Gambar Bonsai Kawista Batu

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Gambar Bonsai Kawista Batu – The experience of holding Kavista is difficult. Had a friend who had a Cavista bonsai that was close to a beautiful bonsai, a trainer came to fix the bonsai found the result quite beautiful to look at but after a few weeks the leaves fell off and the bonsai what was originally very beautiful, rotted and the crown died off leaving only the lower branches, so it can no longer be called beautiful. why so?

It turned out that the pot was replaced by Kavista, the trainer cut off a large root while changing the pot and media. The nature of cuesta has been found to be such that if the roots are pruned while leaving the leaves (not finely pruned), cuesta will experience minimal branch dieback. When a Kavista dies, it does not wither immediately, but shows life for a few more days, then slowly dies.

Gambar Bonsai Kawista Batu

Gambar Bonsai Kawista Batu

I have also purchased baboons which are now vibrant and fresh, the baboons I will be purchasing have been rooted and given slimming and temporary media whilst the leaves have also been cleaned. Then I put it in a small shade for 2 weeks, and then slowly warm it up so as not to shock the plants. Kavista is still alive today.

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One lesson I learned about Kavista from this experience is that the nature of Kavista is that every time you change the pot or media you don’t cut too many roots, but arrange them and trim a little. If the roots are to be harvested, it is better to harvest the leaves as well so that the nutritional power is evenly distributed.

If you buy a seed nursery, that is. Not all Kavista seeds will germinate as expected. It’s best to choose older seeds so they can grow. If you buy it, try to plant it as soon as possible to see if the Kavista seeds will germinate.

Also, a cavista cannot be made from dried bonsai, as drying often grows mushrooms and croupose, so the trees are not as strong as cintegi or comb, which are also strong when dried. I tried giving Questa a booster or medication to cover up the dryness but found it still unsafe.

If the branches appear as sap, this will kill the stem, so be careful when planting. But if the cavista is cut off, not all of the leaves will die off as long as the roots and media don’t change.

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Here is a little extra info from bonsai enthusiast Mr. Boddy from Greske if you transplant the Kavista into another pot and keep it alive. After transplanting, leaves must be removed and mulched to reduce evaporation rates. kept in transparent plastic or shaded”

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