How To Tell The Age Of A Live Oak Tree

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How To Tell The Age Of A Live Oak Tree – Hint: Everything you need to know about how to age starts with the ABCs. always be curious

“Radical Curiosity. In One Man’s Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life, zoologist Ken Dichtwald shares how the universe came to be alive.

How To Tell The Age Of A Live Oak Tree

How To Tell The Age Of A Live Oak Tree

Youth may be wasted on the young, but Ken Dichtwald’s character was so effective that, in fact, it was not wasted.

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Now a well-known scholar, author, and international authority on how people think about aging and living in old age, Dichtwald didn’t start out with any of those things. As he explains in his new memoir, Radical Curiosity. It’s the human search for human magic and a meaningful life,” his younger brother loves yoga and teaches humanities workshops at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. .

But life often has an opportunity to make other plans for us, and in his mid-20s, Dichtwald found himself in Berkeley, California, at the helping people who are three times their age to improve their inner senses and five bodies. It was the beginning of a journey in which the teacher became a model for the whole world to listen and watch, and then to give new ways to adults to see, to be seen, and to enjoy the resurrection of the end. of the world that most people call “aging. »

In this interview, edited for length and clarity, Dichtwald, 71, shares tips on living with and increasing grace, awareness and perspective, and why it’s important to ask an older mentor to guide you, regardless of age. .

Radical Curiosity is the memoir of a life well lived, and the book’s subtitle, One Man’s Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life, sums up your journey so far. So tell us, what is a radical watch?

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Ken Dichtwald. I have lived my life as a seeker. I believe that we as humans are very powerful, and we may just reject others or try to access them, whether physically, creatively, mentally, professionally, or spiritually. So I believe that part of what I do in this world is to keep fueling my fire, to try things that I may not know for sure, to explore new places for me, to grow than my own. understanding. personal power. There is room for creativity and continuous personal growth.

Along the way I have looked for teachers, workshops, therapy, books and ideas that can help me move forward. Not because I can make more money, but as a person.

People in their 30s and 40s may not believe that family, work, finances and other daily challenges are overwhelming. For them, search is a luxury for young and old people who have more time and less work.

How To Tell The Age Of A Live Oak Tree

Dichtwald. One area that can be helpful for people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s is to find counselors. For example, there is an exercise I did when I was 24 years old. I came after four years of study and work at Esalen and moved to Berkeley to start the Sage Project, America’s first health research program with older adults. Because our work is still new, I ask everyone for a week as homework to map out their lives and bring a picture of who they used to be.

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We group leaders looked at their pictures and, like crazy, we were amazed that these people didn’t age all the time. In their photos, we saw young, beautiful people who looked like our friends. Another amazing thing is how these seniors talk about their lives with such passion. They charted high and then went down the charts for decades.

One member of our group thought of an unhappy marriage, while another lamented the decades of work his parents wanted him to do, but he was not happy. A 90-year-old participant was happy to tell us how a career change in her 40s and the arrival of her children allowed her to feel like she had found her very good and rising.

I thought that in the presence of seniors who are nearing the end of their lives, looking back, there are lessons here about the importance of following your heart and working hard on the things that are most important to you. and setting. side, why not t much.

I learned this early in life and what a great lesson to learn and luckily had elders to guide and teach me. So one thing I tell young people is that you don’t know everything. You will benefit from having a mentor at work and in life. And you need new mentors as your life grows.

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Being a fan means someone is looking for it, and American culture expects older people to be very sick.

Dichtwald. While that thought may work for some, I’ve learned that life is much more than that. I also think that many young people have been influenced by famous self-help experts who say that the world should always be happy and that every day you should have a big chance. I don’t think so. Of course, I had many happy times with my wife, children and work, but there were also many difficult times. I’ve had success and I’ve been happy, and I’ve had many losses and setbacks. I’ve always dreamed big, but I’ve learned that things don’t always meet my expectations, and that’s okay.

So the land of the world is not full of smiling faces, that’s good. You have to commit to something for 30 years for it to pay off. Not all payments are made immediately.

How To Tell The Age Of A Live Oak Tree

Also, many things happened in my life because of serendipity. For example, I really thought I’d spend the rest of my life in yoga pants at Esalen, maybe going to mind-body workshops around the world. I thought I would become an oncologist and consultant to business CEOs and government leaders. It never crossed my mind. One morning around 5:30 this guy came out the front door of my little house in the woods, my landlord I’ve never met, a crazy Big Sur, and put a gun to my head said i have. out before sunrise.

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I left Big Sur, and that led me to a career, gerontology, that I don’t know I liked at first, but it ended up being a godsend. The lesson here is that sometimes you can expect one thing and something else will turn out better.

So the most important thing is to always be open to the unexpected and where it leads. This is great advice for all ages, but seniors often think their good days are over. what power and opportunity there is for young people.

Dichtwald. One of the problems with today’s model of aging is that people perceive society as irrelevant as they age. It’s true that ageism, discrimination and prejudice are widespread, but I would also argue that people are becoming older.

For example, if you want to know what a 19-year-old African-American college girl thinks about college debt, you need to spend some time thinking and loving the situation. If you’ve ever wondered what a single father in his 30s is doing during COVID, think twice.

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If I want to be a better leader of people or ideas, I can’t do it alone. I need to be more thoughtful and wiser to understand others, especially young people who are growing up in a time with social and technological pressures that are very different from our age. For example, during COVID I took up TikTok as one of my hobbies and my friends called me TikTok. That’s stupid. You know, a group of young people dancing. However, that’s not what I came to see on TikTok.

People may be doing stupid things, but they’re doing production techniques and camera shots and animation and fast forward and rewind that Steven Spielberg didn’t know how to do 20 years ago. After that, there are a few million people who will perform the same miracle in the field of technology in the following days. I mean, if I want to be relevant, I can’t live on an island of my own generation floating somewhere in the past. If we want

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