least one for myself. It looks very beautiful with fresh happy leaves. Cute little guest!5

Claude Ficus Tree Potted

Beautiful but overgrown Melissa My ficus was very beautiful for a few days and then it started to die. After I realized that the leaves were mostly gone and there were little spider webs between the branches and tight spots. It was covered in spider mites. I don’t know if I can get this back, but now I’m worried about my other indoor plants. There was no hope of accepting the diseased plant. 1

Beautiful plant Candace Kazan is a really beautiful plant with a very good presentation. A beautiful centerpiece on my coffee table 5

Beautiful and affordable Bonsai Supriya is love at first sight. So far so good. I hope he stays with me for a long time.5

Buy Ficus Tree Near Me

Wanted to get a small Trebianci Slice bonsai and I love it, it’s easy to care for and it adds beauty to any room5

Weeping Fig Plant Information

A plant with good health benefits SARAH This plant caught my eye. This is a great addition to my collection.5

Did you know that if you take care of your plants, they will take care of you? We’ve long known that plants are an easy way to make your home more inviting. But we wanted to know how they affect our health. We found the answer to our questions in our research with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Plants are really good for our well-being. Our green friends help us to be creative and reduce stress – care grows in their green leaves!

For thousands of years, people have used ceramic materials for cooking and serving, and it’s easy to see why. Ceramics are heat-resistant and durable, and do not react chemically when in contact with any food. The base material consists of different types of clays, which are baked into products and kilns. , we often use ceramics for bowls, china and sinks – and because they can be polished to any color and gloss, the styles and look possibilities are endless. Overview: Ficus benjamina ‘Wintergreen’ variety has its own characteristics. Yellow-green leaves help to give a bright look. Otherwise, this arboreal plant lovers will appreciate fig trees. Even indoors, this tree can grow up to 10 feet tall and can make a statement when used as a design element in interior design. Winter weeping figs are relatively easy to care for and require bright, indirect sunlight and moderate watering.

Note that it is very common for this plant to drop its leaves during transit. After getting used to the new environment, it produces new leaves.

Best Indoor Trees (and Tropical Plants) To Grow In Your House

The ficus tree, belonging to the fig family, is a very popular and attractive plant. With hundreds of species, the plant attracts many people’s attention. However, it is very rare in agriculture. They are mainly native to many tropical regions such as America, Asia and Africa.

Known by many names, some of the ficus trees are known as the fig tree, which produces well-known and delicious fruits.

Other common names are Ficus benjamina (plant variety) and weeping fig. Inside your house, ficus can be a wonderful plant with rich foliage. However, in order for the plant to continue to grow throughout the year, it is necessary to follow a certain care routine.

Buy Ficus Tree Near Me

People often struggle with caring for weeping ficus plants. These plants are not very cold tolerant and respond to cold conditions by shedding their leaves.

Bring Home A Weeping Fig Without Losing A Leaf

Needless to say, if you move them around a lot, they won’t run well. Not only are they prone to pests and infestations, their tropical habitat means that if you want to grow them indoors, you need to provide them with a specific environment.

The plant, in general, needs bright light; However, this does not mean that they will benefit if you place them in direct sunlight. The only plants that can withstand direct sunlight are acclimatized plants. So, you need to make sure that they receive light at a high intensity, but not at the level of direct sunlight. Light is especially important to reduce leaf drop in this plant’s new home. If you don’t have a bright enough spot, try Ficus benjamina ‘Daniel’, which tolerates low light.

Water requirements for indoor ficus trees vary seasonally. For example, less watering is required in winter than in summer. Moreover, since the plant comes from a tropical environment, it needs a lot of moisture to grow.

Therefore, if your home climate is too dry, your plant may suffer. To keep humidity levels high, misting and watering are necessary to maintain plant health. Also, check the soil after watering the plant to make sure the roots aren’t drying out.

How To Get Your Rubber Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, (and Other Ficus Trees!) To Branch • Vintage Revivals

Ficus needs very fertile and nutritious soil. In addition, it requires good pot drainage. Avoid using too acidic soil and use a clay mix.

When feeding your ficus, slow-release pellets may work well at the beginning of the growing season. They have a fast growth rate, which means spring and summer feeding occurs. It also shows

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