Gambar Bonsai Mame Sancang

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Gambar Bonsai Mame Sancang – A total of 888 bonsai plants were exhibited in a national exhibition titled Harmony of Bonsai which was held from March 7 to 14, 2021 by the Bintul Branch of Indonesian Bonsai Interdisciplinary Association (PPBI). From lakhs to billions of rupees.

For example, the bonsai in the main class belongs to a participant from Madura, which is worth IDR 2.5 billion. The Sunkang tree became the best bonsai at the bonsai exhibition as well as the most expensive. There is also a Kimeng tree bonsai belonging to West Java participants worth up to IDR 2 billion.

Gambar Bonsai Mame Sancang

Gambar Bonsai Mame Sancang

“They are from Sunkang trees and Kimeng trees (referring to bonsai valued at 2.5 and 2 billion rupiah respectively),” said Bonsai Exhibition chairman Gunardi on Monday (8/3) at the exhibition hall located in the Colora Kitchen Jalan Clavering KM 11, Sulaiman, DIY.

Terjual Bahan Bonsai Sancang

According to Gonardi, there are many criteria for bonsai to be so expensive. The main thing is that there is a balanced ratio between the roots, the stem, the branches and the leaves.

For example, when the trunk of a tree has a certain size, the density and maturity of the branches should also be balanced. Same with bonsai leaves. According to him, the higher the quality of bonsai, the less human hands touch it, so it can remain as a natural tree.

“Because bonsai is not just about rounding a tree, everything has values ​​and standard references, it is up to us how to make bonsai,” he continued.

To be classified in the main class, bonsai must also go through a long process. He must pass a material or potential class, regional, intermediate, only after passing and winning various competitions in the middle class of bonsai he can go to the main class.

Bonsai Pohon Sancang Senilai Rp 2,5 Miliar Dari Madura Rajai Pameran Di Jogja

There is something higher than the main class, the Star Class. So far, according to him, the number of bonsai in Indonesia that can enter this class is less than 100 trees.

Jogja is one of the best bonsai producers in Indonesia besides Bali and West Java. In Japan, bonsai was introduced in the 1970s, and it grew rapidly in the 1980s. And there are hundreds of bonsai artists in the world now.

Like other ornamental plants, according to Gonardi, interest in bonsai grew during the pandemic. Many newbies jump into the world of bonsai.

Gambar Bonsai Mame Sancang

In Indonesia, the world of bonsai is also growing. In addition, there are more than 400 types of trees in Indonesia that can be transformed into bonsai, and this is a great potential. In the last three years, the demand for bonsai from foreign markets has also started to increase.

Sancang Bonsai Stock Photos

Although it promises huge profits, the bonsai business requires extra patience. This is because the bonsai business is not an instant business, it needs a long process, even years. Because it can take ten years to make a bonsai out of one material.

“If we measure money, we cannot enjoy the results because it takes too much time. But a work cannot be judged by money, because for the artist every day planting and taking care of it is also a pleasure”, said Gunardi. (Widi Erha Pradana / YK-1)

Editor’s Note: Bonsai worth IDR 2.5 billion is the Sankang Tree Bonsai while the Kimeng Tree Bonsai is worth IDR 2 billion. It was previously written that the value of Kimeng tree bonsai was 2.5 billion dollars. Thus institutional reform.

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