Home Grown Bonsai Tree Kit

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Home Grown Bonsai Tree Kit – I enjoy simple instructions. My only complaint is that you have to plant all 4 at once because of the mixed soil and I was hoping to do one at a time.

I gave it to my boyfriend and it’s 6 months anniversary but he broke up with me! So I kept it and it was great.

Home Grown Bonsai Tree Kit

Home Grown Bonsai Tree Kit

I bought two kinds of plants. One for my son and one for my wife. They are going on a trip to NOLA and Natchez to visit old places and buildings. The tree will be a reminder of the journey that looking at it will bring back memories of what the two shared.

Grow Your Own Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree With This Kit From Amazon

We just planted it last week Can’t wait to see how the plant grows, the kit comes with everything you need and easy to understand instructions.

I bought a gift for my son as a present. He loves that he grows bonsai himself.

Nice!! A nice little pack comes with 4 seeds of 4 plants, a good planting medium, a cool pot, marine fertilizer and instructions. You’ll love it.

It’s fun and easy! I am a big plant lover, but my kids didn’t want to do it. For the first time they were happy to plant! We had a wonderful time as a family using the equipment. And they were so happy to see their bonsai starting to grow! I waited until Mother’s Day to do this with my kids and it will honestly be a memory we will cherish forever. This tool has everything we need including additional seeds. I am happy with the quality of the planters and everything that is included. I’m planning to buy some cute and cat accessories this week because this one is so cute!

Tips On How To Make A Bonsai Tree Grow Faster

I love this! I followed the instructions so far, in 6 days the body in the picture will be 1 month old. She is beautiful and I can’t wait to see her grow! The other three seeds did not grow. And I don’t know if I’m wrong. So I’ll see if I can get more seeds. I can see myself gifting these to friends or family. Including buying more for yourself in the future

I took this for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Here are her comments: “My friend gave me this as a gift for Valentine’s Day and it was perfect! The instructions are simple and will help you if you have patience. Patience is the key… The only thing you need to know is that these kits do not contain artificial ingredients. So even if you have an expected date in the shoot. Mother Nature does this and you have to be very patient. Bamboo pots and water containers are ideal for plants. You can have more than 4 trees! I’m a little obsessed with this and just want to make sure all my plants grow. One set is missing. So I contacted the agents to ask if I could get a few updates. They were so cute and sent me so many seeds! I will be ordering more from here. Great customer and great product.. they need to keep the soil moist But don’t over water it to grow!”

At first I thought my pack was incomplete. But the food is in small bags like seeds. I planted three seeds in each pot as instructed. Delonix Regia was the only seed that grew. all three plants germinate I also use a heater and cover it at night. Water a little a day now, about a month after putting them in one pot. I hope it will survive I started using bonsai fertilizer again. I will try to grow some seeds from the remaining seeds. I will try a new method: put it in hot water and let it sit for 24 hours to speed up the drying process. I can already tell which seeds will grow. because there are few grains under the glass All in all, I am happy with this pack so far. It’s a fun way!

Home Grown Bonsai Tree Kit

I love my bonsai tree All my plants are growing and growing well. It is a joy every day to take care of them and watch them grow. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. This photo shows growth about two months after planting. From left to right, back to front: Delonix Regia, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Picea Abies (Norway Spruce), Pinus Aristata (Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine).

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I have always wanted to try growing a bonsai tree. This tool is good for beginners. It comes in four colors and three of them germinate within a week. I look forward to seeing them grow and I will be happy when they grow up to plant them and start training them to grow the way I want them to.

I really like this. I started to wonder when the baby will start to grow. But yes, in about a week or so it started to sprout. It’s really fun watching them grow. There is one thing I don’t see any progress on and I will give it a few days.

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