Holly Bonsai Tree

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Holly Bonsai Tree – I have never seen a bush so full that it needed pruning like this. It is a legendary shrub. Biblical bush. Like in the 70s/early 80s. Wowser!

All kidding aside, today you will see three different hollies for your entertainment and viewing pleasure. First, let’s start with Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’.

Holly Bonsai Tree

Holly Bonsai Tree

The leaves are similar to my favorite holly, the dwarf yapon (tree number two above), but its leaves are chromium oxide green rather than yapon green. And it has more of the arch quality that most hollies have.

My Japanese Holly Bonsai Looks Like Its Drying And Dying Slowly. Is This Normal, Or Something To Be Concerned With? The Soil Is Not Dry And The Room Temperature Is Around 22c :

It also grows slowly. It took me years to find a trunk like this in the nursery.

It is considered a Japanese holly, but not the common deciduous one that we see all the time with those gorgeous red berries (it’s Ilex serrata).

This cultivar, “Soft Touch”, grows as i. If the vomitoria are “skills”. Look at those branches! Den-Um. And this happened in a wholesale nursery school! Incredible.

I’m not sure how well this variety will respond to bonsai techniques, but using reasoning and logic (I know, I know where I got with that in the past? Remember when I said it was stupid to use copper on ficus. get rid of of that in a month?.. Sooo… .some pruning…..but first I hope the roots can handle some pruning too..and when I kill it I have the two left.

Ilex Crenata ‘dwarf Pagoda’

It is well. Not really, but it’s as good as it gets. I think I’ll put it here.

I think I’m going to lower it a bit to make it easier to flip up and around.

Now most people stop there. I’m not. you know me If you have an aversion to plant slaughter, avert your eyes and scroll down quickly.

Holly Bonsai Tree

I hope it resolves with treatment. Really. I’m sure top pruning can handle it too; The whole insurance thing. Root pruning is the problem. I have organized many kinds of Holi but I have not made crenata yet. We’ll see.

File:japanese Garden Yaupon Holly Bonsai Nbg Lr.jpg

To soothe those hurt by that last tree, let’s work with Ilex cornuta, the Chinese holly.

This is an interesting (to me and certainly to some) pattern for this type of tree. It’s also a fairly common hedge plant (usually planted under windows and where you want to keep people out), so the stems are well…stem. It seems to me that this is probably a root cut as well. Don’t ask about the pot, I exchanged it and a few other trees for still-finished bonsai. I think the pot is from a thrift store. With the right tree, it can be a ceramic masterpiece.

I have experience with this type of ilex. I don’t defoliate completely and keep the green tips. He likes to remove branches and I don’t have much to lose.

These leaves above, with their vicious pointed spines on the edges, are the origin of the name. Ruthless. If you compare the last two pictures, you will notice that the tree can display two types of leaves. If you let it grow, it will show less unsightly leaves. If you trim too often, they will go bad. It could be a defensive reaction, but I’m not sure. It will decrease by more than half if you continue to prune and increase enough branching.

Tips For Bonsai Care And Maintenance

I don’t have the pot I want so I use a terracotta pot for training purposes.

You may notice another drainage hole on the side, called an azalea pot, which requires good drainage. The hollies also benefit from this, as they are water-wise plants.

Next up: Big Boy. It is full of fire ants. I hate fire ants. All those red/orange spots are ants. They have an actual colony at the roots of this tree. A liberal sprinkling of napalm and then a lit match…….actually I only used disinfectant soap to kill them. They may seem like super ants, building living bridges and floating ant islands and so on, but individually they are as fragile as you and me. If an ant colony goes to war, it’s just a strategy. When they run out of poor workers, the queen loses. There is a lesson there. Anyway, fire ants die, die!

Holly Bonsai Tree

Well The second holly looks like a bonsai quickly. It’s easy to see where this is going.

Dwarf (but Fat) Yaupon Holly Bonsai.

Ilex has a “soft touch” basic structure. Here’s a somewhat concrete idea of ​​how I think it will turn out, with proper branches and all.

This other virtual future is completely fictitious. The extrapolation really depends on where I left the stumps.

New branches sprout from many different places in this ilex. In no time it will look like a bush again.

And just to show I know what I’m talking about with Ilex, here’s a cute one I got for spring. Be the first to know about new inventory and new releases. Never miss new bonsai, pre-bonsai, tools, accessories and sales.

Japanese Holly Bonsai Care

Japanese holly is really good bonsai material and is highly sought after for its naturally small leaves, white flowers and small black berry-like fruits. Holly only produces when male and female plants are side by side and both flower at the same time.

Japanese holly thrives outside in spring, summer and fall and does not tolerate Canadian winters as well as other bonsai. Tips for caring for holly in winter can be found in our winter care guide.

Japanese Holi is also known for being well played indoors all year round. Although it takes a little more effort. Constant watering ensures that the tray is always moist. As for watering Japanese holly, it is best not to let it dry out completely, holly likes moisture, make sure it is in well-drained soil, this will protect the roots from root rot.

Holly Bonsai Tree

These are not seeds – but a real bonsai tree Please see our Bonsai selection page for the different age stages and sizes of our bonsai (young, young and mature).

Dwarf Schilling Holly, Holly Collection From Livebonsaitree

Bonsai soils are usually mixed with varying amounts of organic compost (pine bark or forest floor), acacia, pumice, and lava rock.

Good water retention is important for the soil, as well as good aeration and good drainage. Soil quality directly affects the health, size and growth of your tree. One of the worst things you can do to your tree is to plant it in regular garden soil. Garden soil hardens when dry and is often a disadvantage when growing bonsai.

Soil mixes can be purchased here, but due to their weight and shipping cost, you can easily make your own.

If you cannot check the moisture of the bonsai daily, add more akadam to the mixture.

Yaupon Holly Bonsai Tree

One of the best and easiest ways to fertilize bonsai is to add a liquid fertilizer mix to the bonsai once a month during spring/summer watering. If your bonsai loses its leaves in winter, there is no need to fertilize it. If you have a coniferous tree, it is enough to fertilize the tree once at the beginning of winter and once in the middle of winter.

This holly bonsai was well packaged and arrived in good condition. It is my pleasure to add another of the wonderful bonsai from the store to my collection. I am very happy with this plant so far.

A beautiful plant with very dense small leaves. Packed for shipping in a virtually indestructible manner. Very helpful support provided when I had some questions back. Plant care. Stay tuned to see how it develops over time..

Holly Bonsai Tree

If I have any questions, customer service is quick to respond with helpful tips and advice on how to care for my new bonsai

Japanese Holly Problem

C’est un arbre que je découvre et que j’aime particulier. Tout etite parfait! Le bonsaï Fut en parfait état et de très bonne qualité 🫶🏽

Il a de très belles racines aériennes, mais il n’a pas aimé le changement de temperature du transport malgré qu’il faisait 15°, des nouvelles feuilles ont poussées ce qui augure bien 🤞

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