Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

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Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue – A rounded shape with a rounded vertical habit. The deciduous tree has bright green, leaf-like, delicate leaves adorned with large, purple, tubular flowers in late spring. Adds a tropical effect to sunny areas. The perfect small accent plant or container plant.

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Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

Plant in rich, well-drained soil. Tolerates moderate heat and drought. In the spring, fertilize before new growth begins. At the end of winter, cut back to maintain the desired size. Protect from severe frost.

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Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

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A deciduous tree with wonderful fall color. The leaves appear green and turn orange-red in the fall. The male type does not bear fruit. Used as a path… Jacaranda ‘Bonsai Blue’ in multi-sided form. A wonderful plant for border accents or patio containers. Semi-evergreen. Full sun is preferred. A little water when it settles and can withstand the heat. (Photo: Business Wire)

ORANGE, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Village Horticulture Wholesale LLC and Star® Roses and Plants, a West Grove, Pa.-based rootstock genetics, have expanded their current partnership with the introduction of new plants in key areas. including the world’s first Jacaranda trees.

According to David House, the Manager of the Village of Nurses, the specialist growers of local professionals are putting into production many new varieties as well as testing and evaluating many others, including the world’s first jacaranda, ‘Bonsai Blue’ PP # 26, 574. ‘Bonsai Ny Blue’ was planted in Japan and then sent to Hochberg Exports in Israel for grafting. After they bought grafted plants from Israel and brought them to California, they will be seen at the end of this year as trees, and finally as trees up to 20 feet.

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Omer Hochberg, CEO of Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants Ltd., commented: “Jacaranda ‘Bonsai Blue’ is a wonderful new discovery, a large plant with rich blue flowers, attractive foliage and low growth. Hochberg is excited to work with Village Nursery in bringing this wonderful plant to the California area.”

“Village Nurseries offers regionally appropriate plants that are unique, patented and specialized for both residential and commercial use,” House explained. “Bonsai Blue represents the evolution of plant breeding, therefore, it represents our commitment to increase domestic investment in new types of plants and allow architects and designers to create signature designs.”

The Star of Roses and Plants and the Village Nursery are working on introducing the dwarf species of Buddleia and Cupressocyparis leylandii called ‘Shorty’ PP # 19, 618, in addition to the species of Grevillea, Leucodendron, Lomandra, Photinia, Raphiolepis, and Tecomaria.

Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

The House is very pleased with the New Village Landscape Design team that was created to help landscape designers and architects become familiar with new plant products during the testing phase. “We are asking for feedback from senior experts on the growth of these plants,” he said.

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Peter Kruger, Director of New Product and Licensing at Star Roses and Plants, commented: “The Village Garden Landscape Design and Design Group (LADG) brings a unique opportunity to our new plant business into the hands of landscape professionals very quickly. “We are working quickly. It is difficult to ensure that Nursery Village has first access to all new plants in the LADG Program.”

Star Roses and Plants is a genetic company directly involved in the breeding of roses, non-domestic and woody plants, and presents plants from other cultures around the world. Star Roses and Plants is a subsidiary of Ball Plant Company. For more information, please visit http://www.starrosesandplants.com.

Founded in the early 1920s, Omer Hochberg took the company in a new direction in 1992 by expanding a new collection of ornamental and protective plants, climbing and lawns for international export. Today, Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants is one of the most innovative and reliable market leaders looking to work with and supply the world’s most popular container plants.

Founded in 1976, Village Nurses has major wholesale offices in Orange and Sacramento, California and more than 900 acres under cultivation in strategic locations in Northern California and Southern California. It serves the western US market and maintains four dedicated locations to serve local professionals. For more information, visit https://www.villagenurseries.com.

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Village Nurseries Wholesale LLC and Star Roses and Plants have expanded their current partnership to include the world’s first Jacaranda trees. Two years ago, in June 2015, I bought a dwarf jacaranda sold by Monrovia for ‘Bonsai Blue’ and planted it. A large garden in our back yard. Click here to read my first post. A lot of people asked me how that lover was. Time to update!

‘Bonsai Blue’ is very active. In fact, this is the first time it has bloomed! I’m really excited because I wasn’t sure if it would grow or not, since it only gets a few hours of direct sunlight. In full sun, I think it will cover flowers, such as Jacaranda mimosifolia mimosifolia.

1. First, I should be more active in pruning (well, what’s new?). As you can see in the first picture, there is one important leader that stands out from the rest of the branch. I shouldn’t have let this happen. In fact, I try to remove the leader completely leaving only the lower leaves. I think a bushier look would suit me better than what I have now.

Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

2. ‘Bonsai Blue’ (I think like all jacarandas) really doesn’t like strong winds in winter. Last December, it looked leafless. Then came a series of storms that completely destroyed it. It took until March for the new leaves to grow.

Update On Jacaranda ‘bonsai Blue’

4. ‘Bonsai Blue’ is drought tolerant, even in pots with limited soil. I water it once a week (plus the occasional boiling water in the kitchen when I think about it), and I seem to be happy with that system.

5. Permanent manjos, I think I can protect a bit from outside.

The Jacaranda ‘Bonsai Blue’ sold by Monrovia is a true gem created by Kiyoshi Sakai in Japan. More than 6 ft. in length and 5 ft. wide, compared to a height of 40+ ft. Common Jacaranda mimosifolia. Cold tolerance is as low as 25 °F (zone 9b). The first 800 varieties sold by Monrovia were produced by Hochberg Exports of Ornamental Plants in Israel. Availability is still limited, but hopefully it will be sold in more nurseries (and at a lower price) next year. A single and small Jacaranda, the Dwarf Bonsai Blue has bright blue flowers with a purple hue that immediately catches the eye. . Regardless of the type of garden you have or the size of the area, this variety will undoubtedly make a great display!

Due to its small size, the Dwarf Bonsai Blue Jacaranda Tree can be used in small and large gardens, perfect as a border tree or placed in a decorative pot for your home or terrace. No matter where you choose, you’re sure to enjoy watching her stunning scenery come to life!

Dwarf Bonsai Blue Jacaranda Trees For Sale

Blooming from May to June with beautiful blue flowers, and bright green, fern-like leaves, this beautiful combination provides perfect color. In addition, they grow quickly, so you will be able to quickly look at the beauty of your garden. And as an added bonus, you will enjoy the many bees, butterflies and pollinators that are attracted to this variety!

Additionally, the Dwarf Bonsai Blue Jacaranda is drought and heat resistant and grows well in most warm climates, thriving in Zones 9-11. It can also tolerate alkaline and poor soils, which makes it an easy care, low maintenance plant.

Are you ready to live in your garden and take your hobby of photography to the next level? Order a blue Jacaranda bonsai tree today!

Dwarf Jacaranda Tree Bonsai Blue

1. Planting: Jacaranda likes full sun

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