Cipresso Goldcrest Bonsai

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Cipresso Goldcrest Bonsai – The company Centro Bonsai Fioravante Cecere Vivai, following a long family tradition, was born in 1986 and covers an area of ​​approximately 40,000 square meters. involved in the production of specimens of outdoor ornamental plants. It also has an area of ​​7,000 m2. for the cultivation of indoor ornamental plants and equipped garden centers. The company offers a variety of maintenance services as well as landscaping, patios and irrigation systems with free planning. A part of the company is dedicated to bonsai cultivation and care. In the company or on this portal, you can buy a variety of bonsai and pre-bonsai.

Fioravante Cecere, Graduate in Agricultural Sciences, Agronomist and founder of BONSAI CENTER and CAUDIUM BONSAI MUSEUM has been interested in bonsai since the first bonsai exhibition in Italy. He nurtured this passion for many years and in 1986 decided to start a commercial activity in this regard, giving life to his Bonsai Center, which has grown over the years and now leads to the establishment of the new BONSAI MUSEUM.

Cipresso Goldcrest Bonsai

Cipresso Goldcrest Bonsai

Cypress macrocarpa goldcrest is an evergreen conifer native to America with a yellow-green color. The branches give off a lemon scent when touched. Easy to grow in pots, it is suitable for cutting to make geometric shapes such as cones or spirals. Resistant to low temperatures, it prefers exposure in sunny places but also adapts to areas where partial shade prevails; We recommend a fertile and soft soil with frequent irrigation, especially in warmer periods, gradually reducing in winter, avoiding water stagnation.

Torture Of A Larch

Please note: The bonsai shown in the photo is the same as the one sent after purchase; all the differences are due to the current season. We also note that our Bonsai are not imported from other countries, but grown in pots and aged in our company.

Watering: Regular throughout the year, so that the soil is slightly moist and soft. Do not water in cold weather. Use decalcified water.

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