How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

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Learn how to water fiddle leaf figs as well as how to care for your fiddle leaf plants!

How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

In fact, violin wood is not as tough as some people say. Ash-leaf plants love light and water, but once you get those things out of the way…you’re on your way to having a thriving fig tree.

Fig Tree Care: How To Grow Figs

I’ve had four leaf figs for four years now, so I consider myself an expert on their care (*

) Ha! Ash-leaf figs are not the easiest plants to take care of at the first rodeo, but once you know when to water your ash-leaf fig, that’s it.

Even after reading my tips on leaf figs, if you’re not ready to invest in one…check out my post on easy houseplants.

My bedroom is no longer white and bright, but if you want to see the origins of this space, check out my mid-century bedroom.

The Complete Guide To Caring For A Fiddle Leaf Fig • Vintage Revivals

The ash leaf fig I have is 3ft-7ft. I found it by chance in a hardware store in town (this is the one I bought). Nowadays you can find fiddle leaf figs in the first month of the year in hardware stores. Before that, they were only available at local nurseries and most of them I found to be very expensive.

I followed the instructions I heard from all sides. The consensus, I’ve heard, is one cup of water per week. So, I did it. My little plant (the one from Home Depot) was doing great but not getting a ton of growth.

Then, I took my ash leaf figs to a local farm where they tried to get rid of them. I think I paid $50 for a 5 foot fig and it was a steal. But I talked to the owner of the shop, and he suggested to wash the figs. I’ve never heard of it but I’ve been doing it ever since!

How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

*Disclaimer: I posted this on my Instagram story last year and got a lot of positive/negative feedback. Here’s the deal, I live in an area with a lot of water and have a well, so I don’t think my water usage is bad. However, I totally understand if you feel that way.

Is Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Overwatered Or Underwatered? — Plant Care Tips And More · La Résidence

As I was told, burying the fig pot with ash leaves can really irrigate the water for the roots.

Do not attempt to clean the tub at this time. If you do, you will spread mud and dirt around and make a mess. Wait for the tub to dry, then take a broom and sweep.

After I do that, I give the tub a quick clean, but it doesn’t look so dirty when you remove the dirt.

** One more thing about using water, if you do this method and want to, make sure to use the water for other plants. I have a lot of plants so I use this as my watering day and it works great.

How To: Ficus Lyrata, Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Instructions

Another way to water fiddle leaf figs is to place the pot in a plastic bucket or plastic container. Water well from above and fill the bottom of the second pot with water until it covers the bottom of the plant. Allow the roots to soak in the water for thirty minutes or more.

Honestly, look at the violin wood and it will tell you! The leaves will fall and you know it’s time. If you haven’t noticed the leaf drop but want to test it, stick your finger about two inches into the soil. If the soil is dry, it is time to water.

If I had to give you the frequency of watering my figs indoors, I would say that I probably water them every two weeks.

How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

Can you see the glow of the ash leaves? In this case, it really needs water. I find it best to watch the leaves fall and then the water when you notice it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide: Growing Information And Tips

OK, go light. I have heard many different things about fig trees wanting some type of window light. For the most part, they sit near a south-facing window, but I also like two north-facing windows in my home.

In fact, they just love the light through the window. As long as you have a good window light and close to the window light, I think your fig tree will be fine.

Hope this article helped you understand how to make fiddle leaf figs! I know it can be intimidating to learn about new plants, especially those that are considered “weird”. In fact, all you need to know about fiddle leaf plants is watering and sunlight. Once you’ve done these two things, you’re good to go!

Honestly, I think it’s best to shop at your local nursery but if you can’t find it locally, here are some figs you can buy online.

Top Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips From Guest Expert Alessandra Pham

* Tip: Allow excess soil to dry in the tub before attempting to clean. Easy to clean after drying but difficult to clean when wet.

Rest assured. If you’re looking for unique planter ideas for fiddle leaf figs, try plant bags. Or, if you’re not ready to buy an ash leaf fig but want to grow a plant at home…. Check out my favorite easy houseplants.

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How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

Restoring an ash leaf fig in a large modern container. Ficus lyrata leaves and soil in containers, drainage, garden tools, wooden floors. The process of planting a new house tree

How To Grow And Care For A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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A native of the African rainforest, the ficus fig does best in similar conditions — bright, indirect light with ample but infrequent water. Be careful to keep this plant away from wind or drafts.

The hot plant of the moment (or really, of the past few years), the fiddle leaf fig makes a beautiful artistic statement in any room of the house. But as stunning as this lovely plant with its shiny, violin-shaped leaves is, it can be difficult to survive. But fear not – we’ve got some tips to help you keep it alive and spruce up your space.

The good news is that, once acclimated, the leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) can reach 6 meters or more, making it an impressive statement. There are other short and bushy varieties, such as ‘Suncoast’ and ‘Compacta’, if you are looking for a different look.

How To Keep A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Alive

So if you’ve spent a pretty penny on one of these inexpensive plants and want to enjoy a return on your investment for years to come, check out our care tips and essential information before to take him home.

Figs are native to West Africa and grow naturally in lowland rainforests. It’s a banana fig, which means it starts life on the branch of another tree, then sends its roots down to the ground where it slowly suffocates the host plant. Awesome!

Start your pipe off on the right foot by placing it in the best spot in your home. These tropical plants hate drafts, so choose an area that is not directly adjacent to an outside door, a window with ventilation, or the wind. They thrive in lots of light (and we mean lots). Place your FLF in a bright room or near a window, not where direct light will touch it Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, don’t move it! Fiddles are common creatures and will thrive when they find a happy, sunny home. Once a week, when you water, turn the plant slightly so that the leaves get sunlight and do not grow towards the source.

How Much Water Do Fig Trees Need

The reclaimed staircase is now used as a shelf to display important objects, ornaments and books to give this sitting area a personal and collected feel. The swivel chair, the white table and the lefdle lefdle fig create an area with chairs and an ecccectic spread.

The Ultimate Guide To Watering Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Tip: Go home and transfer

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