Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care

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Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care – , commonly known as Chinese Banyan or Indian Laurel, is a type of ficus commonly used for bonsai. Although there are many cultivars and species, Tiger Bark,

Golden Gate, Kinmen, Kingman, Kimeng, Kin Men etc. but it is probably the most popular because it is easy to grow, it has beautiful bark, and its leaves are easy to cut. Where did these names come from?

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care

My ficus ‘Tiger Bark’ won Best Tropical Bonsai at the 2016 US National Bonsai Show. The story of its establishment from pre-bonsai is told in an old blog. Brussel’s Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree

Min Hsuan Lo gave a brief description of the discovery and name of Kinmen (Tiger Bark) ficus in his book,

. Since it was written in Chinese and not many enthusiasts in the West read Chinese, I will tell the story in detail about the history and background of Taiwan.

A farmer living in southern Taiwan discovered this plant in the 1970s and named it after the farmer, “Kim M’ng”, which means purple hair or golden hair in Taiwanese. for his hair. I don’t know if it is natural gray or not; The Dutch ruled southern Taiwan from 1622 to 1644 until they were driven out by the Ming General, Chen Cheng Kong. To this day, blond hair occasionally appears in mixed Dutch families and natives.

When the Communists took over China in 1949, the Nationalists returned to Taiwan; Military fighting continued for years, especially over a small island nation controlled by the country called Kinmen in the Taiwan Strait. As Kinmen rivaled the city of Xiamen in China, it became important in the war and became very powerful. Three battles were fought against Kinmen between 1949 and 1958, but ended without incident. Both sides fit into a daily bombing pattern, meaning I shoot you on bad days and you shoot me on days. This ended in 1979 after the United States established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. Today, underground tunnels, bunkers and other military sites are tourist attractions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai

The island, which is called Kinmen (meaning Golden Gate) in Mandarin Chinese, is inhabited by the Taiwanese and Fujian people who live inland and are called “Kim M’ng” locally, who speak the same dialect. In Taiwanese, “Golden Gate” Kim M’ng sounds the same as “Kim M’ng” for hair or golden hair; The written Chinese name of “Kim M’ng” ficus is 金门榕, Kinmen (Mandarin Chinese official name written in English) ficus. I think it would be inappropriate to name a new cultivar as 金毛榕, blond or golden haired ficus. For Taiwanese speakers (note: not everyone in Taiwan speaks the local dialect because the Nationalist government enforced the Mandarin language law; students must learn and speak only Mandarin Chinese, and speaking dialects is prohibited country in school until 1987) “Kim M ‘ng’ will have a double meaning, golden door or golden hair, but the genealogy may be lost over time.

Now we know the origin and how the ficus Kinmen (Kim M’ng) got its name, it means the Golden Gate (the exact translation of Kinmen, and it has nothing to do with the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge), in translation. of Kingman, Kimeng etc. refer to one cultivar.

What is the name of Tiger Bark? Since the newly discovered cultivar has spots and white spots on the bark of young trees, which look like tiger stripes, the name “Tiger Bark” ficus (虎皮榕) has become another popular name in trade trade. White ribbons fall into old trees.

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care

And Kinmen. This travel blog has many photos of old ficus trees; The local forest department lists them in the estimated years. Interestingly, the title tag ripped from the blog reads

My Golden Gate Ficus. Not The Most Interesting Or Complicated Specimen But I Really Enjoy The Neon Foliage Tendency In Mine.

Growing in the Malay Islands, it has long been known as F. microcarpa and has caused great confusion among bonsai lovers.

Kinmen Island also has Ficus Park, a fascinating air-war museum displaying tanks, artillery and airplanes!

Unlike the scientific name that follows the rules established by the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants (ICN), the description of the cultivar and variety is often broken down and used in the trade of life and in center of lovers. In fact, they mean different things. Plants from cultivars are not true to type, while different soil types can.

So, among the many names Tiger Bark, Kinmen, Golden Gate etc., which one should we use? If we were to follow the first rule, I think it should be called cv. “Kinmen” or “Kim M’ng” when the cultivar is identified. But as hobbyists, we call them whatever name we choose, but know that they all refer to the same type of grass. These different names are found in the West, but not in Taiwan, so they are called 金门榕 (Kinmen ficus) or 虎皮榕 (tiger bark ficus). do well For this reason alone, this species is best suited as indoor bonsai in many places. In hot places, you can put this plant outside in the summer to reduce maintenance and provide a comfortable environment.

Ficus Retusa, Mini Golden Gate, Bonsai Tree In Ceramic Pot With Saucer

The Golden Gate Ficus is grown for the beautiful gray trunks they produce. This type grows a strong, strong plant to support bright green leaves.

White stripes are also used to highlight the gray trunk, giving it the nickname “Tiger Stripe Ficus”. This bonsai is fast growing, making it an ideal bonsai for beginners.

This small type of plant requires frequent watering due to its location. The fact that it needs a lot of sun makes it necessary to water it frequently because it will dry out quickly.

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care

Check your bonsai every day by placing your finger on the soil to feel the moisture. If you notice that the surface of the soil looks dry, then it would be safe to say that you need water. When you need water, feel the weight of the pot before and after water. You’ll start to notice how long it takes when it’s time to water your bonsai.

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Tree 4 Years Old 5 To 8

Submerge your pot in water for a few minutes to ensure that all the soil is allowed to absorb water. This is the best way to make bonsai water because it allows you to water everything and everything. If you can’t use this method, be sure to spray water over the entire surface. It’s also good to come back when the water recedes and water again.

Ficus Golden Gate grows well in any room with high humidity. They come from areas that produce a lot of rain and forest conditions. A kitchen window, bathroom window, or any room that says a little bit of moisture is perfect for this type of bonsai. If you can’t provide these conditions, consider using a humidifier to spray the plant with a bottle of water a few times a day. These help keep the humidity high and allow the ficus to grow.

This type of plant needs bright sunlight during the day. It is important that this plant is covered from the direct afternoon sun and heat. You can move the plant to a place that does not get full sun or cover the sun if necessary.

Although the Golden Gate Ficus bonsai is a home bonsai, they like to be outside when it’s hot. We put all the bonsai outside in the summer as soon as it’s warm. Enjoy the environment and reduce the maintenance necessary to maintain health. Just be sure to bring it back when the temperature is in danger of falling below the acceptable temperature.

Brussel’s Bonsai Golden Gate Ficus (indoor) Ct 2006ggf

Leaf pruning is important when breeding this species to reduce leaf size. The first 2-4 leaves on the branch are the perfect size for use in bonsai, after that they grow a lot. For this reason, you want to restore each branch to the first 2-4 leaves when 6-10 leaves have grown on a given branch.

Full damage can also be done to the Golden Gate Ficus bonsai in late spring. By removing all the leaves from the plant, new leaves grow to take the place of the lost leaves. Bones can be damaged only in good wood, because damage to bad wood can damage it.

Wiring will also be an important tool to create a beautiful Ficus Golden Gate. This is how we train the branches so that they bend where we want and end up in the right place. When threading of this type, it is important to check the thread every week to make sure that thread does not grow on the branch. Golden Gate Ficus bonsai is good for normal, non-dominant and dependent types.

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Care

Repot each type two or three, in early spring before the growing season. Find the jar and

Taiwan Ficus Bonsai Tree From; The Taiwan Ficus Bonsai Tree Thrives In High Light Conditions, But Grows Decently In Low Light. Taiwan Ficus Bonsais Are Known To Be Versatile And Hardy

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