Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination

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Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination – A mature avocado tree can produce over a million flowers during flowering, most of which drop without fruit. The purpose of mass flowering is to promote the spread of pollinators. In the wild there are flying and crawling insects, but in Western Australia it is believed to be the European honey bee.

The avocado is a ‘complete’ flower but has another form known as ‘protogynous dichogamy’. The avocado flower has two male and female organs in one flower, but it opens and closes twice in two days – the first day as a female (Figure 1) and the next day a working male (see Figure 2). Each session is only open for half a day.

Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination

Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination

Basically, all the open flowers on one tree are synchronized. This means they are all working men or all working women. The avocado pollen from the same tree is self-compatible and has the ability to pollinate its own flowers – this is called self-pollination. The nature of the opposite flower is to reduce the risk of this happening – by reducing the amount of self-jealousy when the female parts are good.

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To increase the chance of cross-pollination, it opens first in the morning as a female worker, then closes and reopens the next evening as a male worker (type A flower sequence).

Other trees first open in the evening as female workers, then close and open again the next morning as male workers (type B flower series).

The timing of these stages determines the classification of the species into type A and flower B. See Table 1 for a diagram of the opening sequence of the type A and B flowers and how this sequence is promoted by cross-pollination. This is an evolutionary development to increase genetic diversity.

It is important to understand that trees appear ‘clonal’ where a stand of a single variety such as Hass will flower as a single tree. In other words, all trees show a different flowering pattern. Table 2 shows some of the common species and their flower types.

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Table 1 Apple flower opening sequence under ‘optimal’ temperature (maximum 25°C and minimum 20°C) for A and B Pollinating species in avocado trees with a unique method. A mature tree has over a million flowers in its lifetime, hundreds in one season. So do avocado trees cross pollinate? Let us know.

Pollination in avocado trees is actually the result of pollination in avocados. The flowers of the avocado tree are said to be fertile, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. The flowers are yellow-green, ½ inch (1 cm.) in diameter, borne in clusters or panicles of 200 to 300 near the ends of the branches. Of these hundreds of flowers, about five percent are pure. Despite the abundance of flowers, these panicles produce only one to three fruits.

There are two types of avocado flowers, called A and B. Each type of avocado tree has a different type of flower. Trees flourish in a process known as “replication”. In general, the flowering time of male and female flowers is different. Type A female flowers focus on pollen in the morning and the male releases pollen in the evening. Type B flowers focus on pollen in the evening and lose pollen in the morning.

Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination

Basically, the best result comes from an avocado cross between type A and type B. So how do you cross an avocado tree to encourage the best fruit sets?

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Cross-pollination of the avocado can be encouraged if both types of flowers (types A and B) are present. Both of these varieties of avocado should flower at the same time, and usually they should have a ball on one side to lend a hand to fertilization.

In addition, the day and night temperatures must be good for the flowers to be well fertilized. Extreme cold winds affect the number of pollinators visiting flowers and transporting pollen from male to female for successful pollination, as do strong winds and rain. However, it needs a cool night to flower. Fertilization is best observed when the temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees F. (18-23 C). As with everything in nature, it is a delicate balance.

Although many avocado trees will self-pollinate, they will produce better results if crossed with another variety. Therefore, it is advisable to plant type A and type B at least 20 to 30 feet (6-9 m.) apart. Type A avocado trees are:

If you still don’t see any results after doing all of the above, remember that some types of plants bloom in different years. In addition, avocado is always delicious in general. The development of the products takes from 5 to 15 months, so please be patient. All good things are worth waiting for! It was 95 years ago that J. Eliot Coit, later called the father of the avocado industry, wrote the article “How to Grow an Avocado Tree”. In other words, we have always wanted more fruit from avocado trees.

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One way to promote production is bees. Most avocado flowers are torn apart by bees, but nothing is stopping us from using our hands and joining their pollen exchange team.

How can we slow down the avocado blossoms? I’ve been playing with this for years, but this season I spent more time there and learned better techniques.

Hand pollinating avocado flowers is easy: Place the pollen on the stigma. And the easiest way to achieve this is to take the male flower and touch the female flower. The male flower has pollen and the female flower has stigma. Scroll up to see the top image again. That’s what I did there. I hold the male flowers and touch the stigmas (like little sticks) of the female flowers.

Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination

How do you know if an avocado flower is male or female? The female stands tall, alone in the middle of the flower, and the male has many parts, and those parts are the anchors that release the pollen.

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In general, you should use a dried male flower, which means that the ends of its stamens (stamens) have been closed because they release pollen. Male flowers do not wither when open; they begin to release pollen after they have been open for a while. So be careful in this situation.

Then you touch the male flower with the stigma of the female – because you don’t want to damage this simple part. This leaves the pollen grains on the stigma and – Voila! – we have the iteration.

Before I go to the second method of hand pollination, I need to repeat it for a second and make sure there are no male and female avocado flowers. Avocado flowers are similar in that they have male and female parts. It opens twice. The first day it opens like a female, closes and opens again the next day and behaves like a male. It is very different.

But briefly, I will continue to talk about male and female flowers, instead of saying “working male flowers.”

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Please read more about the avocado flower in this article by Bob Bergh aptly titled “The Remarkable Avocado Flower.”

This direct contact technique was found to be the most effective in a study of manual differentiation techniques on avocado flowers entitled “Optimization of power pollination in avocado” by M.L. Alcaraz and J.I. Whoa.

There is also a handy method to use if you have A and B type avocado trees. You can pick male flowers from B-type in the morning to immediately use A-type (female in the morning). Or you can collect species A male flowers in the evening to use with species B females.

Do Avocado Trees Need Cross Pollination

Avocados are classified as “A” or “B” depending on the time of day they are male or female. Some common A types: Hass, Reed, Pinkerton. Some common B types: Fuerte, Bacon, Zutano.

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But if it is the same tree or the same type of tree, there will be two different types. One, collect and store the male flowers. Since it is used within a day, it is considered to have a low potency. The best storage conditions are high humidity (95%) and low temperature (39 degrees F). Think about it: a refrigerator drawer. (See this article for information on storage and shelf life of avocado pollen.)

Once or twice, visit your tree in the middle of the day and it will have both male and female flowers. There is always an overlapping window of an hour or so. For example, in the photo below, my Pinkerton has a male and female flower at 2:30 p.m. It’s the style of the season

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