Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

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Do Money Trees Need Sunlight – How to Care for a Money Tree Use these tips to care for your money tree. This guide tells you how to water a money tree; its preferences for light, temperature, humidity, and any additional care needed to help it grow.

Your money tree likes bright indirect light and can be changed to low light. Too much direct light will burn the leaves, while too little light will cause slow growth and yellow leaves. Rotate your plant every month.

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

Water your money tree when the soil is 50-75% dry. Always check the soil moisture before watering. Water thoroughly until you see water coming out of the drain hole and drain the excess water from the saucer.

Crassula Indoor Plant In The Sun, Money Tree Stock Photo

Your money tree will do best in moderate indoor humidity. However, if the air is very dry, you will appreciate the occasional increase in humidity.

Feed with a half strength general purpose fertilizer once a month in spring and summer when new leaves appear. Always make sure the soil is moist before applying fertilizer.

Try not to move your money tree around too much, as they like a consistent environment. If you have to move it to another location, you may see the leaves drop a bit. Don’t worry, it will fit. Cut off discolored leaves with sharp scissors. s.

The money tree is an ideal indoor foliage plant for a tropical touch. It resembles both a tree and a palm with its braided stems and bright green palm-like leaves. The money tree, originally from Mexico in northern South America, is also very popular in Taiwan and other East Asian countries.

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The money tree got its name from the Feng Shui belief that it brings positive energy and luck to its owner.

This money tree is said to reduce stress, anxiety and also help with sleep disorders.

Money Tree Popular for its Feng Shui use, the Money Tree is a pet-friendly, air-purifying plant with large, star-shaped leaves and curving trunks that add a tropical feel to your home. Very light, ideal for beginners, medium and bright indirect light View Product

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

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Money Tree Care

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This money tree care routine is perfect for beginner plant parents. Prized for its graceful beauty and legend of bringing prosperity and good luck, this spindly tropical plant thrives with minimal care and brings good luck.

Money Plant Vastu: Right Direction For Placing Money Plant At Home And Tips To Follow

Believed by popular feng shui practitioners to bring positivity and good luck, the money plant is a surprisingly hardy tropical tree that can withstand a certain amount of neglect. It just requires light and constant watering, making it a good choice for inexperienced gardeners.

First used as a houseplant in Taiwan in the 1980s, in part because it is believed to generate chi, or positive energy, in the home, the money tree makes a statement with its distinctive appearance. Bringing a tropical feel to almost any indoor space, the money tree plant usually consists of five trunks surrounded by bright green palm fronds. Not all such attractive plants are easy to grow.

Caring for a money tree is not particularly difficult because the plant is forgiving. That said, there are some conditions that can harm their health. Once you learn how to care for a money tree, you will be blessed with new, blooming greenery in your home. The key to growing a money tree indoors is to provide the right amount of light, water and humidity.

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

—The money tree has many other names: Guana chestnut, Malabar chestnut, Sheba nut, Bombax glabrum, monguba and French peanut.

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In its native Mexico, Central and South America, where it grows in swampy wetlands and is pollinated by bats, the money tree produces yellow-white flowers that turn into large pods containing peanut-like nuts. Outdoors, this majestic tree can reach 60 feet, and indoors, expectations are 6 to 8 feet, but it can also be trained to grow as a bonsai.

Although the money tree is very attractive as a houseplant, most people buy it because of its feng shui connection, hoping that it will bring positive energy and luck. This legend is based on the fact that five shiny, star-shaped leaves grow on each stem, and five is an important number in feng shui because it represents the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

Money tree soil in a container should be moist but not soggy, so a well-draining potting mix is ​​suitable. To improve drainage, you can add cactus soil or some sand or gravel. But this plant also likes nutrient-dense soil, so a peat mixture will work too. Soil with a neutral or slightly acidic pH provides the best conditions for the money plant.

Usually, a money tree requires a transplant every 2 years. Choose a container one or two larger than the previous one and make sure the container has a drainage hole. If you don’t want your money tree to grow too fast, you can remove part of the root when transplanting it. Then put the plant in the same pot with new soil.

Money Tree Plant Care Tips

Although the money tree can tolerate direct sunlight when grown outdoors, indoor plants need at least 6 hours of bright to medium indirect light per day. Turn the plant every time you water it so it grows straight.

Ideally, place your potted money tree near a sunny window, but keep an eye on it; too much sunlight will burn the leaves and turn them brown. Conversely, too little light will result in yellow leaves.

Although it prefers bright natural light, the plant can adapt to artificial light produced by fluorescent or LED grow lights.

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

Outdoors, money trees grow in flooded areas and near bodies of water, which explains the “aquatics” in their name. Although the plant loves water, it is possible to water the money tree. Do not leave the pot in standing water, which can cause root rot if the soil is too wet. Overwatering or insufficient drainage can cause leaf drop and death. However, very dry soil as well as low humidity can cause the leaves to turn yellow, brown, or droop and drop.

Money Tree Leaves Turning Brown. It Doesn’t Get Direct Sun Light And This Is The Second Set Of Leaves Turning Brown. Am I Underwatering It Or Is It Something Else. New Leaves

Watering a money tree is not difficult; Water only when the top 2 to 4 inches of soil feels dry. Plants need more water during the growing season, mainly in the spring and summer. You can reduce water use in the fall and winter because plants go dormant and don’t need water to grow.

Any basic liquid houseplant fertilizer will work well for the money tree, but it should be diluted to half the recommended concentration. You can feed your money tree infrequently in early spring and once in mid-summer, but it’s best to feed it monthly during the growing season. In most climates, you can skip fertilizing in the winter.

Best money for plant food, use compost tea. Compost tea bags soaked in water provide a controlled dose of nutrients for leaf development. This natural fertilizer also improves the soil, rebuilding its microbial population for more nutrients.

Fertilizers for bonsai will help prevent yellowing of the leaves. Jobe’s Houseplant Food Spikes (Available on Amazon) provide essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other micronutrients.

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In nature, the money tree grows in hardiness zones 10 and 11. As a tropical indoor plant, the money tree likes warm temperatures and high humidity. For best results, keep the temperature between 65 and 90 degrees. Avoid placing houseplants near drafts such as exterior doors or heating and cooling ducts.

Most indoor situations are much drier than the money tree’s natural home. Since plants like about 50 percent humidity, it’s a good idea to keep the humidity around the plant in a gravel tray filled with water, place a humidifier nearby, or mist the foliage regularly.

Do you want to double your happiness? Try propagating a money tree by taking stem cuttings in the spring or summer while the plant is still growing. Using sterilized pruning shears or a sharp knife, cut off a 4- to 5-inch-long stem with a few leaves.

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

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