Fagus Crenata Bonsai

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Fagus Crenata Bonsai – Japanese beech is native to Japan and forms mixed deciduous forests, especially in the western highlands. The trees reach a height of 30 meters and their growth resembles that of our native European beech. The leaves are egg-shaped and cut quickly. In autumn they turn yellow and often remain reddish-brown on the tree until spring.

The Japanese beech is often found as a bonsai in Japan. In most cases, the tree is naturally designed with a strictly straight trunk and broad crown or as a group planting. A new shoot is cut as soon as possible, as soon as the leaves are recognized. If the leaves become too dense, the leaf blade can be split in half to allow light to return to the weaker stems. This allows the cuttings to develop very fine and thin branches. Wiring should be checked regularly due to sensitive bark. Alternatively, branches can also be combined. The plant likes a bright spot and a substrate that is well supplied with water and nutrients. Due to its sensitivity to salt, rainwater is suitable for irrigation as well as organic fertilization. Japanese beech should not be exposed to severe cold.

Fagus Crenata Bonsai

Fagus Crenata Bonsai

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Beech: Fagus Crenata, In Autumn. Bonsai Specimen Stock Photo

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