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Enebro Bonsai – Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis) belongs to the cypress family and comes from China, Japan and Korea. In addition to wild forms, there are about 100 cultivated varieties of Chinese juniper, almost all of which are popular for bonsai design. Depending on the variety, Chinese juniper grows as a tree with a total height of up to 25 meters or as a shrub. There are varieties of Chinese juniper with hard needle-like leaves and varieties with fine scaly leaves.

Among the most popular and at the same time the most expensive varieties of Chinese juniper in bonsai design are:

Enebro Bonsai

Enebro Bonsai

This variety is a dwarf form of Chinese juniper with fine, dark green leaves. The plant reaches a height of around 1 meter and comes from Japan, where it was first harvested in the 19th century. Over the years, so many specimens have been collected in the wild that this species is almost not found in the wild today. Most of the specimens found in the store are captive breeds.

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This variety also comes from Japan and differs from Juniperus chinensis shimpaku in its finer foliage and lighter green color.

The Kishu variety also comes from Japan, the leaves of which are similar in color to the regular Shimpaku variety, but grow finer and much denser.

All three species grow very slowly and are therefore particularly suitable for bonsai. Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa, Kishu and Shimpaku varieties are very rare in common nurseries.

A creeping variety that rarely exceeds 30 centimeters in height and, like Stricta, has needle-like leaves of the same color.

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An erect tree that usually grows columnar with several strong shoots (or stems) and has fine, green, smooth, scaly foliage.

Although Juniperus chinensis can be propagated by seed, propagation by partially lignified cuttings is much more common. The reason is the long process of stratification of the seeds, which need two whole periods of cold to ripen. This would mean a waiting period of 2 years before the seeds could finally be sown.

Propagation of juniper Chinese cuttings is much easier and faster. To do this, in spring or autumn, cut partially lignified cuttings about 10-15 cm long and treat them with powdered hormones. Cuttings treated in this way are placed in a mixture of sand and soil and kept slightly moist for 3 to 6 months. The optimum temperature for the reproduction of cuttings and the formation of roots is 20-22 degrees Celsius. If the cuttings were cut in autumn, they should be brought indoors for the winter and placed in a bright place out of direct sunlight. Roots should form in the spring and the cuttings can be transplanted. If you cut the cuttings in the spring, you can also root them directly outside in a bright place without direct sunlight.

Enebro Bonsai

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