Golden Gate Ficus For Sale

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Golden Gate Ficus For Sale – Imported from China; Our Golden Gate Ficus is carefully trained for beautiful trunk movements. The Chinese hand wired each tree to create a beautiful swirl of trees. The dark green leaves make the Golden Ficus ideal for bonsai. In the ficus family; this variety is best grown indoors and is preferred for its ease of cultivation. Ideal with a 13-inch moisture tray

Indoor Bonsai are tropical plants that can adapt to indoor conditions. It takes several weeks for an indoor bonsai to adjust to a new environment. During this period your bonsai can lose up to 20% of its leaves. This is normal. All indoor bonsai grow best in sunny areas. For best results, place your bonsai indoors near southeast or west facing windows. Exposure to sunlight allows a bonsai to replace foliage it may have lost as it adjusts to its new environment. If you don’t have a place for your tree to get enough sunlight, we recommend using a grow light. Indoor bonsai will thrive if grown outdoors on a deck or patio during the summer months. The ideal placement is where the bonsai receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Bring your bonsai indoors when nighttime temperatures drop below 55 degrees. Never let your bonsai freeze indoors.

Golden Gate Ficus For Sale

Golden Gate Ficus For Sale

Proper watering is key to maintaining a healthy bonsai! Indoor bonsai should usually be watered every two to three days. Watering instructions may vary slightly depending on the tree species. Refer to the information label attached to your bonsai for specific watering instructions. Adding ice cubes to the topsoil is an easy way. Use plenty of ice cubes to wet the soil thoroughly. Do not let your bonsai dry out completely. Moisture trays filled with ornamental stone not only collect extra water, they also provide the necessary humidity around your bonsai. The gemstone bag that comes with your humidity tray should be opened and spread out in the tray. Your bonsai tree stands on top of the decorative rocks. During the time your indoor bonsai is outdoors, it will need more frequent watering. Give your bonsai plenty of water daily during this outdoor period. Water your bonsai well using a watering can or garden hose with a fine nozzle. You need to thoroughly feel the soil of your bonsai. Water should come out of the drainage holes. Foliage spraying is recommended periodically, but should not be considered water. General care is also important in maintaining a beautiful bonsai. Bonsai need regular pruning to maintain their miniature form. For the best understanding of trim and wiring techniques, we recommend purchasing an instruction book.

Bonsai Tree Care For Beginners—everything You Need To Know

Your bonsai should be repotted every four to five years. It is necessary to repot your bonsai when the root system is attached in the pot. Indoor bonsai should only be re-pollinated in late spring or early summer. Be sure to use good bonsai soil when repotting, as regular potting soil compacts and prevents proper drainage. After getting your new tree, always wait at least one growing season before repotting your bonsai to make sure it is well established. We recommend consulting a bonsai book for specific instructions.

Bonsai needs to be fertilized. Most water-soluble and time-release fertilizers work very well when used according to directions. We recommend using slow release organic fertilizers for more mature bonsai specimens.

Insects and diseases can affect bonsai just like any other plant. Inspect your bonsai regularly. Regular spraying of the trunk and foliage will keep your tree clean. If problems do arise, most garden centers have products available for treatment.

SHIP WITH CONFIDENCE Be sure your tree will arrive at its destination well hydrated and securely packaged. The base of each tree is wrapped in plastic to retain moisture and prevent topsoil from spilling during shipping. Trees are attached to the pot with cables, placed in a double-walled box for protection and secured with proprietary packaging systems to prevent them from shifting during transport. SHIPPING OPTIONS FedEx Ground Free shipping on orders $49 and over Orders under $49 ship for one $11.95 Deliveries to West Coast addresses (west of the Rocky Mountains) in 4-6 business days (see map below) Orders shipped to rest of the country in 1-4 business days (see map below) FedEx Express Saver (guaranteed 3 day delivery) Standard FedEx rate calculated at checkout Standard FedEx overnight (guaranteed next business day before 3pm) Standard FedEx rate calculated at checkout

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Your bonsai tree is grown in a state-of-the-art greenhouse under carefully controlled conditions to achieve optimum health. Your order will be carefully packaged in a specially designed shipping box and delivered with detailed care instructions. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your tree or our service, please let us know within 30 days of receiving it. We will rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

The tree arrived in a few days. It was well packaged and has been blooming for two weeks. No leaf loss, although the packing slip stated that 20% leaf loss was likely.

This was a gift bought for a friend; it arrived in excellent condition, the recipient is very happy with it.

Golden Gate Ficus For Sale

I ordered a smaller version of this tree for Christmas; the 7 year old version which is apparently currently out of stock. It arrived in excellent condition and has been thriving ever since! I have new bonsais and was a little nervous about cutting the leaves and branches as it grew so fast. That process was very easy and my tree is still very healthy and beautiful. I keep it near my kitchen window facing south and since we live in the high desert with very low humidity I water it every day.

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