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Gaya Bonsai Serut – Bonsai Tree Style Contest – Bonsai will be judged based on three points namely style, character and basic flow of movement. Bonsai originates from the Tang dynasty plant miniaturization art called penjing.

In the tomb of Empress Wu Zetian’s son, there is a wall painting depicting a girl carrying a flowering plant in a shallow vase. This small and shallow pot is a miniaturization of the natural landscape.

Gaya Bonsai Serut

Gaya Bonsai Serut

The nobility in Japan began to recognize penjing towards the end of the Heian period. As in China, so in Japan, bonkei is a diminutive of natural scenery.

Serba Serbi Bonsai Serut, Tanaman Yang Sempurna Untuk Pemula

But bonsai care and watering takes a long time. In accordance with the living environment in Japan which is increasingly modern and does not have a backyard, bonsai fans are finally limited to the elderly.

The trunk of the tree is perpendicular to the vertical. A plant is said to have a straight stem if the diameter of the tree trunk is getting smaller, starting from the part of the trunk close to the root.

Vertical tree trunks blow left and right. The trunk diameter is getting smaller with a good left and right side balance. A good branch is the one at the top of the tree trunk arch.

The trunk of the tree was leaning to one side, as if the wind was constantly pushing it in that direction. As if something was blocking it on one side, the trunk of the tree was angled in the other direction. The distinctive feature of this form is that the branches are located only at the top of the arch of the trunk and alternate to the left and right and front to back.

Tanaman Bonsai Jadi Komoditas Baru Penggerak Perekonomian

Tree trunks and branches only lean in one direction. Tree trunks and branches that lean to one side are much longer than the height of the tree measured from the base of the trunk to the top of the tree. The arrangement of the trunk and branches is similar to the semi-hanging style bonsai, but the trunk and branches appear to form parallel lines.

A tree that grows on the surface of steep coastal cliffs or steep valley walls. Tree trunks grow as if hanging on the cliff. The top of the plant extends well beyond the bottom of the pot.

All trees grow with visible roots, only a few root shoots touch the ground in search of nutritious food that the plant needs.

Gaya Bonsai Serut

The roots of several tree trunks of one species (three or more trees) are interconnected and interconnected. This form can also come from tree trunks that are upright but collapsed and buried in the ground.

Bonsai Pohon Sancang Senilai Rp 2,5 Miliar Dari Madura Rajai Pameran Di Jogja

The part that was once a tree branch changed roles and grew like a tree trunk. Roots emerge from the trunk of the tree, and these roots merge with the roots of the original tree.

Bonsai trunks also come from trees that are upright but fall and the branches change the role of the trunk. The difference with Braided Roots is that the roots only exist in one place.

Plants are planted sequentially in one plant type or different plant species, but still in one pot.

This bonsai shape is derived from imitating the shape of a tree in a dragon. Bonsai in the form of a Literary Tree, because the literary form was very popular in the Meiji period, this form of bonsai was very popular.

Serut Gaya Panorama

I hope the explanation of the article I wrote above regarding the discussion of the bonsai tree competition style can add some insight or input for fellow budding bonsai mania lovers, hopefully useful. If you have input or feedback to discuss this bonsai article, please comment in the comment section below.

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